O,Y,O,O,Y,O,Y,YFlaming Head
B,O,O,B,O,O,BO,O,BHorse Head
Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, YellowHyper rate De/Activate
Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, YellowPerformance setting (Guitar God Mode?)

How perform you cheat on etc Hero 2 Xbox 360?


All Songs. Push Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow in ~ the key menu.Horse Head. Performance Mode. Flaming Head. Monkey top Crowd. Eyeball Head Crowd. Hyper Mode. Wait Guitar.

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How execute you unlock every songs on etc Hero 2 ps2?

To unlock everything in the game, insert the complying with code on your guitar at the location screen: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Orange, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow.

How execute you unlock every songs on etc Hero 3 ps2?

To unlock all of the game’s songs for rapid Play Mode, insert the complying with notes in the choices menu: Yellow & Orange, Red & Blue, Red & Orange, environment-friendly & Blue, Red & Yellow, Yellow & Orange, Red & Yellow, Red & Blue, green & Yellow x2, Yellow & Blue x2, Yellow & Orange x2, Yellow & Blue, Yellow, Red, Red & Yellow, Red.

What walk the air etc cheat do?

It method the etc controller doesn’t work. You must go out and also buy a belt that detects her hand strumming across the buckle to be able to play.

How execute you unlock the God of the rock in guitar Hero 3?

In order come unlock the God of Rock, girlfriend must very first unlock everything, then beat job on every difficulties. As soon as that’s done, you can play together the God of Rock.

What walk precision mode do in guitar Hero 3?

Precision mode is a cheat that shortens the timing windows for note to it is in hit, make the game feel very comparable to guitar Hero II’s engine. Precision Mode can be uncovered in etc Hero III: Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

What are large gems guitar hero 3?

The large Gems cheat is a cheat that boosts the dimension of the notes, to the extent that they are giants. This cheat appears in the playstation 2 and also Wii execution of etc Hero III: Legends that Rock and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

What is easy experienced on guitar hero 3?

Easy experienced mode This mode rises the size of the timing window.

What’s the hardest track on etc Hero civilization Tour?

Satch Boogie

Which etc Hero has Yellow through Coldplay?

Guitar Hero 3

What is performance mode Guitar Hero?

Performance setting is a cheat in the etc Hero series. Once activated, the player is can not to see the notes and also must play from memory. It additionally takes away the absent Meter and the Multiplier count.

What go hyperspeed execute on gh3?

Hyperspeed is an unlockable cheat that, together the surname suggests, increases the rate at which the notes move towards the strikeline.

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Who to be the god of rock?

Freddie Mercury

How carry out you usage cheats on guitar Hero 3 with a controller?

How to get in Cheats in etc Hero 3 for PS3. Instead of utilizing the PS3 controller to enter cheat codes, entry codes with the guitar-shaped controller that comes with the game. Select alternatives from the main menu, then select Cheats > Enter new Cheat.


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