We’re being asked torank the given compoundsin stimulate ofincreasing entropy at 25 ˚C.

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The offered compounds are:H2(g), HBrO4(g), HBr(g)

Recall thatentropyis thedegree of chaos or disorder of a systemand the it counts on the following:

1. Phase:Thegas phase has actually the highest entropy, complied with by the liquid, and also then thesolid phase with the lowest entropy.

Gas > liquid > Solid

2. Complexity:More elementsin the link leads tohigher entropy.

Ex. NO3(g)<4 elements>has higher entropy 보다 NO2(g)<3 elements>.

3. Mass:Thegreater the mass, climate thegreater the entropy.

Ex. Xe(g)has greater entropy 보다 He(g).

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Arrange the following set of equipment in stimulate of raising entropy. I think one mole of every substance and also the very same temperature because that each member of a set.

H2(g), HBrO4(g), HBr(g)

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