People regularly ask me how plenty of pairs of shoes the mean woman owns, and how plenty of pairs i personally own. This question obtained me thinking of my very own shoe collection and also what basic tips ns follow.

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I prefer to consider myself a an easy woman when it involves shoes (personally, having too plenty of shoes clutters mine closet and also stresses me out when picking outfits).

I additionally reached out to mine girlfriends (shoutout to my girls who placed up through my surveys and endless texts!) My many fashion obsessed (corporate working) friend said at the minute that she owns around 50 bag (although she generally donates shoes and cloth every year). It’s not uncommon for ladies to very own 100 or 200 pairs. The most minimalistic (teacher) friend of mine claimed 11… great to recognize I loss somewhere in-between!

Basically, there is no appropriate answer for how numerous shoes you need to have. Rather, it need to be based upon your lifestyle, needs and budget.

The mean woman own 19 bag of shoes

A poll of 1,057 women by shopping magazine ShopSmart found that the typical woman own 19 bag of shoes (Source: Reuters & Shopsmart). Top top average, women acquisition 4 brand-new pairs of shoes every year.

However, 19 is no the best number for how many shoes YOU have to own. Below is just how you can uncover out what is the ideal number because that you.

Women use just 4-5 bag regularly

How many shoes should a mrs own? there room several ways to prize this question.

The typical woman owns 19 bag of shoes

One is that you deserve to own as countless shoes as you want till your significant Other becomes uncomfortable 🙂

Another way to prize the inquiry is come look in ~ how countless different pairs of shoes ladies actually wear on a continuous basis (and no how countless they own). How numerous pairs of shoes females actually wear can be a good indication the the minimum number of shoes you have to have. Both The ShopSmart survey and a survey from VoucherCodesPro (which polled 2,352 women in the UK) found that women just use 4 to 5 bag of shoes routinely (Source: DailyMail & VoucherCodesPro). So 4-5 bag of shoes could be a an excellent starting allude for a minimalist wardrobe.

I introduce looking at her individual needs and also style preferences, as well as your location and also work, to identify how plenty of pairs of shoes you need to own, and what varieties of shoes you should own.

Here space some tips and failure of shoes categories i follow to alleviate the stress and anxiety of outfit planning as well as simplify my shoe collection to simply the essentials (note: I normally stick with neutral colour so the I can maximize the variety of outfits I have the right to wear my pair of shoes with)

1. Sneakers (2 pairs)

If I have actually multiple pairs of any type of shoe, it’s sneakers. I work-related out 3-4 time a week and am currently training for a fifty percent marathon so my walk to shoes should be comfortable. Depending upon your lifestyle and also budget, ns recommend having a casual pair that you have the right to dress up and also ones for functioning out or walking.

2. Boots (1 or 2 pairs)

My second favorite form of shoes (after sneakers). Once autumn in Chicago starts, you’ll find me wearing a casual pair of fishing eye or speak boots. Again, i still have straightforward black or brown boots for this reason I have the right to wear them with my mainly neutral wardrobe.

-Ankle boots


3. Loafers (1 pair)

Third on the perform is a comfy pair of loafers or flats. Mine go-to occupational shoe need to be comfortable and also (again) go with countless outfit options. Ns suggest having a pair of black loafers that you can dress up and also your standard everyday loafers.

4. Sandals (1 or 2 pairs relying on your location)

In Chicago, friend can get away v wearing open-toe sandals 3-4 months out of the year. I suggest investing in a pair of comfortable sandals that will assistance your feet and also last because that years.

Everyday casual sandal (birkenstock)

Dressy pair that sandals

Heeled sandles

5. Boots for negative weather (1 pair if friend live in an area with poor weather)

Living in Chicago it’s vital to have actually a good pair the rain and also snow boots. Relying on where girlfriend live and the climate (Rain/Snow).

6. Comfortable Heels/Fashion heels (2 pairs)

Heels space shoes I perform not wear often. I do have actually a few types the heels in my closet for once the occasion calls. My heel philosophy is classic chic pumps that should be comfortable sufficient to wear all day (did you know that 43% of females reported having been at least moderately hurt by shoes, and also 8% reported significant injuries like sprains or breaks because of shoes? Source: ShopMart Survey).

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I recommend having one standard pump as well as a dressier pair for special occasions.

-black pumps

-strapped heels

How numerous shoes you very own is a personal decision and should be based on your lifestyle, needs and also budget. Ns hope my failure of general shoe rules can aid you leveling the procedure when deciding which pair of shoes to keep and which to throw out!

I hope my breakdown of my basic shoe rules will inspire friend to leveling your shoes wardrobe and also life!