The Introduction

It was in my second year of college as soon as a member of my church that attended the same university ns attended, along with another friend I’d known because we were student in the first year in high school, pledged Delta Sigma Theta (Delta or DST). After they’d become members, they invite me come a Delta Rush.

The Rush

Delta had actually a motto that pulled me right in and caused me to placed all, if there to be any, of my guards down. All discernment, any reservation, and also all inquiries that would have counted me amongst the wise to ask, turned to naught when “The Public company Sorority established on Christian Principles” Motto to be made recognized to me.

Both of mine friends who’d already pledged were Believers, and as i conversed with an ext and more of this intelligent, what appeared to be well-rounded young women, I uncovered that just about all that the Deltas that this chapter to be not only Believers, but very active in their neighborhood churches. This excited me since I was severe as I could be around the LORD, even at that time in mine ignorance. So, ns felt I’d fit right in. Needless come say, ns made plans come pledge.

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Pledging Delta

I zealously pledged DST in the autumn of my 3rd year of college and also my zealousness only increased after ns actually ended up being a full-fledged member the the sorority. Throughout the pledging process I learned and absorbed all I required to recognize to come to be “one” v DST, and also I did it with good pride. I enjoyed it. I think I can speak for many of the young ladies I pledged with when saying the we had a good time and also experience. Us were no “hazed” (forced to perform humiliating or dangerous things), we were not talked down to and we were well respected. I know this sound unbelievable come many, yet at our university hazing would not have actually been tolerated. Besides, also though the women of DST that this chapter were loyal to the organization, they to be even an ext serious about graduating college. For this reason in other words, they yes, really didn’t have time because that excessive, man behavior.

Nevertheless, after our allotted time that pledging, I, in addition to seven other young women, “The Eight Captivating publications of Delta Sigma Theta,” on a highly anticipated Sunday evening, ecstatically and dramatically to walk barefoot on “the burn sands,” do our vows to keep covenant with this “thing”…for the rest of our lives.

Finally, I’d end up being a Delta. Yet, together excited as I was, i didn’t really know or know what I’d cursed my life or my spirit to, no one what ns had gained myself into spiritually.

Though i was truly a Believer, ns didn’t know the native of God and honestly, I had no substantial knowledge the Greek letter establishments prior to pledging. Moreover, sadly, yet in every sincerity, I never ever asked my heavenly dad if pledging Delta was something ns should do.

LORD, other is wrong v me. Renouncing DST- step 1

About a month after ending up being a Delta I checked out a rebirth with my husband, that was climate my boyfriend. While sit there i remember questioning the lord what to be wrong through me due to the fact that there to be so plenty of beautiful, life transforming things walking on – a most excitement - yet ns felt for this reason empty, as if i were dead top top the inside. I mean, i felt dead, dead - therefore dead the it fearful me. Having actually no idea what to be going on with me, nonetheless discovering that something was gravely wrong, i desperately ran up because that prayer at the time altar prayer lines were forming, and it to be the LORD who led me come the line He want me in.

As i made my method to the front of the line, the sister who would pray because that me take it my hand to ask what I essential her to pray for. However the moment that woman of God, complete of His Spirit and also power, took my hand, she to reduce it, take it a couple of steps ago (putting an noticeable amount of space between us), looked at me with a look of disarray and also deep concern, and asked: “Baby…what is wrong?” No doubt, she alarming actions and question led me into a hysterical according to cry together I answered with a resounding wail - “I don’t knowwww.”

Well I praise my God for the woman, that was among the visiting ministers, because she knew, by the soul of God, that I had an immediate spiritual concern that needed taking care of at that an extremely moment. So as a result, she request every Saint that God that was top the various other prayer lines come pause and also come over and lay hands on me as she began praying and also warring because that me. Thinking around it bring tears to my eyes since I recognize now the the LORD had me yielded that day when I didn’t even realize I necessary to be. Ns Bless Him and ALL Glory and Honor is His!

Moving Forward

Well plenty of years would pass before I would find out what was wrong in ~ me back during the time in mine life. I literally had no idea, yet the lord did.

Nevertheless, ns was very active in DST throughout the rest of mine time in college. Moreover, after ns graduated, I always had other on my human body or car proudly touting DST. However it was also not lengthy after I i graduated that phase two of what the LORD had planned for my life worrying this worry would take place.

It’s no of God! Renouncing DST- step 2

A couple of year after I’d graduated college and gotten married, a gospel singing group I to be a part of had just perfect rehearsing in ours home. If walking among the sisters exterior to her car, somehow, we’d started talking around sororities and also fraternities. The conversation led she to share with me the she’d pledged Sigma Gamma Rho in college, another well-known sorority. Now this sister was around fifteen year older 보다 me, and also I had actually no idea she’d been a part of a Greek letter organization since she had never discussed it, neither had actually I ever seen she with any kind of paraphernalia on. So once she told me she had pledged in her college years, ns excitedly responded v “I didn’t understand you were Greek!” Then ns asked “Are you active?” She merely answered “No.”

(See my father in sky knows me. Ns am the nosy middle child, and also He orchestrated that conversation in such a manner the would cause His inquisitive daughter to do just what he knew she would certainly do.)

So, simply as planned, I, Ms. Nosey Rosey, asked “Why?”

But this sister’s next an answer was the one the LORD required me to hear.

After ns asked why she wasn’t active, looking directly into my eyes v a broad smile, she gently, however profoundly answered “Because it’s not of God.”

Wow! Though i tried not to display it at that moment, i was overwhelmed, significantly disturbed, and also convicted by her response. That shook me come the point of no return. Ns was a God Fearer and also I was not trying come play through Him, nor carry out anything that would disappoint Him. She no nonsense solution did just what my Father wanted it come do… that shattered the unwarranted admiration I had for DST. It led to me to muse end my ties v it, together my love began transforming away native it. From that minute on I’d developed a form of resentment for Delta the I can not shake. Ns wholeheartedly thought what that sister in the LORD said to me, even though ns didn’t know every one of the facts. Yet as a an outcome of backing away from DST, i was caused a place in the lord I’d never experienced in mine life.

Leaps and also Bounds

After willingly backing far from Delta by the elegant of God, proving, even to myself, that my fear, love, and also desire for God was better than mine blind love because that Delta, the lord took me top top a glorious, spirituality journey. Indigenous being i was baptized in the holy Spirit, to speak in tongues, enduring prophetic dreams, visions, together with the manifestation of various other spiritual gifts, my eyes were opened as i constantly communed with the LORD. It was absolutely glorious. It to be the time once I’d begun clearly hearing Him, through His Spirit, speaking to me. In addition, I started studying His composed Word like never ever before. It to be so much, ns cannot tell that all. However just know, the was throughout that season the life, ns truly learned because that myself that if we look for the LORD, us will discover Him, and if us hunger and thirst ~ righteousness we will certainly be filled…just together He’s promised.

Sound the Shofar! The officially Renouncement! Renouncing DST -Phrase 3

Many years had actually passed due to the fact that the night of that revival, and frankly, I’d solid thought around it end those years. But one day, if blessing and also loving top top the LORD with the fruit of mine lips, i verbalized to Him the I can not, and would not want to imagine life no knowing and also feeling His presence. Instantaneously, top top the tail-end of mine statement, the LORD lugged me ago to the night of the revival. He visually verified me myself and allowed me to remember that feeling of total emptiness.

After the reminder, a little bit taken aback, ns responded gradually with the inquiry - “oh yea, what to be wrong through me?” therefore in that supernatural, mental blowing moment, the heart of the mr spoke to my spirit and instructed me to go and also get mine Delta Rituals.

Needless to say, i was puffy away as I easily went v godly fear into the garage to retrieve those publications that had been packed away in a box for years. It take it a moment to acquire to them, however when I opened them I had actually the shock of mine life.

As I began reading the materials of those books it was as if i was seeing them because that the an initial time. They to be dark, foreign, and also appalling. The vague concept of noþeles Godly was snuffed out by the consuming leaven of the revered, dark side of Hellenism therefore prevalently shown throughout. Analysis them led to the hair top top the ago of my neck to was standing up together I gasped, yelled, and sat over there in full amazement.

After I’d viewed enough, I automatically asked the lord to forgive me for making vows to this ungodly thing referred to as Delta Sigma Theta, and also I was standing up prior to Him and the entire heavenly hold renouncing and also denouncing all that it is. I pleaded through the lord to remove any type of residuals and/or remnants that the paganistic junk the may have actually still been deep in ~ my soul since of the vows I’d made.

I easily started collecting any and also everything in my residence that I’d purchase or received because of Delta, every one of the paraphernalia, the formal gold sorority pin, elephants, informal pins, jerseys, etc., absolutely everything. I put them in a rubbish bag and put it external to be choose up by the rubbish collectors. As for the certificate that membership, I burned that in the kitchen sink. (Acts 19:18) and yes, it was the serious. I needed my father to know that my life, my soul, my heart belonged wholly come Him and also that ns had for sure NO allegiance come Delta Sigma Theta, Minerva, the dead twenty-two founders, that “virtues” and also all the various other carnal rubbish attached come it. Moreover, I had to confirm that there wouldn’t it is in anything discovered “in” me or about me worrying DST the would offer the opponent and/or the spirits connected to DST the impression that they could have access or legitimate ground to mine inner man. My outer actions were basically an expression that what had already transpired within me by and through the soul of the just true and also Living God. I had rejected and also turned my ago to DST since my “face,” was now, totally, towards the LORD.

I glorified and also blessed the lord for His mercy and also forgiveness as I stood over there in complete awe, and also adoration, pondering the reality that He’d intervened in my ignorance through not only leading us to the revival countless years prior, yet leading me come the altar, to that certain line, to have actually that details sister discern that there to be a serious problem, so that she and also the various other Saints would certainly lay hand on me and pray because that me, which had actually made the an extremely moment i was experiencing even possible. What a merciful, loving God! i love him so much.

Well after mine repentant holy rampage, ns thought about another sister I’d pledged DST v in college that had come to be a true sister in the LORD. Ns picked increase the phone, called and told her to pull the end those rituals, which she hadn’t looked in ~ in years together well. Once she did, she was blown far too. Ns then called and also shared the news with various other members of DST the were in the LORD, no hope to share with them what the LORD had actually shared v me.

Clarity of objective

Before I move on, I need to describe that over there are tons of teachings the end there on the facts worrying the rituals and customs that Delta and also the other institutions like it, and also what renders them offensive and ungodly. Therefore if anyone would favor to recognize these details, if you have internet, and also you do not have a hard heart worrying the truth, the clean answers are best at your fingertips.

But as for me, specific, historical details,are no what I have been assigned to share. I’ve created what I’ve been led by the soul of God come write concerning what occurred to me spiritually after ~ making vow to Delta, and the risk of grieving the holy Spirit, our seal because that the work of Redemption, and the really real danger of offending our God to the suggest of no return. Come you who say “LORD, LORD”…this is serious. Those who have ears to hear, ns pray it will be a blessing to you in a life changing manner.

One God

Well together you’ve read, my patience Heavenly dad ordered my procedures throughout this aspect of my life, tenderness leading me by His Spirit into All truth. Never ever once did ns feel any anger indigenous God toward me in mine ignorance. Furthermore, due to the fact that God is Sovereign and not even one sparrow drops to the ground without His consent (Matthew 10:29), i am sure that in my anxious, self-satisfying require to become a component of Delta, He permitted me to pledge it, similar to He knew i would. El Elyon, the many High God is All-Knowing, nothing surprises Him. But since He knew ns would, He also had the setup for me come be delivered from it already collection up!!

Yet even with the plan already set up, i did have actually a choice to make. As soon as the sister therefore sweetly mutual that these institutions are “not the God,” I could have come to be indignant, angry, hard-hearted and also retaliatory, but by the elegant of God… i was receptive, and fearing Him, which leader to life, placed me ~ above the roadway to full deliverance.

I know through an individual experience the we can only serve, through our entirety hearts, One God. We deserve to only it is in totally committed to One God. We have the right to only truly love One God. (Exodus 20:3, 20:23, 34:14)

And if there’s anything that is not prefer Him “in us,” our relationship with him can and will be hindered. Ns can’t love and worship Minerva, a false goddess, and also love and also worship my Father, the True God, too. Vowing and also keeping commitment with Delta is vowing and keeping commitment with all that it is, consisting of the false goddess Minerva. Yes, the is. Lighting the “torch the wisdom,” the wisdom the Delta payment homage to the false goddess Minerva for, is one offense against the true God since any and also all true wisdom can only come native Him.

How dare those who say they love and also honor the True God, acknowledge the false goddess Minerva as part bearer the light and also giver the wisdom! God fearers and also worshipers have great sense because of Him. We have the right to “see” because of Him, by His Spirit. We have actually understanding since of Him.

“With Him space wisdom and also might; come Him belonging counsel and understanding” Job 12:13

“For the LORD offers wisdom; native His mouth come knowledge and also understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

“God make the earth by His power; He created the human being by His wisdom and also by His understanding and skill extended out the heavens.” Jeremiah 10: 12

“But if any kind of of friend lacks wisdom, let him ask the God, who offers to all men generously and also without reproach, and it will certainly be provided to him.” James 1:5

We are simply fooling ourself if we think the only True, and Living God has actually somehow changed since the job of the Old Covenant. That is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. Over there is no way the mr God would, or could, provide of individuals who speak to themselves His children, light candles and also paying homage come the false goddess Minerva and all of the other false gods or goddesses enclosed to all of the Greek letter institutions and secret societies.

Can you imagine Yeshua (Jesus) theMessiah, the High monk of God who will return, our an effective Savior and Lord who Is the “Vine” (John 15) we are to be linked to, making vows to (Matthew 5:33-37), and also keeping covenant with one of these organizations? No street! You know it as with I recognize it!

Well if we, those that profess to be the “branches,” room abiding in The Vine, then to it is in attached to anything that is not prefer Him would certainly be really uncomfortable and almost impossible. So essentially, you’re either abiding in the Vine… or you space not, over there is no in between. You cannot, there’s for sure NO way to entirely abide in the True Vine and totally abide in Delta and its goddess simultaneously.

Yeshuataught that the door that leader to life is narrow and the road that leads to life is hard, and sadly, few find the (Matthew 7:13-14). He taught the whoever looks for to maintain his life will lose it, but whoever loser his life will keep it.

Is something worth your soul? Anything? Don’t you establish your spirit is her life? I’m no talking come those that carry out not contact him or herself a child of God. Ns am addressing those that say lock love God with every one of their hearts.

Listen, I have actually seen for myself many ministers in the church that are “one” v these species of establishments grievously sin against God, over and also over. There’s enough purging that requirements to take place within every believer there is no the wickedness the these an enig societies and Greek letter institutions being added to the list. Yet to have actually this weight, this sin, this idolatrous commitment, just opens the door to more and an ext sin. Us cannot provide the opponent a foothold the would permit him come come in and potentially consume our souls, our minds, and also our hearts.

King Josiah

I’m reminded the Josiah, the King that Judah (ruled 640–609 b.c.e.), and his voluntary actions once he realized the they had been sinning against God in the most horrific way. Judah, as with Israel had actually been sacrifice to, and also worshiping false gods. They had actually left the means of the LORD and also had been doing what they assumed was right in their own eyes. Hear the word of the mr in II queens 22: 16-20 through a prophetess Josiah inquired of after ~ the reading of the scroll containing the legislations of God, lugged him come the realization that the civilization of God, namely Judah, had actually severely damaged His commands:

“This is what the lord says: i am walk to bring disaster ~ above this city and also its people. All the words created in the scroll that the king the Judah has read will come true. Because that my world have abandoned me and offered sacrifices to pagan gods, and I am very angry with them for every little thing they have done. Mine anger will burn versus this place, and it will not be quenched.”

“But walk to the king the Judah who sent out you to seek the LORD and also tell him: ‘This is what the LORD, the God that Israel says concerning the message you have actually just heard: You were sorry and also humbled yourself before the LORD when you heard what ns said against this city and also its people—that this land would be cursed and become desolate. You tore your clothing in despair and wept before me in repentance. And I have actually indeed heard you, states the LORD. So I will certainly not send the promised disaster until after you have died and also been buried in peace. You will not watch the disaster ns am going to carry on this city.’”

So come reiterate, the lord did not take kindly come His children fraternizing with, and also worshipping pagan gods. This is decision clear. And also it is also clear that Josiah had actually every on purpose to please the LORD. Let’s inspect out II majesties 23:

“Then the king summoned every the elders the Judah and also Jerusalem. And the king went up to the holy place of the LORD v all the human being of Judah and Jerusalem, in addition to the priests and also the prophets—all the human being from the the very least to the greatest. Over there the king review to lock the entire publication of the agreement that had been discovered in the LORD’s Temple. The king take it his location of authority beside the pillar and renewed the covenant in the LORD’s presence. That pledged to obey the mr by keeping all his commands, laws, and also decrees through all his heart and soul. In this way, he shown all the terms of the commitment that were composed in the scroll, and all the world pledged themselves to the covenant.”

As a an outcome of finding the end the truth, love God and transforming from Idolatry...This is what King Josiah did:

He had actually all the posts that were supplied to praise Baal, Asherah, all the strength of the heavens, and the Asherah pole gotten rid of from the LORD’s Temple. (An Asherah pole was a sacred tree or pole that stood near Canaanite spiritual locations to respect the pagan goddess Asherah, likewise known together Astarte). He likewise tore under the living soldier of the male and also female shrine prostitute that were within the holy place of the LORD. The King also removed the horse statues that the previous kings the Judah had specialized to the sunlight from the enntrance gate of the LORD’s Temple, and also burned the chariots committed to the sun.

He defiled the pagan shrines eastern of Jerusalem that King Solomon of Israel had built for Ashtoreth, the goddess that the Sidonians; and also for Chemosh, the god the the Moabites; and also for Molech, the god that the Ammonites. He destroyed every pagan shrine and also anything that was not of God contributing come idol worship in all the land. (Read that in II emperors 23)

In other words, King Josiah walk on a holy Rampage v a Righteous indignation! He’d do a pledge to Honor and Obey His God, the True God, and also he did whatever he should need to keep the pledge.

This is what the lord is calling because that by those that say they room His kids that are affiliated with Greek letter organizations and secret societies. The type of commitment, zeal, and affections members of those establishments have, because that those organizations, must be because that the Giver that life, and also Him only. You recognize the kind of zeal and affections that reason many to believe their stays would not be finish without those organizations? That’s what ns mean.

Our God no it when His children show allegiance to any type of other god however Him. It to be He, self that claimed we need to not have any kind of other God yet Him. That made it clear that He is a jealousy God and He cannot be the God the those that choose to worship and pay homage come false, pagan gods.

The LORD had taken great care of the Hebrew people. He had actually saved them in a time that famine, that had yielded them native slavery, he literally rained under manna for them when in the wilderness, even when they grumbled and also complained. That had displayed Himself to be a faithful God, a committed Husband to His people.

In the very same way, is it no God that supplies all of our demands today? Is it not Him who offers His mighty angels fee over us, and keeps them all about us? Is it not Him who had actually the setup of Salvation, v Yeshua, for us from the beginning? The lord is the True God and also the Everlasting King and besides Him over there is no other. Delta nor Minerva, or any kind of of the various other false god conjured increase by the carnal minds of men, deserve to do anything for us! the is of this world and also we room not come love the world, or noþeles of the world. We have actually no organization messing roughly with that kind of thing.

Trick of Satan

The goddess Minerva/Athena crowns Delta’s comb making their motto deceitful, attempting come mask the blatant prayer of the false goddess. Fall a tiny “public service” rhetoric in the potent mix, and there you have actually it, yet one more Eve-type deception. Satan is constantly on his job. The goes around as a roaring lion, searching for who he have the right to devour! These establishments were strategically orchestrated through the deceiver. Can’t you view that? Why walk anyone should make a lifetime commitment, a solemn vow, to a “thing” in order come team up v others come do good deeds? The entire notion is childish.

When vowing and also making a covenant with these organizations, we end up being one with them. You speak no? i ask then, why don’t members speak “I am a member the Delta…or a member of Alpha?” Instead, members proud say, “I to be a Delta…or ns am one Alpha’”…and therefore on. And also it is true. Castle are appropriate in saying so. Once the vows are taken, just as in between a husband and also wife, they become one with what they’ve cursed their stays to. So simply as husband and also wife in timeless marriage share a name, it’s the same as calling you yourself by the name of among these Greek letter organizations/secret societies. It’s simply that simple.

When we room born again and also are surprise in Messiah, we say we room a part of the human body of Messiah, being the we room one with Him and also the Father. Currently we recognize marriage in between a man and also woman and becoming one meat is of God, together it was created at the time of development (Genesis 2:21-25). But what is this idea the making vows to and also becoming one v a “thing?” A thing that is plainly pagan and also wicked native the root. Indigenous the start mankind has been continually comprising ways to produce a breach between himself and the True God, whether inadvertently or purposely. One means or the other, that is the god that this world, the enemy who provides them this ideas, and also makes them believe it is “good” and also that they require these things -but the is approximately those in the mr to look for Him and also discern the truth by His Spirit. The is all a trick of the Enemy.

God’s Mercy Endures

But the mr is merciful and also full of compassion…and that is an extremely patient. That took thousands of years because that the pronounced curses because that this sort of sin to in reality come top top the Hebrew people, mercifully affording them the opportunity to repent for their blatant, idolatrous living. The LORD’s desire is constantly for people to repent, turn to Him, and love Him v our entirety hearts, quite than to give severe punishment.

I was remote to the truth about Delta Sigma Theta when I made vow to it, but the lord was merciful come me due to the fact that of His unfailing love. Yet i still had actually my role to play in this relationship. Together a love Father, that has and also will constantly do His part, yet as His children, will we execute ours? will we be obedient?

From the beginning of time, man’s relationship with God was collected and strengthened through obedience, or weakened and torn under by disobedience. That has actually not changed. Yeshua told us we need to “Love the LORD through all our hearts, all our souls, and all our minds...” just as the was created by the finger that God at Mt. Sinai hundreds of years ago. Come love the is come forsake any and everything the is not prefer Him, or offensive to Him. And for God fearers, that even has a possible offense!

Uh Oh, There are No an ext Excuses

Once we’ve heard or been exposed to the truth, over there is no much more excuse and also the after-effects are exclusively our own. If girlfriend don’t recognize the depth of the vow you’ve made to this wicked an enig societies, or if girlfriend still need more clarity, investigate. Research some the the ritualistic tasks carried out by them, and also as you perform ask the lord to display you how and also why they’re no of Him. Ask and it will certainly be given, seek and also you will certainly find, knock and the door of fact will be opened up for you.

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Loving God with all our hearts is the business of the Believer. That is a command and also an absolute privilege every at the very same time. Being one through our Savior, renders us one through our Father, and also we can’t be one with Him who is Holy and Righteous and also be one through that which is unholy and also unrighteous.

We should love the mr with all of our hearts and forsake the idols that we’ve invited right into our lives, and our hearts.

“Do no love the civilization nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.” I man 2:15

“Let united state hear the conclusion of the entirety matter. Are afraid (worship, honor, obey) God, and keep His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13