Getting a brand-new mattress deserve to be an exciting moment. Until you realize the it calls for some type of transportation. You deserve to either delivery it to your residence or take it v you in her SUV; if you decided the latter, it is in mindful that your capacity to execute so depends on the dimension of the SUV and the type of mattress. If you space wondering if you deserve to fit a complete size mattress in one SUV we advise you to proceed reading together we go v the dimensions and also some that the SUVs that can obtain the job done.

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Full size mattress dimensions

When it involves dimensions, the complete size mattresses are 54 inches x 75 inches, it’s smaller than the King and Queen dimension mattresses, but bigger 보다 the Twin dimension mattress.

Full size mattress

Remember that you can constantly fit the mattress in a “U” shape inside her SUV, as such reducing the width. The same can be done because that the length, as such giving part extra room for the fitting.

Find below a chart v the different sizes:

King SizeQueen SizeFull SizeTwin Size

Size of her SUV

Depending on the type of SUV you journey your opportunities of fitting a mattress can vary, compact or crossover SUVs space not going to make it, while a midsize and also full-size SUV will an ext likely regulate to execute so.

Now, full-size SUVs are safe, they can easily fit a complete size mattress, and also some might even fit a king size, several of the most famous full-size SUVs room the GMC Yukon XL, the Cadillac Escalade ESV, the BMW X7, and also the Toyota Sequoia. Together you see, castle share similar qualities, they space exceptionally long, wide; have actually three rows, and a huge trunk.

GMC Yukon XL Denali

For the mid-size SUVs things gain trickier, as some would have the ability to fit it, while rather not. Because that example, the Ford Explorer and the Toyota Highlander will manage to to the right it, while the Chevrolet Blazer and the Nissan Rogue, won’t be able to do so.

Compact and also crossover SUVs won’t be able to fit them together they aren’t produced carrying such huge items, some renowned compact SUVs space the Honda CR-V, the Toyota RAV4, and also the Ford Escape.

But wait, over there is still some hope

Many mattresses have an excellent flexibility, which enables you to effectively bend them, therefore, enabling you come fit them in narrower spaces. If her mattress has actually decent versatility it can fit in most mid size SUVs, or even in part compact SUVs.

Honda CR-V crossover SUV

Compressed Mattresses room a solution

Some manufacturers offer the mattresses in a compressed form, where they eliminate the air inside so it shrinks. A compressed mattress is easy to handle and also can be transported by the the smallest SUVs, and even through sedans. Therefore it’s a good idea to ask for this option as soon as buying a new mattress.

Another solution might be transporting it ~ above the roof

Most Midsize SUVs can easily fit a full size mattress on your roofs. Just make certain it’s effectively tied since having an item not effectively secured in your automobile roof is illegal and also can it is in fined.

Some compact and also crossover SUVs might have the ability to carry lock on your roofs, a big problem can be the design, as numerous crossovers room made in a coupé form, which provides it harder. A square-shaped crossover SUV will uncover less difficulty.

It can even fit on optimal of a little car

The bottom heat – You have the right to fit a complete size mattress in an SUV

Before attempting come fit the mattress, fold under the earlier seats, traction the front seat as much as comfortably possible, and grab a tape measure up to inspect the dimensions. If that can virtually fit inside, you will certainly be fine as you have the right to bend the mattress a bit. That’s the an excellent thing around the mattress, that flexibility, together something favor a dishwasher would certainly be harder to fit appropriately in an SUV.

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If nothing works, take into consideration shipping the mattress indigenous the store, together it’s inexpensive and trouble-free.