4. A three-carbon alkene includes two double bonds. Predict its molecular formula? a. C3h4 b. C3h5 c. C3h6

A three-carbon alkene consists of two twin bonds.

My forecast of its molecular formula is A "C3H4".

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We have to remember the for every carbon we must have 4 bonds. In a three-carbon alkene us will have actually 2 bonds because that the left carbon, 4 bonds for the main carbon and also 2 bonds because that the best carbon (Figure 1). Thus we have actually to include 2 hydrogens in the left carbon and 2 hydrogens for the ideal carbon. Finally, if we count the number of carbons and also hydrogens we will obtain C3H4.


H2 - C =C = C - H2


In basic a carbon has actually a valency of 4 thus it must make four covalent (as carbon is non-ionic) binding in bespeak to fulfill its valence shell.

Now alkene consist of 2 carbon atoms. When these 2 carbon atom form twin bond , the requirement of 2 covalent bond gets fulfilled, hence each carbon now need two an ext bonds to become stable.

In lie come this requirement each carbon atom makes solitary bond with two hydrogen atoms and also so the formula that this compound becomes

H2 - C =C= C - H2

The valency of central carbon atom containing two dual bonds is well balanced by covalent bonding between its own electron and also the electron shared by the other two carbon atoms.

A three-carbon alkene contains two dual bonds. My prediction of its molecular formula is A. C3H4.

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A three-carbon alkene includes two double bonds. My prediction that its molecular formula is C3H4. I literally only recognize this because I"ve watched this question before ^ ^
The correct answer is A. C3H4 is the three-carbon alkene contains two twin bonds. Alkenes room a class of necessary compounds through carbon-carbon dual bond. The framework for C3H4 is:


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