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Alright, the time came for me to replace my hubs. We all understand the hubs top top 1/2 ton trucks suck. Fact. I gained them indigenous NAPA (Part Number: BR930417). Every one was $193.63. If I miss out on something permit me know.Tools:-Jack-Jackstands-Impact gun (highly encourage :read-15mm affect socket (hub bolts)-18mm affect socket (caliper bolts-22mm affect socket (lugs)-a little bit the grease-pliers-Loctite (for the caliper and hub bolts)1. Remove the tire/wheel

2. Eliminate the abs cable from above the feather pocket, UCA and also top that the spindle. 3. Situate the caliper bolts (18mm socket) and remove castle (these to be harder 보다 the hub bolts to remove) then remove the caliper and also use rope/ziptie/condom to protect against it indigenous hanging on the line.


4. Situate the 3 hub bolts, likewise on the ago of the spindle, eliminate them (15mm socket). The height bolt can not come the end all the method but that is alright, it come out sufficient to totally remove the hub. You have the right to remove the rotor prior to you eliminate the 3 bolts or you can remove the rotor ~ you take it the hub off.


5. Place the shield favor below, inserting the abs cable with the tiny gap. Put loctite top top the 15mm hub bolts and also put the hub ago on the spindle through hand tightening the bolts. After the hub is on, tighten the bolts with the influence gun (or ratchet if friend don"t have actually an impact).
*Note: The splash shield is ~ above backwards in the picture with the new hub on. I took the off and also flipped it. It have to be like this:
6. Barely put some grease on the inner part of the rotor whereby the hub go through when mounted. I read it helps protect against the rotor rusting on the hub. Mountain the hub and also attach the calipers come the spindle, placed some loctite on the caliper bolts (18mm) and hand tighten both bolts. After ~ hand tightening, usage the affect gun to completely tighten the bolts.7. Dual check the bolts. Attach the abs cable come the spindle, UCA and above the spring pocket/UCA. Put the wheel ago on and also tighten8. Take it it for a test drive to do sure every little thing feels right and there aren"t any kind of weird noises.Let me understand if I need to include anything. I hope that helps.
Good compose up!Yes, those caliper bolts are a BITCH!issed: exactly how did you understand they were ready to it is in changed...Maybe mine must be:hmm:
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is over there a difference in between the hubs of a rc, ec, and cc? ns bought mine yesterday and the man at auto zone claimed they didnt lug hubs because that a ec so he gave me rc hubs. Will they work?nice write up. Itll deff assist me the end tomorrow.:shake:
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When you room driving and also you hear a slight moaning sound once you rotate left or right. If friend hear it when transforming left commonly the ideal on is poor due to the truth that an ext weight is put on the appropriate side, and also vise versa. Or you deserve to jack your truck up and also shake the wheel up and also down and feel if over there is any kind of play in ~ all. Also while that is jacked up shot spinning the wheel. If castle are negative enough you will certainly hear a real rough noise as soon as the wheel is turning. BTW 2wd hubs space much easier then 4WD, but still not actual hard.EDIT: The only thing ns would adjust would focus on the barely element with putting greese ~ above the hub due to the fact that if any type of greese gets on the rotor her braking will suck and also cause a ton that problems.
Wow, kinda one old bump for answering that type of question.Wheel bearings can have any type of of a million noises for your symptoms, and also the wiggle test can tell you they"re bad but the can"t tell you they"re good.Kid_Rock_GTX has a an excellent series of picture documenting the same procedure.
Old thread, good sticky. My passenger side to be making this horrible grinding sound such together you men described, take it the wheel off and the whole thing rocked choose crazy, went ahead and replaced it. Now im starting to hear an additional sound, more of a creaking/ practically chirping sound as soon as the wheel is rolling. And its an intermitten sound choose it just does this on one details spot when rolling. Ill take a look at it after that today yet what carry out you men think? Its genuine annoying. Almost sounds favor i have a bunch of baby chicks nesting in my engine compartment chirping your beaks off.
I had that exact noise resolved by replacing a wheel bearing.Of course, I"ve had virtually every other kind of noise fixed by replacing a wheel bearing too, so probably that doesn"t median much...stupid wheel bearings...

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The procedure was lot the very same on my 88 4wd. The only 3 exception I have the right to think of1.The bolts stop the hub on are accessed with a hole in the flange stop the wheel studs. (Still 15mm IIRC)2.You have actually the slide the hub over the CV obelisk splines.3.You require a 36mm socket come take off the seed holding ~ above the CV shaft.Other than that, an similar process. I"d introduce at the very least a 5lb. Sledge because that removing the old hub. Mine to be a bitch and I had actually to win on it for 40 minutes prior to it popped out. Damn point was unify to the knuckle through rust.
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