Metal siding offers mobile houses their distinctive look. Lightweight and inexpensive, this material has been used in the construction of mobile dwellings for an ext than 60 years. Today, we’ll cover whatever you need to know around metal siding — that advantages, disadvantages, and how to paint it. If you’re a mobile homeowner or are merely curious to find out an ext about metal siding, continue reading!

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Metal Siding Profiles

Made the aluminum, steel siding come in a variety of sizes and also patterns, with the many common design being the wave profile.

When creating a mobile home with mobile siding, aluminum sheets room vertically aligned, v their seams running up and down.

Disadvantages and advantages of metal Siding

Fading and denting room some disadvantages of metal siding. When steel oxidizes, a powdery coating forms over it resulting in the steel siding to show up faded. Additionally, though steel siding doesn’t rust, the screws provided to anchor the panels to the residence do. To remove the rust, you’ll need a brush and a rust remover solution.

Despite this drawbacks, steel sidings stay a well-known material supplied for mobile homes since of their longevity. Steel sidings have the right to last because that years without rotting or rusting. Whatsmore, they’re immune to damages caused through water or insects.

Metal Siding large Forever

Metal siding have the right to last over 40 years if it’s cleaned and also maintained regularly. In addition, painting metal siding have the right to make it look an excellent as new. In the next part of the article, we’ll re-publishing three ways you have the right to go around painting the steel siding of your mobile home.


Using canned Spray repaint to Paint metal Siding ~ above a mobile Home

The following option, using spray paint, is even cheaper and takes up less of your time. On average, most people who spray painted their mobile home spent $100 ~ above the project and also completed that in less than two days. If the steel siding of your mobile house looks faded, think about spray paint it!

Similar to making use of a paintbrush, you need to prep your mobile home prior to spray paint it. Give the exterior of her mobile residence a thoroughly cleaning, to get rid of any oxidized coating and dirt come make sure that the spray paint adheres well. Some provides you’ll need when spray painting your mobile home’s metal siding include:

Spray paint (Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray functions well top top the metal siding)Cleaning suppliesMasking tapeFace mask

One guideline to take note of is come buy every the spray paint you require in one go. Shop won’t normally have an ext than 30 cans of the same shade of spray paint. Thus, it’s finest to contact ahead and place an order in advance. To spray paint the whole exterior of her mobile house, you’ll need anywhere in between 30 come 40 can be ~ of spray paint.

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies and cleaned the steel siding of her mobile home, it’s time to get painting! simply shake the spray paint have the right to a couple of times prior to proceeding to repaint your house. That may assist if you paint the steel siding in sections quite than simply spraying randomly.

Using canned spray paint might not it is in the most professional method of spray painting your cell phone home. However, provided that most people don’t have access to paint firearms or air compressors, they’re the next best alternative. Furthermore, spray painting the steel siding of her mobile residence is basic and cost-effective way to spruce increase the look of her mobile home.

Spray Painting steel Siding v a Sprayer

If you’ve controlled to obtain your hand on an electrical sprayer, good for you! out of all the three alternatives covered in this article, making use of a sprayer is by much the easiest and also fastest means to paint the metal siding of your mobile home. Friend still should do the important prep work but with a sprayer, you’ll probably have the ability to finish painting your mobile house in a day! take into consideration using Valspar paint if you’re utilizing an electrical sprayer.

Choosing the Right paint for her Mobile Home’s Metal

Latex, oil-based, water-based, and alkyd room common species of paint that are accessible to paint steel surfaces. Except this, paints likewise come in miscellaneous sheens like satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Offered all these options, what’s the ideal option for her mobile home?

When it concerns metal siding, oil-based paint tends to provide the ideal results. Together for the sheen, it boils down to an individual preference. Some civilization prefer the watch of a semi-gloss sheen when others might prefer a satin sheen together it sheds water easily.

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Additionally, you may want to usage an oil-based coating prior to painting your mobile home if you uncover that your paint isn’t sticking to the steel siding properly. Choosing a paint that is fade-resistant will likewise increase the longevity of the repaint job.


Painting the metal siding on your mobile house sounds an overwhelming at first. But, currently that you’ve read around the different ways you can go about painting her house, it shouldn’t it seems ~ too challenging at all. So, what room you wait for? It’s time to acquire painting!