Ryobi makes some of the best power devices on the market, and also their batteries are known for holding a fee well. Numerous homeowners and also DIYers wonder if it is feasible to use Ryobi battery with various other brands that tools, yet that isn’t generally possible. Luckily, over there is a equipment for DIYers, so let’s take it a watch at exactly how you deserve to make your Ryobi battery work-related with other brands.

Not every one of us have the right to be expert handymen and also home renovators. For many of us, we spring into action when there is a need. Maybe the biggest, challenge, however, is procuring the tools crucial to take it on the assorted jobs around the home.

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Being an amateur DIYer likely method having a mixture of device brands. Unless you space diehard loyal to one brand, the is all too typical to have actually a mix. But the concern then becomes around the compatibility that the batteries. Because that instance, if you have Ryobi tools, deserve to you usage the battery with other brands? The quick answer is “no”, though it is feasible to construct a charger the is compatible.

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Ryobi and Cross-Brand CompatibilityA Homemade SolutionRelated Questions

Ryobi and also Cross-Brand Compatibility

While it may seem like something that a common-sense answer to think the batteries would not it is in compatible with other brands, the is actually sort of surprising. Especially when you consider just that owns most of this brands.

Take Stanley black color & Decker, because that instance. They very own DeWalt, Craftsman, Irwin, and also other significant tool brands. Despite the brands all sharing similarity in their battery pack stylings, there is no cross-brand compatibility.

So, it have to beg to factor that Ryobi would not make batteries that are compatible with various other brands, either.

Why are There no Cross-Brand Batteries?

The answer is quite simple when you think around it. The biggest reason because that not having actually cross-brand compatible batteries is money. This brands want you to need to pay because that batteries because that each of the devices that you room using.

After all, v warranties covering many major power tool brands, they most likely aren’t gaining the customer on replacement batteries. So, the expect is the the customer will have to purchase multiple battery to gain the job done.

Ryobi Does have Some Compatibility

While over there is an alternate to the cross-brand issue (more on that later), over there is some good news. Most Ryobi batteries with the exact same voltage are interchangeable with chargers of your type.

What does that mean? Well, let’s say that you have an 18V compact lithium-ion battery yet you shed the initial charger. If girlfriend have one more lithium-ion 18V battery charger native Ryobi, the one will work-related fine. That is crucial to keep in mind that you have to not fee a lithium-ion battery top top a nickel-cadmium charger. It just will no work.

Aside indigenous that, you deserve to safely assume the none of the manufacturers have actually cross-brand compatibility. Moreover, there most likely is not going to be together an choice coming down the pike anytime soon.

Ryobi One+ Tools and Batteries

Let’s say that you are a diehard Ryobi pan through and through. Despite gift the very same brand, there have the right to be significant differences in between old devices and brand-new ones also within a singular brand.

For instance, the newest heat of devices from Ryobi is the Ryobi One+ offerings. There is compatibility over there as any type of One+ battery can work with any Ryobi One+ tool. Yet what wake up if you have actually an older tool and also want to use the newer battery?

The good news is that there is some compatibility amongst battery types. The one caveat is the you cannot mix brand-new lithium-ion battery on an old Ryobi NiCad charger. Other than that, you have the right to mix and match together you check out fit within the very same voltage. So, use an old NiCad battery on a new brushless device or add a beefed-up brand-new battery come an old blue Ryobi tool. Friend can even charge both type on the new chargers.

Battery Adapters

Though over there is no cross-brand compatibility, there is one ray of hope. There are battery adapters the end there the work between select tools. Keep in mind the these adapters room not expected to be global in nature. At best they will work between two brands.

There is the Badaptor, i m sorry works between Ryobi and DeWalt. This adaptor allows customers to usage their DeWalt batteries on Ryobi tools. So, if you room a fan of both brands, having the Badaptor is more than likely a an excellent investment.

A Homemade Solution

Because the the worry with cross-brand compatibility, there room some folks out there finding your ingenuity. After all, having the flexibility available by cross-brand compatibility would make things that much easier, right?

That is where structure a cross-brand battery adapter comes in handy. The process is actually rather simple, too. The is around hacking the battery packs and making them work-related with one another. In the instance of utilizing a Ryobi tool through a DeWalt battery pack.

DeWalt has circuitry in ~ the adapter whereas Ryobi put theirs in the battery. All you have to do is transplant the PCB indigenous the adapter of the DeWalt come the battery covering from the Ryobi tool. If you need guidance, there are videos the end there that can help. Yet you can develop a custom compatibility adapter the sorts to share batteries in between tools.

The actual Solution

The only downside to the previous ar is that it take away a small bit that know-how. Those who are at ideal amateur DIYers, might be uncomfortable hacking a battery pack. In the instance, there is no other recourse: to buy a new battery.

As lot as it may suck to spend the money, the finest route is to simply buy a battery that is compatible v your brand’s tool. Not only deserve to you ensure the the tool will job-related as advertised, however you don’t run the danger of voiding any kind of warranties top top your tools or the batteries the you carry out have.

Related Questions

Now that you recognize the compatibility limitations in between batteries, you may have more questions. Once it pertains to Ryobi tools, in particular, users had actually other concerns related to battery compatibility in ~ the brand’s own line of tools.

How have the right to I Tell just how Old mine Ryobi Battery is?

While that is great news the you have the right to use both old and new batteries on a variety of Ryobi tools, over there is tho one question. How specifically do you know how old her Ryobi battery is in the first place? many of us cant remember once we to buy things, particularly if the was much more than a few months ago.

The an excellent news is the every Ryobi tool and battery comes v a stamped date code. Moreover, the more recent Ryobi devices will likewise have a serial number stamped on them. The day code speak you when the manufacture date of the battery. That is in a year/week format. The an initial two digits represent the year when the 2nd two tell girlfriend what main they to be manufactured.

In the occasion that the battery code is missing, you are most likely out of luck. If you occurred to keep the receipt from your purchase, that’s a start. Even then, that only indicates when friend purchased the battery or tool. It no tell you when it to be manufactured.

How long do Lithium-Ion battery Last?

Like most other tool manufacturers these days, there is a primary focus on lithium-ion batteries. Castle have better charge capacity and also longevity than the nickel-cadmium battery of old. That just leaves the inquiry of just how long lithium-ion batteries will certainly last.

Generally speaking, you can expect almost everywhere from 3 come 6 years out of the typical lithium-ion battery. There space factors, however, that can either shorten or lengthen the shelf life accordingly.

Overcharging is a major issue through batteries of every types. If you leave lithium-ion batteries on the charger for as well long, it can erode the life the the battery over time. Likewise, eliminate your batteries from tools that you don’t setup to usage for long periods.

Proper temperature warehouse is imperative together well. Extreme warmth or cold can damage the battery because those lithium contents are rather susceptible come oxidation. Furthermore, they have actually the potential to record fire in the most extreme of situations.

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When in doubt, look at for indications of damage. If you an alert batteries that room leaking, dented, swollen, or bulging, do not usage them. Lithium-ion batteries deserve to be fire hazards due to the organic solvents and also lithium salt within. Keep damaged batteries away from any type of others come be for sure or replace them entirely if you believe there to be major damage.