I have actually some old recipes that contact for a box of powdered sugar. How numerous cups would that equal ? ns buy powdered sugar in 2 pound bags.

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My best guess would be one pound, since it"s still frequently sold in stores in 1lb boxes, nevertheless of brand:


You have the right to see plenty an ext like that if you carry out a Google image search because that .

As others have actually pointed out, measure up by volume is inaccurate (one pound could be 3.5 come 4.5 cups), for this reason you"d be ideal off using a scale, or probably measuring your 2 pound bag right into two same volumes.

That said, if your recipe have the right to tolerate being turn off by a couple ounces (around fifty percent a cup), you could use four cups for a one-pound box.

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According to King Arthur Flour"s understand Weight Chart, 1 pound (the most most likely size that a crate in the US) of unsifted powdered street is around 4 cups. As I stated in a comment above, I extremely recommend weighing powdered sugar rather of measuring the by the cup.

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The answer to how numerous cups space in one pound of powdered sugar will certainly vary depending upon if her powdered sugar is sifted or unsifted. In general:

1 pound = 3 1/2 to 4 cups unsifted powdered sugar1 pound = 4 1/2 cup sifted powered sugar

Customarily marketed in box in the US, together in the illustration provided by
Jefromi, they are one pound/16 ounces. Because that a 2-pound bag, either measure the end 3 1/2 come 4 cups for the recipe or, an ext straightforward, fifty percent of the quantity in the bag.

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