Have you locked the tricks inside the trunk of your Mercedes-Benz? Maybe your essential fob isn’t functioning or car battery is dead and you are trying to unlock the trunk of your Mercedes-Benz. If your car battery is dead or the vital fob remote has actually stopped working, you won’t have the ability to unlock your Mercedes-Benz or open the trunk.

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How to manually unlock the trunk of a Mercedes-Benz

If your Mercedes battery has actually died, trunk switch or essential fob remote aren’t working, you deserve to usage this approach to unlock the trunk.

Tip 1 

Remove the steel vital from the essential fob. You will certainly should slide the locking tab through your thumb and pull out the steel crucial.

Tip 2

Insert the essential into the trunk lock cylinder.

Tip 3

Turn the essential till you hear the trunk pop open up.

Note: Avoid jump starting your Mercedes-Benz by connecting the jumper cables directly to the battery. Instead, use the positive jumper starter terminal located in the jumper cable.

How to open up the trunk if trunk if the essential isn’t working or secrets are locked in the trunk.

What if you started replacing the battery in the trunk and you accidentally locked the keys inside the trunk. Now you are wondering how can I open up the trunk? Here are a few equivalent scenarios.

The auto battery has died and also the battery is in the trunk.You locked the secrets in the trunk and the battery is dead.Or you tried to manually unlock the trunk yet can’t rotate the key manually.

So what carry out you do? Luckily, tbelow is another way to power up your Mercedes-Benz.

Get a locksmith to open up one of the doors then follow these actions.

Tip 1

Release hood by pulling on the hood release lever on the side of the dashboard.

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Next off, open the hood. 


Tip 2

All Mercedes-Benz version year 2000 and more recent have a jump begin terminal inside the engine bay. Regardmuch less if the battery is in the trunk or under the rear seat. Locate the positive jump founding terminal. This is just how the positive jump begin terminal looks on an E-Class W210


Here is one more example. 


Step 3

Connect a jump box positive terminal to the positive terminal and the negative jumper cable to a ground point or structure. Alternativly rather of a jumper cable 


Now you have the right to push the Lock/Unlock buttons on your Mercedes-Benz essential fob remote to unlock the car or the trunk. You can also start the vehicle this way.