One of the many affordable choices to pricey parallettes is a collection of homemade PVC pipe parallettes. However, the biggest concern civilization have around making their own pair that parallettes is the PVC parallette load limit.

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So how solid really are PVC pipes?

Pretty solid relative come what castle cost.

Engineers and tradespeople hail PVC pipes for their sturdiness. Although PVC pipes have actually the ability to bend under pressure, that takes a lot of of force to actually break them.

Even 1.5 diameter PVC pipe, which is a pretty standard bar manage diameter for parallettes deserve to support tons of weight.

According come, schedule 40 1.5 inch diameter PVC pipe can take 954 pounds of tensile strength, and schedule 80 1.5 customs diameter PVC pipe can take 1225 pounds the tensile strength.

Tensile toughness is merely the most weight that have the right to be put on something before it breaks. To test the tensile strength of PVC pipe because that example, you would certainly hang an ext and much more weight on the pipe it till it broke to measure up the lot of weight it deserve to withstand. 

It is clear that PVC definitely can withhold some severe pressure provided that it takes 954 pounds to rest a schedule 40 PVC pipe.

At around 2 dollars a foot for this diameter and also schedule, PVC proves come be very sturdy for fairly an affordable price.

Now you might be thinking “great! ns don’t weight almost 954 pounds so i won’t must worry around my PVC parallettes breaking!”. This is not fairly the case as there space a few other points to consider.

Keep in mind that the length of the pipes is a big factor to take into consideration when determining just how much load it can support. The longer the parallette, the much less weight the will have the ability to hold. Because parallettes space typically around a foot in size or more, you have the right to reasonably mean PVC parallettes to support much less weight than 954 pounds. After ~ all, the 954 figure is no necessarily obtained from strength testing PVC pipe developed into parallettes. Rather, this number came from exam on PVC pipeline in a lab setting. 

It is also to keep in psychic that through parallettes, the press you placed on these piece of gym devices can vary based on what exercises you are doing.

For example, imagine the you room transitioning indigenous an L-sit come a handstand. There will certainly be point out in the center of that shift where the swinging of your bodyweight will force much more pressure on the parallettes.

So lets reduced to the chase… what is the PVC DIY parallette load limit? can they really assistance my bodyweight?

The brief answer is most most likely yes. Structure parallettes out of PVC pipeline is quite common due to the fact that the method works effectively. You can see every the optimistic experiences ~ above blogs and forums.

The catch is that the parallettes must be make properly. If they room made poorly, or incorrectly (which is basic to do) they won’t last really long.

Regardless, there a few tips you should keep in mind when making your very own PVC parallettes to be totally sure that they will have the ability to support your weight.

5 tips because that making certain your PVC parallettes room as strong as feasible

1. Make certain you have the right size bars


Photo credit: Teresa Trimm

It is important that you usage at the very least a 1.5-inch diameter pipe for the handles of her PVC pipeline parallettes. 1.5 inches is pretty much the typical diameter for all parallettes so you should design your very own makeshift parallettes accordingly. Secondly, using any type of bar v a diameter smaller than 1.5 inches will be much more likely to buckle under stress. Store in mind the the more comprehensive the diameter, the more sturdy the bar will certainly be.

Of course, this next allude might sound prefer a no-brainer, but it demands to it is in said. You also need to make sure that every one of your various other pipes and also connectors room the best sizes. There is no possible way that you can make very sturdy and also secure parallette set by using pieces the PVC the don’t fit. You deserve to use every the adhesive in the world, yet if the pieces don’t fit, you will certainly never be able to create a sensible pair the parallets prefer you would with effectively fitting pieces.

2. Use schedule 80 PVC

Schedule 40 PVC is the most common kind of PVC pipe that you can buy. For the reason, the is most frequently used to do homemade parallettes. However, schedule 40 PVC is substantially less solid than schedule 80 PVC.

Schedule 80 PVC has much thicker walls than schedule 40. As a result, according to schedule 40 PVC at 1.5 inches in diameter can withstand 954 pounds that tensile toughness while schedule 80 PVC at 1.5 customs in diameter can withstand 1225 pounds the tensile strength prior to breaking. Save in mind the 1.5 inch in diameter are the conventional diameter for handles on most parallettes.

Clearly, by selecting to go v some tube a bit on the more thickness side, you can expect that they will host up to your bodyweight a little better.

3. Glue your pipes together

You will come throughout various resources that will certainly say girlfriend don’t have to glue her pipes together to do perfectly functional PVC parallettes. These resources are perfect right.

You don’t at all must use PVC primer and cement to make your PVC parallettes. Many civilization have no problem with this approach. 

However, for added stability and also strength the is important that you do in truth use primer and also cement when putting the pipe together. The last point you want is your handlebars on her parallettes to suddenly twist the end of position mid-set.

To glue her pipes together, follow these steps:

1. Fit all of your pipes and joints together into your parallettes prior to you put on any primer or cement at all. This method you deserve to know for certain that every the piece fit with each other correctly prior to you start gluing. Disassemble the pipes but lay them the end so the they deserve to readily it is in put earlier together again.

2. coat each and every piece with PVC inside wall in the locations where they will connect with various other pieces. Be certain to put the piece out the same way as before so that you have the right to readily put them with each other again.

3. ~ priming each and also every piece, you might coat one item with PVC cement over whereby they were originally primed. From here, immediately attach piece into its connecting joint. Push it in to really make sure that they obtain bonded together.

4. perform this to each piece one through one till you complete your an initial parallette. Then execute the very same for the second.

The video clip above should offer you a more detailed demonstrate of the bonding process.

4. Acquire your dimensions right


To make sure that friend don’t make flimsy parallettes the is necessary that you build them with a sturdy design.

Generally, the much more compact you have the right to make her parallettes the better. If you architecture your parallettes with lengthy handlebars end 12 inches, lock are an ext likely to snap under the pressure of her bodyweight.

However, the is additionally important that you nothing make her parallettes also small. Otherwise, lock can fall over quickly under pressure.

The many sturdy homemade parallette style consists the handlebars a little much less than 12 inches long and base bars that are around as lengthy as the handlebars. In fact, girlfriend can also make your base bars also longer. This way the parallettes will certainly be simply a small bit an ext sturdy.

5. Fill with broadening foam

There is an argument that pour it until it is full each and every PVC pipe with widening foam will make her parallettes firmer and harder come break.

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However, broadening foam most likely only provides your parallettes a little bit much more firm at best. The real benefit is that your parallettes will end up being just a small bit heavier.

This is actually great because regularly times PVC parallettes are not also heavy, to start with. Having that tiny bit of added weight can aid to make sure that your parallettes nothing topple over mid-workout. Alternatively, friend can also fill the pipes with sand to make them simply a little heavier.