It never fails: I lug home a 9-foot pine, cut the tribe flat, remove the reduced branches, and place our Christmas tree in the stand only to have it fall over a small later in the evening.

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How can I avoid this "Christmas tradition" from ever happening again?



Get a heavy stand

Growing up, my dad had actually a traditional stand the looks something favor this:


That functions for smaller sized trees as long as you can be certain that nobody (such together a son or pet) will disturb it. That"s no at all a given. Remember that trees have comprehensive root systems that save them grounded during windy periods and also so it"s important to gain a stand that deserve to simulate the parts of the tree that have actually been reduced off. For that reason, I"m a proponent of a heavier stand such as this one do of cast iron:


There"s something to be said for the simplicity of a really heavy, broad stand the will organize your tree steady in place. I"ve to be told plastic stands room sturdier 보다 they look when they space weighted through water. They have the extr advantage of holding a gallon that water or more, which method you won"t risk a dried out tree. In some ways it doesn"t issue what the was standing looks like due to the fact that you can always cover it with a tree skirt. (And my mam insists top top it even though I prefer the way our stand looks.)

Placing the tree in the stand

One point I"ve do the efforts is to set the tree up prior to removing the twine the holds the branches in place. This is a wrong for 2 reasons:

The balance of the tree changes when the branches are totally deployed. A tree that stands straight once wrapped have the right to sometimes finish up leaning as soon as unwrapped.

My wife constantly wants me to turn the tree so the the best side is encountering into the room. When the tree is secure, you don"t want to mess v the balance by do the efforts to move or turn it.

For the services of acquiring a great balance, I additionally think it"s a failure to connect the stand prior to putting the tree upright. Or rather, you"re walking to have to readjust the anyway and also it probably won"t buy you anything—especially if you have a heavy stand.

Attaching the tree come the stand

Here"s whereby my stand stops working me. That attaches come the tree with 3 screws. 3 is the pure minimum variety of points need to host a trunk in place and it doesn"t seem to it is in enough. If I shot to readjust one side, the tree beginning falling over and I need assist holding it up. (My father"s stand had actually the same problem, yet image searches display most the the traditional design have 4 screws add to a ring to host the truck more securely.)

This year i hit top top a systems that"s so an easy I can"t number out exactly how it didn"t happen to me before: I placed 2x4 scraps in between the screws and also the trunk. This has the advantage of spreading the side press to a larger area and also makes adjustments easier since the bolts don"t screw right into the stems itself. For added security, ns packing in extra scraps of timber to brace the tree now that I have it secured to the stand.

Looking around, I view that more recent designs use two levels of screws or even "hug" the trunk v a pedal activate cable. I don"t have any experience with these designs, yet if the stand is heavy sufficient (see above) they room probably enhancements over the three-screw stand that I"m using.

Consider a guyline

Here in California, we are encouraged to secure whatever in situation of earthquake. Provided the excited of the season, I prefer to secure ours tree in case of childquake. It"s a bit of a hassle, however in years past, I"ve been glad to have a little of safety from tree autumn when that balance shifted due to watering and decorations. It require not be an eyesore either—the line can be secured come a hook in the wall behind the tree.

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I"ve offered monofilament fishing line to connect our tree to a hook in the ceiling. Due to the fact that the fishing line is designed to it is in invisible (or close come it) in water, most people won"t watch it. A bonus benefit is the you understand what your line is rated and can estimate how numerous strands will certainly suffice. If you do fish in the summer, the a good idea to change your line in between fishing periods to prevent tangles, therefore this is a perfect opportunity.