Okay, because that the millionth time, I have heard someone say “And a tiny child shall lead them” the end of context. Now it occurred on the news as I heard the story of a young boy who is raising money because that a children’s charity. The newscaster praised the young male for his efforts, which was a wonderful gesture. At the finish of the segment, another newscaster commented on the maturity and kind heart of the boy and also then stated to anyone watching: “And a tiny child shall lead them.” In the paper definition of the newscast, this statement intended that adults have the right to learn from the leadership of a child. Or, the in some way, the management of a child is remarkable to that of adults.

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Now, ns am not denying the this young is a fine instance to united state all and also that we would perform well to monitor his lead in being more concerned around the demands of others. However, ns am startled at how regularly the phrase “And a little child shall command them” is taken totally out that context. The initial quote has nothing to do with youngsters teaching or top adults.

First, you need to understand that the phrase is in reality a quote from the Old Testament. It comes from Isaiah 11:6, which reads:

The wolf shall dwell through the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and also the calf and also the lion and also the fattened calf together; and also a tiny child shall command them.

As you can see best away, the text has actually nothing to do with a boy leading adults. It states that a son shall command the wolf, lamb, leopard, young goat, calf, lion, and also fattened calf. This might seem strange if we execute not continue to read a couple of more verses to gain a far better understanding that what is being debated here. Verses 7-9 continue:

The cow and also the be afflicted with shall graze; their young candlestick lie down together; and the lion candlestick eat straw choose the ox. The nursing kid shall play end the feet of the cobra, and also the weaned boy shall put his hand on the adder’s den. Lock shall no hurt or destroy in all my divine mountain; for the planet shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord together the waters cover the sea.

This i is a discussion of the work of the Lord. This is the day that Christians look forward to when Jesus Christ will eliminate the curse the sin from our world and also restore peace to every one of creation. Together a result of this peace, wolf, lion, lamb, cobra, calf, bear, and children will all live in harmony. A child will have the ability to lead a lion (or a wolf, etc.) approximately without fear of harm.

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Let us prevent using this expression as if the scriptures tells united state that children will sooner or later lead adults. It claims nothing of the sort. If we are going come quote holy bible verses, let us quote them in context. Isaiah 11:6-9 is a wonderful i that defines what God has actually in save for this fallen world that has actually so lot violence, fear and death. It will be a world of peace.