A user sends out an HTTP request to a net server top top a far network. During encapsulation because that this request, what details is included to the resolve field of a frame to suggest the destination?

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fostering compete among maker and software sellers by enforcing the compatibility of their products*
What technique can be provided by two computers to ensure that packets space not dropped since too much data is being sent out too quickly?
A web client is sending a inquiry for a webpage to a internet server. Indigenous the perspective of the client, what is the correct order of the protocol stack that is used to prepare the request for transmission?
Which declare accurately defines a TCP/IP encapsulation process when a pc is sending out data come the network?
Which protocol is responsible for controlling the size and also rate of the HTTP message exchanged between server and also client?
A computer system in a given network is interacting with a details group that computers. What form of interaction is this?
Which IEEE standard enables a wireless NIC to attach to a wireless AP the is made by a various manufacturer?
The organize can connect with various other hosts ~ above the neighborhood network, yet is can not to connect with master on remote networks.*
What is the basic term that is provided to define a piece of data at any type of layer of a networking model?
A user is the town hall an HTML document located top top a internet server. What protocol segment the messages and manages the segment in the individual conversation in between the internet server and also the net client?
Which protocol is supplied by a computer to discover the MAC attend to of the default gateway on one Ethernet network?
Refer come the exhibit. PC-A and PC-B room both in VLAN 60. PC-A is unable to connect with PC-B. What is the problem?
Which three layers of the OSI version are equivalent in duty to the application layer of the TCP/IP model? (Choose three.)
Which PDU is processed as soon as a host computer is de-encapsulating a article at the deliver layer that the TCP/IP model?
What procedure is offered to location one article inside an additional message for transport from the resource to the destination?



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