Aqua Afinity is one of plenty of enchantments in Minecraft, however it deserve to be confuse what this enchantment actually does because that the player.

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What go Aqua Affinity Do?
charm in Minecraft are a good way to strength up the player"s personality or get some useful utility. Few of these enchantments give players a direct rise to your damage, while others could make that harder come break certain tools. Enchantments choose Aqua Affinity instead provide a utility influence that can make the player"s life a lot easier in specific situations. Football player that have actually found an item enchanted v Aqua Affinity or that watch it together an option on their enchanting table might not know precisely what that does.

for starters, it"s crucial for Minecraft players to know exactly how to obtain the Aqua Affinity enchantment. Over there are only three methods to perform this in Minecraft currently: enchanting a helmet in ~ the enchanting table, using an anvil and also an enchanted book, or finding a villager that will profession an Aqua Affinity fascinating helmet. This is probably obvious by now, but this enchantment can only be applied to helmets.

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about what the charm itself actually does, that is beneficial for players that want to spend a the majority of time building underwater. When a helmet through Aqua Affinity is equipped, the player"s rate of breaking blocks will certainly not be reduced when they room underwater. Under common circumstances, being underwater significantly increases the amount of time the takes to break blocks, but this helmet enchantment completely negates that effect. There space a lot of of various times when something prefer this could come in handy.

Giant underwater structure photo Credit: Haru
because that players that love building in survival mode, Aqua Affinity is a must have actually when make something underwater. Since players have to keep track of your oxygen levels, gift able to rest blocks quick is an important to speeding up the structure process. Even adventurers can acquire a the majority of use the end of this block, specifically if they room wanting to check out an Underwater Monument. These structure are fully submerged in water, and also players will often need to break blocks in stimulate to uncover a method inside.

In bespeak to have the finest chance of acquiring Aqua Affinity because that a helmet, players must make certain to surround your enchanting table v bookshelves. This will increase the level and also quality of charm found, for this reason it"s a good investment also outside of trying to acquire Aqua Affinity. This might be a relatively situational enchantment and it absolutely won"t always come right into play, however players won"t desire to get recorded without it once they"re underwater.

Minecraft is available now ~ above Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One.

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