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Transporting 50 customs TV from save - will certainly it to the right in backseat the Sunfire? simply wondering if ns pick-up a 50 customs Samsung Plasma will it to the right inside crate in my backseat?
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Boxed, our new 46" Sony KDL-46V5100 was an extremely tight fit within the earlier seat area of mine "06 Honda Accord, for this reason I highly doubt a boxed 50" TV will fit inside the smaller sized Sunfire.When we exchanged the V5100 for a V4100, us unboxed the TV, collection it upright ~ above a blanket on the back seat, stuck the box into the trunk, bungee-corded the tribe lid down and slowly do our means home. The worked an extremely well.
50 "
It would more than likely fit in the earlier seat but if it was taken the end of the box for transporting. Invest the 50 and get delivery. Or far better yet gain a taxi (mini valve )

When ns bought mine 42" sharp last year, that barely fit in the back seat of my Taurus. IIRC, the Sunfire is a smaller vehicle (I rented one in Edmonton around 3 years ago), so I"d it is in surprised if the 50" set would to the right in one. Ns wouldn"t desire to move a collection without appropriate packing.
IIRC the backseat of the sunfire folds under so it may be possible to fit it in the truck/backseat lengthwise. Obviously, your best bet is to get a measure up tape and also ask for the dimensions of the box.When i bought my 52" LCD, I just said "If you want the sale, deliver it for free". They did. They likewise ensured the unit come safe and I had to authorize that the did. Transportation is the easiest means to damages it. Plenty of places will just charge $25 for distribution or some have actually a valve you can rent by the hour.

Please review the following recent thread on delivering a plasma.
I don"t think the is a concern that have the right to really it is in answered here. There are many variables, prefer the year of the Sunfire, 2 door or 4 door, the size of package for the 50" plasma TV, and also the size of the interior.Give us the measurements of the box and the dimensions of the inside of your Sunfire and also I"m certain someone here will be able to tell friend if it will fit.

Yes it deserve to - see write-up #3. Seriously, though:- A Sunfire is narrower 보다 an Accord.- A boxed 50" TV is wider than a boxed 46" TV.- If I might barely
squeeze out a boxed 46" TV into the back seat area of mine Accord, there"s no way the OP deserve to fit a boxed 50" TV into the ago seat area the his Sunfire.He may, however, have the ability to fit the unboxed TV into the back seat area.
I"m trying to remember if I supplied my "92 civic hatchback to transport my 50" plasma (boxed) or if I offered my dad"s SUV...can"t mental now. It"s amazing what you deserve to fit in a hatchback. I"m assuming the OP has actually a sedan, together he specifically mentioned the ago seat.
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With the box, definitely no.Without the box, yes... Quick distance and very carefully.I lugged home mine PRO-1150 (50" Pioneer elite plasma) in a 4-door Sunfire.
I was able to move my 52" LCD (boxed) in my "07 Honda Fit.
Good speak to on the minivan taxi sndwav. Should expense less than distribution most of the time. Or the free delivery if you desire the revenue line can work.

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I was barely may be to get a 50" samsung in my full size ford pickup earlier seat for this reason I would certainly be an extremely surprised if that fit in a small car!
Just pay the 50 dollars to have actually it delivered. Climate its insured while intrasit. I had actually 52 inch tv and also the crate was massive, no means in hell that will fit in any type of conventional car. If her spending big bucks ~ above a tv, invest a little much more have the insurance that it will be transported safely,
It would most likely fit in the back seat yet if it was taken the end of package for transporting. Spend the 50 and get delivery. Or much better yet gain a taxi (mini valve )
A taxi (minivan) is an excellent way to get a > 42" TV home, unless you live far away from wherein you bought it. It could still it is in cheaper (depending on street traveled) than renting a truck, and also you can keep one eye ~ above it together you drive home.But like others in this thread, you just spent about $1,000.00 (maybe more) for a huge screen, another $50-$100 for shipment is no large deal because that the tranquility of psychic of learning it gained to your ar safely.Plus, v a delivery, they will certainly unpack the TV and place it whereby you tell them to. A 60" plasma weighs around 100 lbs. (mine did). They will also dispose that the box and packing product too. (unless you want to store it)
I barely, and also I typical barely (had come bungee the back gate) fit a 50" samsung boxed right into a CRV with the rear sets urgently up. The Samsung boxes space longer due to how they load the stand. The Panasonic 54S1 crate is much shorter than the Samsung PN50B540 box.Don"t mess roughly with unboxing and also transporting a flat panel. You drop a grand + on a TV you deserve to drop $50 to ensure you get it home safe. Either have actually the keep deliver, call a cab, or questioning a friend. If you rest it ~ above the drive, or trying to obtain it out of the ago seat (not simple proposition for a 75lb hunk the plastic) you"d be without a TV and also out your tough earned cash.