Death is certain and also life is not. This life is temporary and for fatality be prepared.

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The Ultimate fact : Death and also Dying


When ns ride in one airplane, I reap looking at how tiny the people seems indigenous a distance. Yet once you zoom in, what seemed so tiny and insignificant transforms out come be an extremely important and significant for many of us. The size of the house, the sort of car, the quantity of money, and the lifestyle we want. That is basic to get caught up in the regimen of day to day life thinking that that will never end. Every day us wake up, go to work, wait because that Friday, and enjoy the weekend. Rinse and also repeat. The takes a many emotional and also spiritual power to stop, pause, and also reflect top top what is happening and also where we are going. We often escape from the believed of ours end. Fatality is a truth every single living creature will experience. No one’s health, wealth, status, or wide range every saved them native dying and also being hidden with nothing.

Humans have tendency to be very shortsighted as soon as planning for their future. We plan for school, college, a career, family, children, retirement. However, it often tends to prevent at that. Why nothing we setup for what us are specific will happen without a doubt? The answer is due to the fact that we are scared the the unknown and are comfortable through what we know. Us escape to the following movie, binge watch a series, purchase the newest gadget, or distract ourselves with health or wealth. But, reality is the there is no escape. The is just a matter of time prior to we die. The Qurʾān asks So where space you going? (Qurʾān 81:26).

Occasionally ns encounter a short article or story that someone that is dying. Your reflections room usually still about this world. The general message is around cherishing the couple of moments we have left. Yet what around what is to come? What about a hereafter? Is over there something beyond this world? mirroring on death is a healthy and balanced exercise listed it does not debilitate us from life life. The is meant to make us a much better person v our short-term companions in this world and also with God our Creator. Keeping death in mind helps one overlook the trivial things and also focus on the bigger photo of life.

Death is normally scary, however we can uncover comfort in the truth that God is loving and has cared for us since birth. Fatality is a natural procedure we should go through in order to enter the human being of the hereafter. For the one that prepares for death the hereafter is a far better and much longer lasting abode. Once a kid is born, it pipeline its mom womb crying, afraid of start the new world. However this human being is so much bigger, vaster, and more beautiful 보다 the human being of the womb which they to be attached to. No one pipeline the womb and wishes to go back. Similarly, death is a form of birth into the hereafter. It is a transition to a ar where there is no sickness, worries, stress, work, or difficulties. This is the house of work and planting the seed and the hereafter is where we will gain the fruits. So, do not let fatality lead you to despair and also hopelessness, fairly let it be a way of impetus for you to seek your purpose in life, affix with God, leave an imprint ~ above this world and also plant the seed for your hereafter.

Death is the harsh reality which is faced by every person who lives. It is the one thing which we will certainly all suffer — be we men, women, Muslims, Christians, Blacks, whites or any other type of person on this earth. It is something i m sorry does no discriminate. Vital reminder come me and also everyone analysis this.

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Death have the right to come anytime. That doesn’t matter if you’re healthy and balanced or wealthy, you’ll need to go once it’s time. Friend can’t difficulty or prevent it :

| where you might be, death will overtake you, even if you space in high defended towers | | The divine Quran 4:78 |

| The fatality from which you run away will certainly method you. Climate you will be went back to the One who knows the unseen and also the seen, and He will certainly tell friend what you have actually done | | The divine Quran 62:8 |

< Every heart will have a taste the death, and you will obtain your recompense on the work of Resurrection. Everyone is swayed indigenous the Fire, and also admitted to Paradise, has won. The life the this world is just enjoyment the delusion >

< The Quran 3:185 >

| and what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion |

| The Quran 57:20 |

Death is a fact every solitary living creature will certainly experience. No one’s health, wealth, status, or wealth every conserved them indigenous dying and also being buried with nothing :

anyone upon the earth will perish The Quran 55:26

| know that the life that this people is but amusement and also diversion and adornment and boasting come one another and also competition in boost of wealth and also children — like the example of a rain who plant development pleases the tillers; climate it dries and you view it turned yellow; climate it i do not care debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and also forgiveness indigenous Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of illusion | The Quran 57:20

everyone from every nations, from all generations, will certainly be made come stand together equal in the existence of God. God will then call each one of us to satisfy with us individually. There would be no translator, no interpretators — it would certainly be simply you, your Creator and your deeds!

and also fear the Day as soon as ye shall be brought back to God. Climate shall every heart be payment what the earned, and none candlestick be dealt with unjustly