Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an American actor, writer, comedian, movie producer, and also political activist. That is the eldest that the four actor brothers in the Baldwin family.

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Children: Ireland Baldwin, Romeo Alejandro, Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin, Carmen Gabriela, Rafael Baldwin

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List the ancestors:

1. Alec Baldwin b. April 3, 1958, Amityville, Suffolk County, brand-new York, unified States2. Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr. B. October 26, 1927, Brooklyn, majesties County, new York, USA; d. April 15, 1983, Philadelphia, PA, united States3. Alexander Rae Baldwin, Sr. B. March 25, 1897, Brooklyn, queens County, new York, USA; d. Might 20, 1969, Brooklyn, emperors County, brand-new York, USA4. Sylvester Davis Baldwin b. August 6, 1856, new York, USA; d. November 6, 1923, fair Haven, Monmouth, NJ5. Capt. Roswell Baldwin b. April 22, 1818, Stonington, brand-new London County, Connecticut, united States; d. September 16, 1885, Brooklyn, kings County, brand-new York, unified States6. Capt Sylvester Baldwin b. December 21, 1788, Stonington, Ct, joined States; d. August 6, 1822, Stonington, Connecticut, joined States6. Esther Baldwin b. June 15, 1796, No. Stonington, brand-new London, Connecticut; d. February 13, 1845, phibìc Stonington, new London, Ct, united States5. Hannah mile b. February 26, 1829, England; d. Might 2, 1872, Brooklyn, monarchs County, new York, USA4. Helen Irene Baldwin b. November 6, 1860, England; d. March 29, 1942, Brooklyn, majesties County, new York, USA5. James McNamara5. Mar Dunn3. Ruth mary Noble b. October 30, 1898, Edwards, St.Lawrence, brand-new York, USA; d. October 1968, Brooklyn, majesties County, brand-new York, USA4. Leverett David Noble b. 1877, Edwards, NY, united States; d. 1938, St Lawrence, St Lawrence, NY, unified States5. Daniel Noble5. Jane Noble b. February 8, 1835, Scarborough, Yorkshire, joined Kingdom; d. November 2, 1910, Edwards, new York, unified States6. Joseph Watson6. Mary Ann Watson6. Wilhelm Owen Watson b. Circa 1795, Scarborough, Yorkshire, unified Kingdom; d. June 27, 1867, Edwards, St. Lawrence, new York, unified States4. Lena Xie McCauley b. April 1, 1878, Moose Creek, ON, Canada; d. In march 23, 1974, Edwards, NY, unified States2. ? Baldwin (Martineau)3. Daniel Leroy Martineau, Sr. B. 19004. Henry Frazier Martineau b. Respectable 1868, Lyndonville, orleans County, new York, unified States; d. October 31, 1962, Syracuse, Onondaga County, brand-new York, united States5. Joseph Martineau b. January 1841; d. Might 14, 1897, Albion, olions County, brand-new York, united States5. Emma Laura Martineau4. Ada Emmeline Martineau5. Daniel Webster Newcomb6. Moses Webster Newcomb b. 1801; d. 18736. Buy it Newcomb5. Emeline Fay Newcomb3. Marion Alice Martineau b. Circa 1901; d. Circa 19704. Irvin Albert Sidnam5. David A Sidnam b. Circa 1845, Camillus, Onondaga County, brand-new York, joined States; d. Circa 19296. Unknown Sidnam6. Sally Sidnam5. Almedia Sidnam4. Louise Sidnam