To transform a kilocalorie measurement come a joule measurement, multiply the power by the counter ratio.

since one kilocalorie is equal to 4,184 joules, you have the right to use this simple formula to convert:

How numerous Joules are in a Kilocalorie?

There are 4,184 joules in a kilocalorie, i beg your pardon is why we usage this value in the formula above.

1 kcal = 4,184 J

Kilocalories and joules room both units provided to measure energy. Keep reading to learn much more about every unit the measure.

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One kilocalorie, is equal to the heat needed to raise the temperature that one kilogram of water from 14.5 come 15.5 degrees Celsius.

Kilocalories deserve to be abbreviated together kcal; because that example, 1 kilocalorie have the right to be created as 1 kcal.

once being offered to measure up nutrition or metabolic processes, the large calorie is used, which is same to one kilocalorie.


The joule is the power equal to the pressure on an item of one newton at a street of one meter.<1> One joule is same to the heat energy dissipated by the current of one ampere v one ohm the resistance for one second.

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One joule is additionally equal to the power needed to relocate an electric charge of one coulomb with a potential difference of one volt. In addition, one joule is also equal to the one watt-second.

The joule is the SI derived unit for energy in the metric system. Joules have the right to be abbreviated as J; because that example, 1 joule have the right to be written as 1 J.

Kilocalorie to Joule switch Table

Kilocalorie dimensions converted to joules Kilocalories Joules
0.001 kcal 4.184 J
0.002 kcal 8.368 J
0.003 kcal 12.55 J
0.004 kcal 16.74 J
0.005 kcal 20.92 J
0.006 kcal 25.1 J
0.007 kcal 29.29 J
0.008 kcal 33.47 J
0.009 kcal 37.66 J
0.01 kcal 41.84 J
0.02 kcal 83.68 J
0.03 kcal 125.52 J
0.04 kcal 167.36 J
0.05 kcal 209.2 J
0.06 kcal 251.04 J
0.07 kcal 292.88 J
0.08 kcal 334.72 J
0.09 kcal 376.56 J
0.1 kcal 418.4 J
0.2 kcal 836.8 J
0.3 kcal 1,255 J
0.4 kcal 1,674 J
0.5 kcal 2,092 J
0.6 kcal 2,510 J
0.7 kcal 2,929 J
0.8 kcal 3,347 J
0.9 kcal 3,766 J
1 kcal 4,184 J


International bureau of Weights and also Measures, The worldwide System of Units, nine Edition, 2019,

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