Weed lovers amongst you recognize that the valuable herb is measured by weight. Together such, it is imperative the you understand the different units of measurement which average converting grams, ounces and pounds. If your cannabis usage level is ideal described as ‘significant’, a fail to recognize how countless ounces space in a pound could price you a decent amount of money in the long-term.

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Whether girlfriend are smoking your weed or utilizing edibles, discovering some basic math will assist ensure you get your money’s worth. Furthermore, the great news is the conversion procedure gets simpler as you rise the amount – discovering what a pound of weed is at an oz every lb rate, because that example, must be routine understanding for any kind of self-respecting “cannasieur.”

Keep analysis to learn much more about just how to transform ounces to pounds, gram to pound, etc. Or skip the procedure by making use of our virtual converter.

Grams, Pounds and also Ounces Converter

1 lb = 16 Ounces… to add Change

There room two main measurement systems; the imperial and also metric systems and also in the united States, we often tend to favor the former. In the metric system, the gram is the base unit. In the royal system, ounces and pounds room used. As soon as buying cannabis, you often tend to problem yourself through grams and ounces, however not pounds. Why?

Because also one lb of marijuana is an massive amount! (Which makes knowing how numerous oz in a lb reasonably trivial information).


There room of course 16 ounces in a pound, yet a many of civilization seem to get the specific measurements completely incorrect. Girlfriend will often hear who say that there space 28 grams in an ounce, because that example. Due to the fact that there are 16 ounces in a pound, there have to be 448 grams in a lb (28 x 16), right?

WRONG!… Or probably not.

Following is a perform of the official imperial measurement system, and also its most famous conversions (memorizing the lists will make jumping about from oz to pound the much less complicated if – or once – you need to do the in real life).

How countless Grams in a Pound? The simple Conversion…

All points considered, most daily marijuana individuals will know (and have memorized) the complying with conversions native grams come lb, etc. And if you become in the “weed game” for any amount that time, this numbers will come to be as regimen as discovering your social defense number or mobile number:

1 gram = 0.00220461 pounds1 lb = 453.592 grams1 ounce = 28.3495 grams

In the people of weed however, the answer is not rather as simple as many dealers (and even some dispensaries) will certainly round off to the nearest tenth. The ‘unofficial’ weed measuring mechanism will watch something favor this:

An Eighth: 3.5 gramsA Fifth: 5.6 gramsA Quarter: 7 gramsA Half: 14 gramsAn Ounce: 28 gramsA Pound: 448 grams

Ounces in a Pound space Usually Rounded Down…

Marijuana culture dictates that we round everything down for the benefits of simplification. Therefore, while a lb is technically just over 453 grams, a pound of weed is 448 grams. Because that the record, one eighth the weed must last you anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Because there space 16 ounces in a lb of weed, you would have actually 128 x eighths, i beg your pardon is an tremendous amount of herb!

If you landed you yourself a lb of mary Jane, you would certainly have enough to critical you for around five years! Sadly, though, your weed would certainly go stale a lengthy time prior to you end up it; uneven you invite Snoop Dogg and also another dozen skilled smokers approximately to your residence for a prolonged session.

Research suggests that the typical joint has 0.5 grams the weed. Therefore, below is the variety of joints you might expect, every measurement:

An Eighth: 7 Joints.A Quarter: 14 Joints.A Half: 28 Joints.An Ounce: 56 Joints.A Pound: 896 Joints!

How come Accurately Weigh large Quantities that Weed – including Pounds


Let’s be perfectly clear, if you looking to weigh anything much more than a pair of ounces that herb, it’s clean you’re trying come sell. If you live in a state such as Idaho, whereby cannabis is illegal for all purposes, there is a civilization of difference between getting captured with a pair of ounces and a few ounces!

In Idaho, possession of three ounces or much less is a misdemeanor punishable by as much as a year in prison and also a $1,000 fine. If friend have more than three ounces but less 보다 a lb of weed, it is classified as a felony through a jail sentence of up to five years and also a well of $10,000.

Back on topic, as soon as you know how to transform ounces to pounds that weed, your following step is to discover how to sweet your product without spilling any type of weed. Return dispensaries administer you through perfectly measure ganja, you must be accurate if measure up marijuana at residence for edibles. After ~ all, girlfriend don’t desire to overdo the THC contents in your hash brownies!


As much as weighing huge quantities the weed is concerned, a huge platform scale is your best friend together it help you weigh out ounces and pounds safely. The average sized platform on among these behemoths is 36 square inches which is about twice as huge as a usual pocket scale.

Obviously, there space a few downsides linked with large platform scales. Portability is one; a severe issue if you’re trying to buy, sell, or measure her marijuana discreetly. There are some brands, such as the LB collection weed scale, i beg your pardon are large and portable. A huge platform range is especially advantageous when make the efforts to develop edibles top top a broader scale.

Using Weed scales to figure Out How countless Ounces space in a Pound


Although castle don’t permit you to measure the same amount the weed as bigger scales, stealth scale are appropriate for discreetly measure weed by ounces and also grams (in other words, they most likely won’t help you come remember that an important 16 ounces to pounds conversions…).

If you shop online, you’ll discover marijuana scales the look like daily items. Because that instance, part scales resemble liquid bars, CD cases, ashtrays, and even a computer system mouse! over there is also a hand scale which friend hook to a bag the weed. It doesn’t compare to digital scales because that accuracy, yet it is comfortable in one emergency.

When purchase a weed scale, you have to consider your budget and also your needs. The kind of scale you require for casual measuring and the form for heavier weights are an extremely different indeed. A few years ago, $100 would barely acquire you a half-decent product but today, the same amount should acquire you a premium-quality scale qualified of measure to in ~ a hundredth that a gram.

While this might not carry out you much an excellent if/when you need to remind you yourself how countless ounces in pound, it’ll it is in super practical and also effective for many day-to-day “cannabis operations.”

A good Scale will certainly Tell friend How plenty of Oz in a Pound… and also MUCH More

While it’s great to have a kick-butt “super scale” that might accurately decipher a suitable oz in lb conversion proportion for a enormous marijuana transaction, it’s much an ext realistic to have one that consistently (and accurately) steps grams.

In fact, there’s no getting about the reality of needing a range that steps in grams. When shopping because that a good one, you’ll desire to pick a product capable of measuring to at least 0.1 that a gram, if not 0.01. 1/100 that a gram is overkill, but it does aid guarantee accuracy.

Secondly, choose a range with a maximum volume of at least 200 grams. This translates to around seven ounces. Much better yet, scales v a one-kilogram capacity (1,000 grams) have the right to weigh approximately 36 ounces or a tiny over 2 pounds the weed. Because that scales with bigger maxes, make sure the measuring communication is large.

The bulk of scales room battery it is provided so if you intended on weighing her weed regularly, it might be way to pick one the plugs right into a wall surface socket. Offered the low price of scales, there is no should compromise. Friend can find a pocket range with a 1,000-gram capacity through accuracy to within 0.1 grams for under $10 top top Amazon!

Although scale come v instructions, you shouldn’t need much guidance. Move it on by pushing the power button and set the scale to 0.0 by pressing the ‘tare’ or ‘zero’ button. You must always ensure the range is calibrated before you use it. To be fair, most scales come with calibration weights yet this isn’t constantly the case. As soon as in doubt, location a nickel ~ above the scale. If that doesn’t weigh 5.0 grams, the scale is inaccurate.

Converting Oz in a pound by sight Alone… Is no a great Idea

We no going to indicate that that is impossible to measure weed ‘by eye,’ but it is quite close! You might perhaps acquire a stormy idea of just how much an oz or pound of cannabis is through sight, however if you’re dorn by also 5%, the cost is significant.

The fact is, there are too countless variables ever to acquire it right and also even the many experienced weed user is no enhance for a digital scale.

If you browser online, you’ll uncover various photos illustrating the weight of various marijuana strains. You’ll easily learn the an oz of indica looks various on the display to an ounce of sativa.

And over there are other things to consider. For instance, you need to take right into account the differing densities of cannabis flowers. That is clear the 10 grams of a thin sativa is considerably larger 보다 10 grams of a thick indica (then there is the small matter the water content, which different a many from strain to strain).

Will You ever Really require to recognize How plenty of Ounces space in a Pound?

Consider this: outside of TV or the movies, have you ever before really heard the “average” world needing to recognize how many oz room in a pound? ns mean, just how much is a pound of weed anyway?

To placed it simply, it’s a the majority of weed — a LOT. Uneven you’ve gained the tolerance of Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and also Seth Rogen combined, that would likely take you years to burn v a pound of top quality bud every by yourself.

And by any type of standards, many average individuals should probably know (and have memorized) the reality that there room 16 oz in a lb. Learning your oz per lb conversions is indeed a convenient tool to have, however in all fact there’s more than likely not much useful use for it — unless you’re a advertising grower or doing something like operating a dispensary.

Accurately discovering How plenty of Oz in a Pound deserve to Save girlfriend Money… and Lots that It

If you don’t have scales and also are purchasing the weed from an separation, personal, instance or a dispensary, you have to trust the they are providing you the best amount – also if it should be a reasonably simple transaction that requires nothing an ext than converting grams come pounds and ounces.

While you have the right to rely on state-backed dispensaries, this isn’t always the situation with one-on-one purchases. Let’s challenge it, if such a person can obtain away with offering you 6 grams however charging you for a 4 minutes 1 (7 grams), over there is a opportunity they will execute it. And also by any kind of calculations, there can be a pretty enormous discrepancy as soon as executing the switch of a far-reaching amount of weed (i.e. 1 pound to oz, 1 lb to grams, etc).

A fast look in ~ the 2018 cannabis Index explains just exactly how much a person can save if they have a digital scale. Top top average, a gram the weed prices $10.76 in new York, $18.08 in Washington and also $7.58 in Seattle. If girlfriend live in Washington, would certainly you be happy to obtain stiffed through a gram through every transaction? That equals $18 a time!

Put it this way, if girlfriend bought something indigenous a save for $120, exactly how would you react if you received a bill for $138? that’s what can happen if you don’t invest in a digital scale to measure her weed.

Conclusion: How many Ounces in a Pound


While the royal system states there space 453.52 grams in a pound, cannabis measurements are a little bit different. There space 16 ounces in a pound and since each oz is 28 grams, a lb of weed weighs 448 grams.

Even if you acquisition your weed from a dispensary, that is still precious investing in a digital scale, especially if you desire to produce homemade edibles. Every therefore often, calibrate your range with a 5.0-gram nickel or a 1.0-gram file clip.

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With so many scales to pick from, though, that isn’t basic to discover the ideal one. Us recommend narrowing your selection down through considering your budget and also your needs. For many people, a $10 digital pocket range will suffice. Sellers, though, will need a huge platform scale because they’ll quite commonly need to known how numerous oz in pound, how countless pounds room in a kilo, and also so on.

Whatever you do, never rely on an eye measure for an exact measurement. While over there is no hazard of being ripped off in a state where weed is legal, gaining it wrong could have serious consequences when producing those hash brownies!