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The cos trigonometric role calculates the cosine the an edge in radians, degrees or gradians.cos(`0`), return 1

Summary :The cos trigonometric role calculates the cosine that an angle in radians, levels or gradians.

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cos online

description :Cosine functionThe calculator enables to use many of the trigonometric functions, it is possible to calculate the cosine, the sine and also the tangent of an angle through the attributes of the exact same name..

The trigonometric role cosine provided cos, enables to calculate the cosine of one angle digital , the is feasible to use different angular devices : degrees, gradians and radians wich is the angular unit through default.

Calculation of the cosine

Cosine calculating an angle in radians

The cosine calculator permits through the cos role to calculate online the cosine of an angle in radians, you must very first select the preferred unit by clicking the alternatives button calculate module. After that, you can start her calculations.

To calculate cosine online the `pi/6`, get in cos(`pi/6`), ~ calculation, the an outcome `sqrt(3)/2` is returned.

keep in mind that the cosine role is maybe to recognize some unique angles and make the calculations v special connected values in exact form.

Calculate the cosine the an angle in degrees

To calculate the cosine of one angle in degrees, friend must an initial select the desired unit by clicking the alternatives button calculation module. After that, you deserve to start your calculus.

To calculate cosine of 90, get in cos(90), ~ calculation, the restults 0 is returned.

Calculate the cosine of an angle in gradians

To calculation the cosine of an angle in gradians, girlfriend must very first select the wanted unit by clicking the options button calculation module. After that, you can start your calculus.

To calculate cosine the 50, go into cos(50), after computation, the result `sqrt(2)/2` is returned.

keep in mind that the cosine duty is maybe to recognize some unique angles and do the calculus with special connected exact values.

Special cosine values

The cosine admits some special values i beg your pardon the calculator is able to identify in exact forms. Here is the perform of the special cosine values:


Main properties

`AA x in RR, k in ZZ`, `cos(-x)= cos(x)` `cos(x+2*k*pi)=cos(x)` `cos(pi-x)=-cos(x)` `cos(pi+x)=-cos(x)` `cos(pi/2-x)=sin(x)` `cos(pi/2+x)=-sin(x)`

Derivative the cosine

The derivative of the cosine is same to -sin(x).

Antiderivative of cosine

The antiderivative of the cosine is equal to sin(x).

Properties that the cosine function

The cosine function is an even function, because that every actual x, `cos(-x)=cos(x)`. The an effect for the curve representative that the cosine function is the it admits the axis the the ordinates as axis that symmetry.

Equation through cosine

The calculator has a solver which allows it to deal with equation v cosine that the form cos(x)=a. The calculations to attain the an outcome are detailed, for this reason it will certainly be feasible to solve equations prefer `cos(x)=1/2` or `2*cos(x)=sqrt(2)` through the calculate steps.

The cos trigonometric function calculates the cosine the an edge in radians, degrees or gradians.

Syntax :cos(x), whereby x is the measure of an edge in degrees, radians, or gradians.

Examples :cos(`0`), returns 1

Derivative cosine :

To differentiate duty cosine online, that is possible to use the derivative calculator which permits the calculation of the derivative the the cosine function

The derivative of cos(x) is derivative_calculator(`cos(x)`)=`-sin(x)`

Antiderivative cosine :

Antiderivative calculator allows to calculation an antiderivative the cosine function.

An antiderivative of cos(x) is antiderivative_calculator(`cos(x)`)=`sin(x)`

limit cosine :

The limit calculator allows the calculation of boundaries of the cosine function.

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The limit that cos(x) is limit_calculator(`cos(x)`)

Inverse role cosine :

The inverse duty of cosine is the arccosine function listed arccos.

graphics cosine :

The graphing calculator is able come plot cosine function in its an interpretation interval.

residential or commercial property of the function cosine : The cosine role is an also function. calculation online through cos (cosine)

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