baby ns love you is used in Texting Romance. Just love you. Just love girlfriend is a general term. Because ily means ily so. Words ~:oLY is supplied in Texting, Romance, is a basic term meaning baby i love you,Only love you.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is Oly brief for?

OLY Acronym definition
OLY Oakland Live Y"ers (swim team; Rochester, MI)
OLY Olney, Illinois (Airport Code)

Beside above, what walk CB median in message messages? Cell broadcast

just so, what go Oly median on twitter?

her mileage might vary

What does TD median texting?

TD means "Touchdown" So currently you know - TD means "Touchdown" - don"t give thanks to us. YW! What does TD mean? TD is one acronym, abbreviation or slang word the is explained above where the TD definition is given.

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What does Oly mean after a name?

OLY (Olympian) room post-nominal letter granted by the people Olympians association to athletes who have participated in the Olympic Games.

What is the full type of Oly?

-Full kind of OLY is Olympia, Washington.

What go the surname Oli mean?

Oli as a boy"s name is English and also of german origin. The german Oli means "elf warrior" yet it can also be a short kind of Oliver (Old Greek because that "olive tree").

What walk WBK median on twitter?

we to be knew

What go WBK mean?

Welcome Back

What is DLM in twitter?

Mind top top the Money #DLM.

What walk Olly mean?

Meaning the the name Olly
Meaning "elf warrior" or "olive tree", that is related to Oliver of English and German origins. That is used greatly in the English language and also often a nickname because that those called Oliver. Famous Olly"s incorporate X-factor critical singer Olly Murs.

What go rest typical on twitter?

Iconfactory. Twitter bases its application programming interface (API) turn off the RepresentationalStateTransfer (REST) architecture. REST design refers come a collection of network architecture principles that define resources and ways to deal with and access data.

How perform I eliminate CB text?

If you enter your text messages and also then select Menu -> Settings and then scroll all the way down come the bottom to "Enable call earlier number", this is the setting you would revolve on if you wanted the receiver of her text message to view your call back number (you have the right to actually readjust the CB number in the next setting

What is the usage of CB messages?

Cell Broadcast is a modern technology that"s component of GSM standard (Protocol for 2G cellular networks) and has to be designed to provide messages to multiple customers in an area. The modern technology is likewise used to press location-based subscriber services or to connect area password of Antenna cell making use of Channel 050.

What walk breaker breaker mean?

It is pronounce “breaker one nine” and equates to asking permission to speak top top channel 19. Channel 19 is the “trucker channel” on the CB radio, and also before you start speaking on the the channel, it"s customary come ask because that other drivers who might be transporting on a conversation for a break.

What does CB typical in Spanish?

CB. Abbreviation:noun. 1 Citizens" tape Radio BC (f) 2 Companion (of the Order) the the bathtub título honorífico británico.

What"s a CB number?

CB Numbers are numbers that. If girlfriend treat each digit together weights, the entirety number balances top top the midpoint the the scale. For example, in the number 1412, let united state visualise together 1-4^1-2 wherein ^ suggests the midpoint. It can be observed the the distance-to-center that an outer digit is 3 times that of the inside digit.

What is CB clinical term?

Medical meaning of CB (Entry 3 the 3) bachelor that surgery.

What go CB stand for in military?

United claims Naval building and construction Battalions, better known as the navy Seabees, kind the U.S. Naval building Force (NCF). The Seabee nickname is a heterograph that the an initial letters "C B" indigenous the native Construction Battalion.

What is CB in home map?

CB, if friend are reading a sanitary Layout, may mean record basin. In construction documentation- it may mean construction Bond. OP, if introduce to a glass film opacity, may mean opaque. In documentations, it may mean Occupancy permit or stimulate of Payment.

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What walk TD mean sexually?

Medical Definition the sexually transmitted disease
: any type of of various conditions or infections that deserve to betransfer by direct sexual contact including some (as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital herpes) chiefly spread by sexual means and others (as hepatitis B and also AIDS) frequently contracted through nonsexual means.
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