Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, to be pronounced dead at age 41 top top July 20, 2017. | (Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus)As the world struggled to come to grips through the tragic self-destruction of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington ~ above Thursday, numerous Christians quiet revealed heartbreak in ~ the 41-year-old artist"s passing and confessed his band was their first foray into the civilization of secular music.

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Bennington"s fatality was confirmed Thursday morning by the L.A. Ar coroner. He reportedly hung self at his Palos Verdes house in California. He to be married and is made it through by 6 children however had struggled with drug and alcohol addictions, follow to Billboard.

The singer"s tape catapulted come stardom in 2000 with their album Hybrid Theory with Bennington"s signature angst-filled vocals. That would later on reveal the after his parents divorced when he to be 11, he started cigarette smoking pot then graduated to cocaine and methamphetamine. He likewise said he was sexually abused by one older man as a child.

"When ns was young, gaining beaten up and pretty lot raped to be no fun," that told The Guardian in 2011. "No one wants that to happen to you and also honestly, ns don"t remember once it started."

Bennington"s fatality comes two months ~ his near friend, Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman kris Cornell, committed suicide in May. That was daunting for him.

A job after Cornell"s death, Bennington penned a heartfelt letter come his friend and shared it on Twitter.

"I dreamt around the Beatles critical night. I woke up v Rocky Raccoon play in mine head and a involved look on my wife"s face. She told me mine friend had actually just passed away. Think of you submarine my mind and also I wept," that wrote.

"I"m still weeping, with sadness, as well as gratitude for having actually shared some really special moments through you and your beautiful family. You have actually inspired me in countless ways you could never have actually known. Your talent to be pure and also unrivalled. Your voice to be joy and pain, anger and also forgiveness, love and also heartache every wrapped up right into one. I intend that"s what us all are. You helped me know that. I just watched a video clip of you singing "A work in the Life" by the Beatles and thought of mine dream. I"d choose to think you to be saying goodbye in your very own way. Ns can"t imagine a civilization without you in it. I pray you find peace in the following life. I send my love to her wife and children, friends and also family," the ended.

The work Bennington took his life would have actually been Cornell"s 53rd birthday.

On society news aggregation website Reddit, Christian users reacted in a thread title "Pray for Chester Bennington"s Family" where they likewise debated how God watch suicide.

"If you haven"t heard the news, Linkin Park"s command singer, Chester Bennington, committed suicide. It"s unclear even if it is or not he was Christian, yet this is every a component of God"s setup regardless. Farming up, Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands, and it"s damaging to listen this news...," a user noted as Upliftance commented. The individual later on edited the post to clarification that: "I misspoke, self-destruction shouldn"t be labelled as component God"s plan. No one must abuse their cost-free will so lot to the allude of suicide that is certainly not what God wants."

Several people posted prayers because that Bennington, including one user ApostleBev who revealed her name to be Apostle Beverly Hayes of irradiate Side worldwide Support.

"I pray you up, Chester Bennington! i heard God cite something around this day, yet he walk not offer dates and time the departures, simply something about it, ns should have actually known--But say thanks to you, knew what would happen...but that was no of sadness...It is kris Cornell"s birthday...Chester, girlfriend tried for this reason hard, the name of my Savior, ns ask forgiveness for you if you need it, and also it is my duty and also privilege...Chris, ns believe, is currently there," Hayes prayed.

"(btw, "Faint" is my favorite, yes believer love Rock and Roll, Alternative, all of it, everything classification...I will miss out on you in this world, Chester). One much more thing God put on mine matter who girlfriend are, none have the right to buy what belongs to mine GOD...for he is love, and it is every his, and also Lord Jesus, rebuke all evil and subdue it...Chester and all of us are your children. Thank you God!!! Amen," she added.

On an exchristian thread on the society website, both Christians and also former christians told stories about how they very first discovered the band.

"Linkin Park is the an initial non-church music I ever before owned, and also the Meteora & hybrid theory album to be smuggled to me through a cousin. Ns was eleven, homeschooled, and also my whole interaction exterior of my home was sitting alongside my family members in a ... Church on Sunday morning," created a user established as auntgoat.

"Chester gave me words, for the first time to understand depression and isolation. He likewise gave me hope, the others felt the exact same things i did and also that adjust was possible... That feels prefer I"ve lost a parental figure. Or a best friend. Ns am shattered and I started crying in the office this afternoon once I heard the news. That sounds dumb, i know. But this isn"t just a celebrity death. If he never ever knew me, this band, and also Chester, was hands down the most supportive and also positive adult in mine life as a kid," auntgoat wrote.

Earlier this year, Linkin Park"s many recent album, One an ext Light, topped the Billboard 200. The lyrics of the album"s an initial track, "Nobody deserve to Save Me," continues to be haunting in light of his death.

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"I"m dancing with my demons/I"m hanging turn off the edge/Storm clouds conference beneath me tide break above my head/ At very first hallucination/ ns wanna fall broad awake now/ girlfriend tell me it"s alright/ phone call me I"m forgiven/ Tonight/ however nobody can save me now/ I"m holding up a light/ Chasing up the darkness inside/ "Cause nobody deserve to save me," the song claims in part.

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