Wasps space feared and hated. Granted they do sting if friend disturb them but that is no reason to are afraid them. In this short article I will look at 10 honest suit myths that will certainly surprise you. Equipped with this new knowledge ns hope that you will learn to either favor wasps or at the very least hate them less.

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As a basic background evaluation of honest suit facts have a look in ~ Understanding Wasps – They are Not Evil!


Do Wasps produce Honey or is the a Myth?

Some species of wasp carry out produce small amounts of honey. An example of this is the Mexican honey wasp.

Only around 5% the bees create honey.

Do Wasps Re-use Old Nests?

Normally wasps use a colony for one year. At the end of the year, all except the queen die. In feather the queen beginning a brand-new nest and rarely offers the old one.

In some cases the wasps will certainly either reuse an old colony or develop a brand-new nest ideal on top of the old one. I have had actually a tiny colony of wasps living behind the bricks ~ above my residence for 3 year now. Every year they have actually used the exact same entrance crack.

Will Wasps chase You?

Wasps will not chase you unless you annoy them. You deserve to stand a couple of feet far from a wasp hive and also as lengthy as you don’t do a sudden move, they will certainly leave friend alone.

If you disturb their nest they will certainly attack and sting you. In the procedure of stinging they mark you with a chemical odor that renders it straightforward for other wasps to find you. If friend run, they will certainly chase you and also they are faster than you. Yellow jackets and file wasps will not chase you really far, uneven you have destroyed their nest. Hornets can chase you up to 300 feet (100m).

Wasps Eat largely Sweet Things

This usual wasp myth probably exists since people and also wasps usually accomplish over the dinner table where wasps are attracted come sweet things and fermented things favor wine. So late in the season they perform like this foods, yet early in the year lock hunt because that meat. Wasps are outstanding insect hunters. Lock play a very important role in keeping the garden free of pest insects.

 Best means to remove a wasp Nest

There are several means to remove a honest suit nest, yet not every little thing you read on-line is a an excellent idea. It is in careful.


Nests are made from thin paper-like material. The is flammable once dry and the within of the colony is usually dry. There are two troubles with burning. Swarms are constantly attached come something choose a tree or house. Both of this are likewise flammable. Don’t start a large fire do the efforts to get rid of a honest suit nest.

The 2nd problem is that even if this is excellent at night once the wasps are inside, the fire will probably not death all the wasps. The staying ones will likely attack you. After that, they’ll go and also build an additional nest.


Nests that room in the ground have the right to be flooded with water. That is not likely to kill all the wasps and the persons that acquire away will certainly come ~ you. It can be done making use of a long garden water tap which will save you in ~ a safe distance.

If the enduring wasps move to a brand-new location you might get stung by accident since you don’t recognize where the new location is. It can be finest to just leave them wherein they room or use a advertisement pesticide spray designed for wasps.

Use a Professional

For swarms that are difficult to acquire at, or inside structure walls, that is ideal to call a pest manage technician and let them execute the project properly.

Insecticide Spray Can

An easy way to death a hive is v wasp and also bee spray. The deserve to is designed come spray 8 ft or an ext and the chemical death them ~ above contact. Wait till dusk once all the wasps room inside the hive. Climate spray the opening. Keep spraying together the wasps come out. The product is straightforward to use and very effective.

Bounce fabric Softener Sheets save Wasps Away

This is a an extremely popular reference on blogs and social media. Does the work? ns don’t know. There are numerous anecdotal insurance claims saying the works, and also lots of claims saying it does not work. Nobody of the claims include any comparison tests for this reason the comments are rather meaningless.

In one case they placed the sheets right alongside the wasp nest and the wasps were unaffected.

Like for this reason many typical stories around DIY pest control, it more than likely does not work, however we need some genuine data on this one.

Getting escape of flower Will store Wasps Away

Wasps carry out visit flowers in search of food, for this reason it might seem favor a an excellent idea to remove the flowers. Unfortunately, wasps will certainly look for the safest ar to do their nest. The is typically an area next to or on her house, nevertheless of the visibility of flowers. Besides, swarms are usually built prior to flowers present themselves in the garden.

Spheksophobia – the are afraid of Wasps

If you room not allergy to wasps, and also most that you space not, there is no reason to fear wasps. Next time you watch one, stand still and also just watch it. That is really unlikely that you will certainly be stung as soon as the honest suit is far from the nest. Spending an ext time alongside them will assist to reduce your fear.

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A lot of of are afraid is learned native parents. An adult screaming in ~ the vision of wasps ends up to teach the boy to have a similar reaction. Protect against the bicycle of fear. For an ext information ~ above Spheksophobia, have actually a watch at are afraid of Wasps Phobia – Spheksophobia.