Rottweilers source in Rome but were not referred to as Rottweilers then. It wasn’t until the Roman army crossed the Alps v their dogs right into Germany the the breed acquired the name they still bring today. Rottweilers were named after the German town, Rottweil. Castle were referred to as “Rottweiler Metzgerhunds” then. Therefore technically, all Rottweilers were as soon as German dogs of roman descent. Eventually, few of these dogs moved with their humans to the United states of America. The breed grew in popularity and also in 1931, Rottweilers were known by the American Kennel Club. So, just how did this migration and also subsequent breeding in a different region bring about the American Rottweiler, and exactly how do they different from what us now know as the German Rottweiler? Today we’re walk to find out! Welcome come the huge Dog Den, ns glad you here!

In this article, you’ll uncover the many accurate and also up-to-date information from canine specialists like The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler­-Klub (ADRK), The American Kennel Club (AKC) and The American Veterinary clinical Association (AVMA). Ironically, the largest canine company in the world, The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), does NOT add a regional prefix like “German” or “American” come the Rottweiler breed at all.

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Today we will certainly go over:

What provides a Rottweiler German or AmericanThe differences in standards & breeding Standards for German & American RottiesRottweiler ColoringsHow German & American Rotties measure Up, Size-WiseWhich Rottweiler is much more Expensive come Buy

…And so lot more! We’ve acquired a lot of of information to comb through, for this reason let’s gain started!

What identify if a Rottweiler is German or American?

Whether your Rottie is German or American relies on whether he (or she) was born in Germany or America. Period. There space some breeders that have actually imported German Rottweilers for reproduction here in the united States, and also there is definitely nothing wrong through that, however the pups they develop in America space American Rottweilers. There space benefits to getting the offspring of this imported Rotties though. These services will become clear together we compare the breed (and breeding) standards for Rottweilers in Germany v the criter for Rottweilers in the united States.

Standards for Registering German Rottweilers


The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler­-Klub (ADRK) governs the requirements for Rottweilers in Germany. I’ve acquired to say, castle have very strict criter for registering a Rottweiler! So lot so that a Rottweiler may not be bred until it has actually been proven to fulfill all the requirements of a “true” German Rottweiler via a Breeding Suitability Test. To happen this test, a Rottweiler must fulfill the criter for the following certain areas:

Head (eyes)Snout (teeth, tongue)Dewlap (throat, neck skin)ShoulderElbowForefeetHighest allude of the RumpLegs (thighs and hips)HockHind feetWithersStiflePawsTail

Any flaws in these criter will disqualify a Rottweiler (or any kind of subsequent puppies they could produce) from gift registered. It’s amazing to note that a docked tail would certainly be a disqualification, as well. Germany amended the breed traditional in 1999 when tail-docking and ear-cropping were banned.


Additionally, the potential parental Rottweilers must additionally have certification related to to any type of potential genetic illness and/or defects. The goal of the ADRK is come “better the breed”. If a mating union won’t achieve that, the dog cannot breed and have the pups well-known as registered Rottweilers.

Standards for Registering American Rottweilers

In the joined States, The American Kennel Club (AKC) sets the requirements for Rottweilers. Although these criter touch on the exact same points as I provided above, a flaw in any type of of the locations will not avoid the dog from gift registered through the AKC, giving he (or she) has papers.

Furthermore, a defect in one of two people parent will certainly not stop the pups from gift registered. One simply reports the parents’ names and also the number of pups born, payment the fee and also waits because that the registration paperwork to arrive.


Without question, registering pups in the United says is much, much easier, but here’s the thing. A the person who lives of the pup has actually no reservation of one of two people parent’s potential flaws and no information regarding possible genetic defects or predispositions.

With each added generation the “American” in one American Rottweiler’s bloodline, the pups created are secondary step away from the original Rottweilers that Germany, resembling them less and also less, both in stature and also temperament. Whereby Germany’s score is to much better the breed with breeding, it appears as though the United says breeds Rottweilers to fulfill the demand, with tiny to no governing as to the “quality” of the dog being bred.

Don’t think for a moment that this is true of every breeders! There room certainly breeders that strive to maintain the standards set forth by the ADRK to better the breed. These breeders are well-known as “Code of values Breeders”. The puppies castle will sell will be American Rottweilers who are correct in conformation, and indistinguishable in appearance and also temperament to their family members from Germany.

Sadly, there space breeders that execute not follow the password of ethics for Rottweilers, and the an outcome is becoming much more and much more visible through each brand-new generation of American Rottweilers.

When breeding standards are lowered, here’s what happens to the Rottweiler breed over time:

The vast skull and also short muzzle narrow and also elongate.The well-defined markings in the fur come to be muddled and faded.The compact and muscular frame becomes an ext “leggy” and also less solid.Dark gums become pink gums.Dark eyes come to be pale eyes.

More 보다 a visible change, as soon as the breed’s structure starts to adjust from its original form, physics health difficulties WILL companion the change, as well as a adjust in temperament. This can incorporate disruptive, or also destructive, behaviors.

Lower breeding standards room the just reason that an American Rottweiler could look or behave any type of differently 보다 a German Rottweiler!


Are German & American Rottweilers the very same Colors?

Rottweilers are always, by any breed club standards, black v mahogany or rust-colored markings on as much as ten percent of his (or her) as whole color. All Rottweilers have actually one mahogany mark above each eye, on the cheeks, and on every side that the snout. The optimal of the sleep is black. On the chest, a Rottweiler will have actually two triangular marks, dealing with down. On each front leg, the (or she) will have actually marks extending from the forearm come the toes. On the hind legs, the markings are visible indigenous the inside and also move outward onto the stifle. Additionally, Rottweilers have a patch of rust or mahogany under the tail the resembles a triangle.

If a breeder cases they have a “rare colored” Rottweiler, think RED FLAG!! Although we understand that sport (like albinoism) do occur in nature, it is extremely rare. In almost every case, these “rare-colored” Rotties have actually other breeds associated in the equation causing the variances in coloring. 

Here room a couple of more RED FLAGS that suggest a Rottie is far removed from his (or her) original German heritage:

• A “lightness” in bone and also muscle structure, with “gangly” legs at complete maturity.• A pale or spotted nose, lengthy or sharp muzzle• A lower jaw that is visibly more narrow than the top jaw.• too many rounded eye with loosened eyelids.• A level or barrel-shaped rib cage.• permanent wrinkles ~ above the forehead.• A wavy coat, absence of undercoat, or inappropriate colorings (proper colorings have the right to be found above).

German & American Rottweilers: A size Comparison


The German Rottweiler is bigger, but only through the little margins, and only due to the fact that of the breeding standards us have currently gone over. One adult masculine American Rottweiler will certainly weigh native 110-130 pounds (50-60kg). The German adult male Rottie will likely be in ~ the highest end of that weight. The same uses to height. One adult male Rottweiler will stand from 24-27 customs (61-69cm) tall, v the German Rottie at the greater end of that range.

Adult mrs Rottweilers will certainly weigh native 77-110 pounds (35-48kg) and also stand native 22-25 inch (56-63cm) tall. A female German Rottweiler will certainly be at the greater end that both dimensions than a female American Rottweiler that the same age.

Additionally, together we previously touched upon, the American Rottweiler’s legs room slightly longer than a German Rottweiler’s and also the skull of one American Rottie is smaller sized and more narrow. The larger the variance in foot and/or skull, the much more generations the “American” in the dog’s ancestry.

To reiterate what we learned earlier in this article; if one American Rottweiler is bred through the same code of ethics as German Rottweilers, the dogs would certainly be identical side by side.

Are German Rottweilers an ext Expensive?

You deserve to buy a Rottweiler in the United says for as little as $500 or you deserve to pay upwards the $4000. I’m reasoning by now you have actually a general idea that why the variety is so vast. High quality comes in ~ a price. A Code that Ethics breeder that has conformed come the ADRK standards for reproduction Rottweilers is walking to sell puppies in ~ a higher cost than a breeder that conforms come the AKC standards. Or a breeder the doesn’t conform to any kind of standards at all.

If we took a look at the in its entirety cost that owning a Rottie because that his (or her) lifetime though, we could discover the “cheaper” puppy will finish up costing more. Once sub-standard criter are used in breeding (especially in generational succession) health and wellness problems end up being increasingly an ext frequent, and also healthcare can gain expensive!

When friend buy a Rottweiler that has actually been bred according to strictly Rottweiler standards, you recognize you’re acquiring a healthy pup the doesn’t have actually a bias to major health worries later in his (or her) life.

Rottweiler Temperament: German & American

The breed standard for Rottweiler temperament, according to the ADRK, is this:

“The Rottweiler is good-natured, placid in straightforward disposition, very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager come work. His figure is natural and also rustic, his behavior self-assured, steady and also fearless. He reaction to his surroundings with great alertness and at the same time even-tempered” (source)

How then, go Rottweilers end up ~ above the American “Bully-Breed List”? The specialists agree. Lower reproduction standards “breed” more than physical problems. Intelligence and temperament space both adversely affected. Again, the much more generations of sub-standard breeding in the bloodline, the an ext prevalent the worries become.

3 places to to buy a German Rottweiler in the united States


If you’re searching for an “American” Rottweiler that originates from a verifiable German bloodline, I would certainly encourage you to visit any kind of of (or every of) the above-mentioned sites! you’ll pay more for a pup 보다 you would certainly if you bought one native a breeder who only adheres to the AKC’s standards, yet the “pay-off” will be a healthy puppy the is closer in structure and also temperament come his (or her) German ancestors.

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Here’s the bottom line: There space really only two varieties of Rottweilers: The kind that has actually been bred well, and also the kind that has actually not. 

I would certainly be remiss to end this post without pointing out that over there are many Rottweilers now that space waiting to it is in rescued or adopted. Annually in the United says alone, thousands and also thousands the Rottweilers room euthanized simply because they’re unwanted. Thankfully, the number of Rotties euthanized are beginning to drop as an ext and more rescue organizations space being formed. Responsible reproduction and adoption are two ways to assist decrease the number of unwanted Rottweilers.



Did any type of of the info you learned this day surprise you? Did it answer your questions pertaining come the differences and similarities between German Rottweilers and American Rottweilers? I hope so! her time is an important to me, for this reason I shot to carry out as lot pertinent details as possible in every article. The more we know about our furry companion, the more pleasant our experience of Rottweiler ownership will certainly be! us are constantly expanding our library the knowledge right here at the large Dog Den, so prevent in again soon!