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Tiffany Dailey is a freelance writer who has worked for the Indianapolis Convention and also Visitors Center.

Christmas Day has actually arrived in Indianapolis, and also you're hungry yet you don't desire to cook. Spend time with your family and celebrate Christmas in ~ a restaurant instead. Indy has plenty of good eateries open on Christmas Day come unshackle you from kitchen and cleanup duties.

simply be certain to call ahead; several of the restaurants require reservations, and also other eateries imply that friend check prior to you pertained to dine.

at Benihana, you and your group will be seated at communal tables wherein your an individual chef will carry out the old art of "teppanyaki," a layout of Japanese cuisine that offers an iron griddle to cook food. You and also your guests will watch together a knife-wielding chief slices and dices, preparing your meal. Friend can choose steak, chicken, or seafood and additionally enjoy sushi ready by a sushi chef paired v a specialty cocktail.

If you favor a smaller sized chain because that Japanese cuisine, and also you don"t mind driving about 30 minutes the end of Indianapolis to Plainfield, try Akira Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse, where you can eat episode spider rolls through soft-shell crab or even volcano episode rolls—a tasty alternate for her Christmas meal. 

The restaurant chain Buca di Beppo serves up recipes handed down by generations the Italian immigrants, and also most that their dishes room meant to be consumed family-style, an interpretation you"ll share through the entire table—a perfect setup for a meal with your friends and family because that the holiday.  

Buca di Beppo additionally offers order ahead take-out meals, for this reason you have the right to pre-order one Italian Christmas feast and also pick it as much as eat in the lull of your very own home.

The capital Grille serves dry, aged steaks, seafood, and also international wines. If you like seafood, order jumbo shrimp cocktails, lobster and also crab cakes, new oysters on the half shell, and also pan-fried calamari.

The capital Grille is conveniently located right in the love of downtown Indianapolis. If you're staying close to the city center, it have to be simple to arrive.

Steak n' shake

over there are practically 45 Steak n" Shake restaurants in Indianapolis and also the neighboring area—all open up on Christmas. Picking this choice will be straightforward on your budget, too; the eatery boasts 24 meals under $4, consisting of the steak burger, footlong warm dog, and specialty meals. 


Denny"s has 10 locations in Indianapolis and the surrounding area, so for your Christmas meal, you have the right to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner; develop your very own Grand Slam for your morning meal, v sausage, eggs, and also pancakes; have a turkey sandwich because that lunch; or try a skillet steak skewer, fish and also chips, or pot roast because that dinner, among the many selections at this timeless American diner.

High Velocity, a sports bar in downtown Indianapolis, has accessibility to hundreds of premium networks on its plasma and flat-screen HDTVs.

The facility serves together sports-bar standards as jumbo chicken wings, spinach artichoke dip, chicken quesadillas, invited fries, and fish tacos.  

Mitchell"s Fish Market in Carmel, around 16 miles from Indianapolis, supplies fish fare such together its ultimate shellfish combo, special king crab, clams, mussels, shrimp, grilled bread, and sweet chili miso butter. Some of the restaurant"s distinct holiday dishes incorporate lobster and shrimp-stuffed bass and also holiday surf and turf. 

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