English ax or phrase:in the surname of the dad the son and the divine spirit
Latin translation:In nomine Patris et Filii, et Spiritus Sanсti
Entered by: Ellen Kraus

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Peer comments on this price (and responses from the answerer)
louis Antonio de Larrauri: Exactly. In mine prayer publication it has actually commas after Patris and Filii. Zenith is right, it have to be "Sancti" 5 hrs
->thank girlfriend !

agree janice parker: Yes,definitely - except I think spelling need to be "Sancti". 8 hrs
->thank girlfriend ! also for having attracted my fist to the dorn spelling .

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agree Joseph Brazauskas: "Sancti" is the better spelling./The spelling isn"t "wrong", it"s simply "better" (i.e., an ext classical). 9 hrs
->thank you! have already apologized to the asker because that the inadvertency

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