With end 6 million energetic members, it’s hard to come up with an initial name in IMVU, the 3D social networking website that lets users generate distinctive avatars. Since of this, many players thrive bored v their initial an option and finish up scrapping your avatar altogether.

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Select “Change Avatar Name” native the drop-down menu.
IMVU mobile will appear as the peak search result. Madness the “Get” button next come it on the right-hand side. Verify the download through your apologize ID. Friend can additionally use the confront ID or the Touch ID, relying on your configuration.
Customize her IMVU avatar.
Click “Join Now” come finish setting up your account.
Tap on her profile snapshot in the top-right corner of the screen.
A pop-up window will appear. Go into your wanted display name. You deserve to also add a new tagline in the ar below.

How To watch Name change History

IMVU stores all previous username alters in your account history. Here’s exactly how you can access it:

Open “Account Tools.”

There’s likewise a “Name readjust Log” included on each user’s account. Friend can access their former Avatar names by clicking on the link.

Keep in mind that you can’t shed the “Guest­_” prefix by changing your username. To do so, you have to purchase one upgrade and officially register. Here’s just how to execute it:

Navigate come the food selection bar in ~ the height of the page. Click on the “Credits” tab. Choose “Buy Credits” native the drop-down menu.
Choose a wanted payment method. Click “Checkout” to finalize the purchase.

You’re only permitted to to buy the “Name Registration” update once. It’s additionally a prerequisite for changing your avatar name in the future.

Additional FAQs

How mush is a name adjust in IMVU?

Before you begin making any type of changes, there space several demands you have to meet:

• You require to have a registered avatar name.

• The preferred avatar name needs to be unique (i.e., 2 accounts can’t re-publishing the exact same name).

• There needs to have gone to least seven days because your critical username update.

• friend have sufficient Name readjust Tokens.

Name adjust Tokens are important if you desire to change your Avatar name. You can obtain them from the IMVU store. Here’s just how to do it:

1.Log in to her IMVU account.

2.Open the “Credits” tab in the food selection bar above.

3.Choose “Buy Credits” from the drop-down menu.

4.Click the tiny check box next to the “Get a brand-new Name” upgrade. Under the text, you’ll check out the price. It’s usually about $12.99 uneven there’s a special offer.

5.Choose a payment plan. There room several choices available. You deserve to use your credit transaction card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB) or salary Pal. Choose “More Payment Options” for an alternative method.

6.Click “Checkout.”

7.A brand-new window will certainly appear. Go into the required billing information. Check the little box in the bottom-left corner to save your credit card number.

8.Click the “Process Store” switch in the upper-right corner.

You can also buy credits using your mobile phone. The IMVU acquisition will be included in her phone invoice at the finish of the billing cycle. It’s a quick and painless an approach that just takes a couple of steps:

1.Visit the www.imvu.com/store/phone/ net page.

2.Click ~ above the tiny downward arrowhead to open a drop-down menu. Choose your nation from the list.

3.Next, pick the number of credits you want to purchase. Click the “Buy” button under the offer that suits you.

4.Type her phone number in the corresponding field. Confirm with “Continue.”

5.IMVU will certainly send you a text post with a confirmation PIN. Go ago to the keep page and also enter the 4 digits.

6.To complete the process, click “Purchase.”

There’s no border to how many Name adjust Tokens you deserve to buy. However, girlfriend can’t usage the exact same credit repeatedly. That’s why you should constantly keep track of the number of tokens in your account. Here’s how:

1.Open your account page.

2.Navigate come the menu bar at the top of the page. Open up the “Account Tools” tab.

3.Select “Change Avatar Name” native the drop-down alternatives menu. A notice will show up containing the variety of available tokens.

IMVU used to have the choice to transfer Name readjust Tokens native one account come another. However, since September 2016, it’s no longer allowed.

One that the couple of instances whereby you don’t need to use NC Tokens is to update to a Premium Name. It’s a relatively recent function that enables you to create unique avatar names v three characters or less. Premium names are additionally priced differently:

• for a two-character username, you need to have 500,000 Credits.

• for a three-character username, it’s 300,000 Credits.

• Premium names with much more than three personalities are obtainable for 150,000 Credits.

If the sounds appealing to you, here’s just how to obtain a Premium Name:

1.Open your IMVU account page.

2.Click on the “Shop” tab in the food selection bar above.

3.Choose “Premium Name” native the choices menu.

4.Follow the instructions and fill in the vital information.

What’s in a Name

IMVU permits you to change your username as countless times as you like, as long as you have the suitable amount the credits. The so-called Name change Tokens come v a set of requirements. However, as soon as you satisfy them, there’s no limit to how many you can buy.

Although there’s an IMVU cell phone app obtainable for iOS and also Android devices, you deserve to only use it to modify your screen Name. Luckily, you deserve to work about that and accessibility your account web page via the web internet browser app. That course, the easiest way to go about it is to use your computer.

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Do friend often readjust your username? What’s your endure with the IMVU platform? Feel cost-free to share your avatar design in the comments below.