In this 2nd class in our basic Spanish course we’re going come learn how to introduce people in both formal and informal situations. This class assumes that you currently know just how to introduce yourself in Spanish. If girlfriend don’t, then inspect out the an initial class in this course. 

Every now and then yes a social instance where you require to introduce the person you’re v to someone else.

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Maybe she out v your far-ranging other and you bump into a colleague. Or maybe you have household visiting and also you uncover yourselves share a lift through your next-door neighbour.

No matter what the situation is, it’s always advisable come say the right thing. Keep reading and find the end how.

This is… / these are…

Spanish nouns (and adjectives too! but much more on that in one more lesson) adjust their end to show whether they space masculine or feminine, singular or plural. Every noun has its own ending and also it offers you every that info with a collection or a consonant, and with or there is no an -s.

To present a man, use Este es

Este es Carlos.This is Carlos.

To present a woman, use Esta es

Esta es Mercedes.This is Mercedes.

To present two or much more men, usage Estos son

Estos son Carlos y Paco.These room Carlos and also Paco.

We likewise use this expression to introduce two or more people of various sexes.

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Estos child Carlos, Sofía y Ana.These are Carlos, Sofía and also Ana.

To introduce two or much more women, usage Estas son

Estas kid Sofía y Ana.These room Sofía and also Ana.

Examples from society Media

Sometimes you’ll desire to say what that person’s relation to you is:

This is mine girlfriend:

Esta es mi novia JAJAJAJA ,lamo. Https://

— Jadmoryyy