For specimen integrity and accurate test results, blood samples have to be stored in details ways. The way the blood is at first taken and how it"s transported and also stored impact its permanent viability.

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Sample Size: take it a big enough sample of blood

Each volume the blood taken need to be sufficient to operation two- either separate or duplicate - the the preferred tests. If a sample is as well small, a an outcome can"t be confirmed or repeated. A good rule of thumb is come collect in between 2 and 2.5 times the volume that the test requires.

Blood should be tested really soon ~ it"s drawn, usually within about four hours. Serum samples must be be separate from totality blood within two hours of the blood draw. Additives such together a gerean accelerator, anticoagulant, or heparin could be used, depending on the trial and error need. Every additive affect blood sample testing and also storage in different ways. For example, hematology procedures often require the blood to stay in the tube until the anticoagulants stabilize.

Temperature: Maintain ideal sample temperature

Depending ~ above the sample use, among three temperatures will commonly be stated for blood sample storage: room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen. Room temperature is mentioned as in between 15 and also 30°C; refrigeration temperature is between 2 and also 10°C; frozen temperature is in ~ or below 20°C.

Blood supplied for specific molecular hereditary tests have the right to remain stable for countless days, with a wide range of agree temperature. DNA remains stable at room temperature for up to a month, but because live blood cells begin dying within two days, samples should be cultured or frozen in liquid nitrogen because that future use.

Length of Storage: make sure problems are right

Blood banks consider 6 weeks to be the "shelf life" that blood, but a examine from Johns Hopkins college has shown that after three weeks, red blood cells room less reliable at transporting oxygen-rich cells throughout the body. Blood stored much longer than 3 weeks becomes less flexible and also less able come fit in the body"s the smallest capillaries.

Depending on the blood"s future use, longer storage without refrigerated or frozen temperatures have the right to jeopardize the viability. For example, if save on computer blood is used in a transfusion, the blood never ever regains the adaptability that it shed after the three-week mark unrefrigerated in storage.

Given the reasonably rapid deterioration of blood ~ it"s drawn, every samples have to be timeless tested, refrigerated for momentary storage, and also frozen for long-term storage.

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Exploring alternatives

Microsampling an innovation opens the door for brand-new efficiencies in blood collection, shipping, and also storage, including drying under approximately conditions and remote sampling. Check out some cost-free blood microsampling resourcesto learn more, orexplore our product lineif you"re all set for something new.