Value that $1 from 1950 come 1949

$1 in 1950 is equivalent in purchasing strength to about $0.99 in 1949.The dollar had an median inflation price of 1.26% per year in between 1949 and also 1950, developing a accumulation price rise of -1.24%.

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This way that price in 1949 are 1.24% lower thanaverage prices due to the fact that 1950,according come the office of labor Statistics customer price index.

The 1949 inflation rate was -1.24%. The inflation price in 1950 to be 1.26%.The 1950 inflation rate is lower contrasted to the typical inflation price of 3.48% every year between 1950 and also 2021.

Inflation from 1950 to 1949
Average inflation rate1.26%
Converted lot ($1 base)$0.99
Price distinction ($1 base)$-0.01
CPI in 195024.100
CPI in 194923.800
Inflation in 1949-1.24%
Inflation in 19501.26%
$1 in 1950$0.99 in 1949

Inflation by City

Inflation can vary commonly by city, also within the joined States. Here"s exactly how some cities fared in 1950 come 1949 (figures shown are purchasing power equivalents of $1):

Houston, Texas skilled the greatest rate the inflation throughout the 1 years between 1949 and 1950 (3.01%).

San Francisco, California knowledgeable the lowest price of inflation throughout the 1 years in between 1949 and also 1950 (-0.53%).

Note that some locations showing 0% inflation may have not however reported recent data.

Inflation by Country

Inflation can also vary commonly by country. Because that comparison, in the UK £1.00 in 1950 would certainly be tantamount to £0.97 in 1949, an absolute adjust of £-0.03 and also a cumulative change of -3.03%.

In Canada, CA$1.00 in 1950 would be tantamount to CA$0.95 in 1949, one absolute change of CA$-0.05 and a cumulative readjust of -5.43%.

Compare these numbers come the US"s in its entirety absolute readjust of $-0.01 and also total percent adjust of -1.24%.

Inflation by spending Category

CPI is the weighted mix of plenty of categories of spending that are tracked by the government. Breaking under these categories helps explain the main vehicle drivers behind price changes. This chart reflects the mean rate the inflation for select CPI categories in between 1950 and also 1949.

Compare these worths to the in its entirety average the 1.26% every year:

CategoryAvg Inflation (%)Total Inflation (%)$1 in 1949 → 1950Food and also beverages0.000.001.00Housing0.000.001.00Apparel-1.34-1.340.99Transportation2.572.571.03Medical care1.871.871.02Recreation0.000.001.00Education and also communication0.000.001.00Other goods and also services0.000.001.00

For every these visualizations, it"s essential to note that no all categories may have been tracked due to the fact that 1950. This table and charts use the earliest accessible data for each category.

Inflation rates of specific categoriesMedical Care· Housing· Rent· Food· More
Inflation-adjusted measuresS&P 500 price·S&P 500 earnings·Shiller P/E

How to calculate Inflation price for $1, 1949 come 1950

Our calculations usage the following inflation price formula to calculation the change in value in between 1949 and also 1950:

CPI in 1949CPI in 1950
1950 USD value
1949 USD value

Then plug in historic CPI values. The U.S. CPI was 24.1 in the year 1950 and 23.8 in 1949:


$1 in 1950 has actually the exact same "purchasing power" or "buying power" together $0.99 in 1949.

To get the complete inflation rate for the 1 years between 1949 and 1950, we use the following formula:

CPI in 1949 - CPI in 1950CPI in 1950
Cumulative inflation rate (1 years)

Plugging in the worths to this equation, us get:

23.8 - 24.124.1

News headlines native 1949

Politics and news frequently influence economic performance. Here"s what was happening in ~ the time:

Jerusalem is proclaimed the funding of Israel by KnessetNorth Korea invades south Korea.Harry Truman announces that America will seek to construct a hydrogen bomb.Chinese pressures occupy Tibet.

Data resource & Citation

Raw data because that these calculations comes fromthe bureau of job Statistics"Consumer Price Index(CPI), created in 1913. Inflation data from 1665 to1912 is sourced indigenous a historical study performed by politics scienceprofessor Robert Sahr in ~ Oregon State University.

You may use the following MLA citation for this page:“$1 in 1950 → 1949 | Inflation Calculator.” official Inflation Data, Alioth Finance, 7 Nov. 2021,

Special thanks to QuickChart for your chart picture API, i beg your pardon is provided for chart downloads.


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Inflation from 1950 come 1949
Average inflation rate1.26%
Converted quantity ($1 base)$0.99
Price difference ($1 base)$-0.01
CPI in 195024.100
CPI in 194923.800
Inflation in 1949-1.24%
Inflation in 19501.26%
$1 in 1950$0.99 in 1949

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