Net precious in 2021 $12 Million
Real NameAmber Levonchuck
Famous name Amber Rose
Birth PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, joined States
BirthdayOctober 21, 2022
Age in 2021 37 year old
Occupation Actress, Model, TV Personality
Sun SignLibra
BoyfriendAlexander ‘AE’ Edwards(2018-Present), Val Chmerkovskiy(2016-2017)
HusbandWiz Khalifa(M.2011-div. 2014)
Children 2
SonSlash electrical Alexander Edwards,Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

Amber Levonchuck is an American actress and model. She is renowned as Amber increased in her profession. As of 2021, Amber Rose’s net worth increased at$12 Million.

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Who is Amber Rose? Biography

Amber Levonchuck has actually a beautiful body structure and considered among Hollywood’s vivid celebrities. Moreover, the is widely recognized for her bold decisions.

During she career, she has starred in lot of music videos and made her name in the i know good hop industry.

She attracted end 18 million followers on Instagram only.

Amber Rose, a multi-talented star dips she toes in rapping, acting, modeling, and also fashion making career. Within a short span that time, she took pleasure in a hugely effective journey in the Hollywood industry.

Amber Rose age &Parents

Rose was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Follow to her day of birth, 21 October 1983, Amber Rose’s period is 37 years old.

Her father, Michael Levonchuck and also belongs to Italian descent, whereas mother, Dorothy climbed is the Cape Verdean African.

She elevated her brother,Antonio Hewlett in south Philadelphia.

At the age of 15 only,Amber started stripping (erotic or exotic dance) under the name “Paris”.

Amber rose Height, body Stats

American model once stated that she is 5’9″. Various other details of she body stat are displayed below:

Height 5′ 9″ (175 cm)
Weight 76 kg (166 pounds)
Race Multiracial
Hair Colour brunette
Eye Colour Dark Brown
sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical illustration

Observing her body physics, Amber Rose has actually an median body framework with a decent height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.76 m) and also weight of 76 kg matching her body.

She has actually brunette hair color and also dark brown eye color.

How go Amber Rose’s net Worth with $12 Million?

In spite of gift a model and actress, she introduced her own line the eyewear, appeared in plenty of reality shows, music videos favor Fabolous’ You it is in Killin’ Em, Nicki Minaj’s Massive strike and numerous more.

Amber Rose’s network Worth in 2021 – Height, body Stats, Husband, Age, Instagram

Moreover, she also made she worth native brand endorsements.

She advertised for numerous huge brands such as Louis Vuitton, Smirnoff, Boadicea the Victorious, Celestino and also many more.

Money earned indigenous the over sources added enough to Amber Rose’s net worth. As a result, Amber Rose’s network worth peaked in ~ $12 million.

Amber rose Instagram

You deserve to view her latest videos and photos post by her on his Instagram account. She has actually made approximately 928 Instagram post.

More 보다 20.2 million followers frequently visited her Instagram account as of February 2021.

Visit she Instagram short articles by clicking the attach below:

Amber rose Instagram

Amber increased Twitter Account

She made she Twitter account in June 2010.

She made about 14.3K tweets and also has 3.8 Million pendant on her Twitter account together of 30 January 2021.


Amber climbed Boyfriends, Husband & Kids

1.Rapper Kanye West

Initially, Amber date Kanye West, an American rapper and singer in 2008.

They began a romantic trip together. Later on she declared that that cheated ~ above her. Together a result, they separated.

2.Rapper Wiz Khalifa

Later the couple engagedin in march 2012 and also married in July 2013.

The couple welcomedtheir an initial son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz in February 2013.

Unfortunately because of some an individual reasons, they chose to separate their ways. As a result, she filed for divorce ~ above 22 September 2014.

castle both have actually joint custody of your son.

3.Rapper 21 Savage:

After acquiring a divorce indigenous Wiz Khalifa, Rose began to date rapper 21 Savage.

He is ripe years small from her. But in 2018, they have separated.

In 2009, she began her sex-related orientation together ” “I’m very open through my sexuality. I can be in love v a woman, I have the right to be in love v a man”.

She added much more and saidthat she find beauty in everybody. If a mrs looks beautiful, she likes her.

Apart from above, in April 2019, she revealed via her Instagram article that she is pregnant withAlexander Edwards, Def Jam record label executive.

In 2019, she gave birth to a son, Slash electrical Alexander Edwards.

Amber climbed with Hair

Rose go not constantly see bald, even she is likewise famous for her long hair and also blonde buzz cut.

She can conveniently use different wigs od various lengths, colors as well as styles.

She is among thoseartists who have various looks. At the time as soon as she wore lengthy hair, peopledidn’t recognize her.

On various shows and also occasions, she can easily readjust her look and style by wearing in different way styled and also colored wigs.

Even she regularlyposted she photos with various hairstyles on her Instagram account.

Because her buzz cut,she can quickly put on a wig. Because she go not require to hide or bound herown hair under the wig.

However, she is renowned for she buzz cut yet people likewise loved to check out her in long hairs.

Amber climbed Tattoos

Amber loves ink, she had actually tattoos everywhere her arms and back. Freshly she had actually inked on she face.

Yes, her recent tattoo was really special for her. As she tatted her sons’ surname on her face.

This week, she proved her fresh challenge on a YouTube video, wherein she advertised because that a Los Angeles–based company, CoolKicks.

This agency sells new as well as provided sneakers.

In this video, sheappeared through her boyfriend and also father of her son, Alexander Edwards.

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In the tattoos,“Slash” and also “Bash” was created in cursive letter on herforehead.

After few hours, Amber Rose mutual her new tattoo amongst her Instagram fans as”When ur Mom lets you attract on ur Barbie