Metal siding gives mobile houses their distinctive look. Lightweight and also inexpensive, this material has actually been supplied in the building and construction of mobile dwellings for even more than 60 years. Today, we’ll cover everything you have to understand about steel siding — its advantages, disadvantages, and exactly how to paint it. If you’re a mobile homeowner or are ssuggest curious to discover out even more about steel siding, continue reading!

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Metal Siding Profiles

Made of aluminum, steel siding comes in a selection of sizes and also trends, with the many common design being the wave profile.

When constructing a mobile house through mobile siding, aluminum sheets are vertically aligned, via their seams running up and also dvery own.

Disadvantages and also Advantages of Metal Siding

Fading and denting are some disbenefits of metal siding. When steel oxidizes, a powdery coating creates over it leading to the metal siding to show up faded. Additionally, though steel siding doesn’t rust, the screws used to anchor the panels to the house carry out. To get rid of the rust, you’ll need a brush and a rust remover solution.

Regardless of these drawbacks, steel sidings remajor a renowned product used for mobile houses because of their longevity. Metal sidings deserve to last for years without rotting or rusting. Whatsmore, they’re immune to damage caused by water or insects.

Metal Siding Lasts Forever

Metal siding deserve to last over 40 years if it’s cleaned and kept consistently. In addition, paint steel siding can make it look great as brand-new. In the next part of the post, we’ll share 3 methods you deserve to go around painting the metal siding of your mobile residence.


Using Canned Spray Repaint to Repaint Metal Siding on a Mobile Home

The following alternative, using spray paint, is also cheaper and takes up less of your time. On average, many world that spray painted their mobile residence invested $100 on the project and also completed it in less than 2 days. If the steel siding of your mobile house looks faded, think about spray paint it!

Comparable to making use of a paintbrush, you need to prep your mobile home before spray painting it. Give the exterior of your mobile residence a thounstable cleaning, to get rid of any type of oxidized coating and dirt to make sure that the spray paint adheres well. Some gives you’ll need when spray painting your mobile home’s steel siding include:

Spray paint (Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray functions well on the metal siding)Cleaning suppliesMasking tapeFace mask

One guideline to take note of is to buy all the spray paint you require in one go. Stores won’t commonly have actually more than 30 cans of the same shade of spray paint. Hence, it’s finest to speak to ahead and location an order in advancement. To spray paint the whole exterior of your mobile residence, you’ll need almost everywhere between 30 to 40 cans of spray paint.

Once you’ve gathered all your provides and also cleaned the steel siding of your mobile home, it’s time to acquire painting! Simply shake the spray paint deserve to a couple of times before proceeding to paint your residence. It may aid if you paint the metal siding in sections quite than just spraying randomly.

Using canned spray paint might not be the the majority of professional means of spray painting your mobile home. However, offered that the majority of civilization don’t have actually accessibility to paint firearms or air compressors, they’re the next ideal different. In addition, spray paint the metal siding of your mobile home is a straightforward and cost-reliable way to spruce up the look of your mobile home.

Spray Painting Metal Siding with a Sprayer

If you’ve controlled to gain your hands on an electrical sprayer, good for you! Out of all the 3 options spanned in this article, making use of a sprayer is by much the easiest and also fastest method to paint the steel siding of your mobile home. You still need to carry out the vital prep work-related but with a sprayer, you’ll most likely be able to finish paint your mobile home in a day! Consider making use of Valspar paint if you’re using an electric sprayer.

Choosing the Right Paint for your Mobile Home’s Metal

Latex, oil-based, water-based, and alkyd are prevalent forms of paint that are easily accessible to paint metal surdeals with. Acomponent from this, paints likewise come in miscellaneous sheens prefer satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Given all these options, what’s the ideal choice for your mobile home?

When it comes to steel siding, oil-based paint tends to give the best results. As for the sheen, it boils down to personal choice. Some people favor the looks of a semi-gloss sheen while others might like a satin sheen as it sheds water quickly.

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In addition, you might want to usage an oil-based coating before paint your mobile home if you uncover that your paint isn’t sticking to the metal siding appropriately. Choosing a paint that is fade-resistant will also increase the longevity of the paint job.


Painting the steel siding on your mobile residence sounds challenging at initially. But, now that you’ve check out about the various methods you deserve to go around painting your home, it shouldn’t seem also challenging at all. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to acquire painting!