in ~ the finish of his duel v Vader on the an initial Death Star, Obi-Wan Kenobi let down his guard and also concentrated for a moment, disappearing completely just as Vader"s lightsaber passed through his north robe.

In Star wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

once Luke went back to Dagobah in the Return that the Jedi, Yoda likewise disappears once he peacefully dies.

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In Star wars Episode VIII: The critical Jedi

as soon as Luke is worn down after “being” on Crait he looks right into the Horizon and disappears.

And others don"t:

Star wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

as soon as Qui-Gon Jinn"s dies after his duel with Darth Maul, that doesn"t disappear and is cremated.

Star battles Episode VI: Return that the Jedi

when Vader/Anakin Skywalker die on the second Death Star, the does not disappear and he is cremated by Luke.

Also, castle all came to be a "ghost" after their death.

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In the broadened Universe novels that is presented that many Jedi do NOT disappear top top death. Those who do have "become One v the Force".

It is implied that only those that disappear have the right to re-appear as pressure Ghosts, yet Vader appears to invalidate this (EDIT: convey - Vader"s organic body DID disappear, what was shed was just his fit - watch the section on his death, close to the bottom.). A much better theory is the learning exactly how to become a force Ghost - a method Qui-Gonn is stated to have actually rediscovered allows a Jedi that is ready for fatality to disappear upon your physical type dying.

To disappear upon fatality requires good strength in the pressure (equivalent come a Jedi Master), good wisdom and understanding that its ways, and also for the human being who die to be at peace.

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Extracts are form the pressure Ghost wikia article:

Force Ghost is a technique that Qui-Gon Jinn rediscovered v the help of a Shaman the the Whills.

The loss of the physical human body is more than likely an evolved technique from Obi-Wan and also Yoda, under Qui-Gon"s guidance.

As for Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, it"s an ext complicated:

Darth Vader learned that this capability through Darth Sidious, and also upon his death, the spirits of Kenobi and also Yoda perfect his maintain by approving him the last action in coming to be a spirit. Anakin"s spirit showed up as that of his younger self, prior to his autumn to the dark side.


It is explicitly declared in Champions that the Force and also the databank at the official site that the organic component of Anakin"s body disappeared, and that Luke just melted his suit and also mechanical components for ritualistic purposes.

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My theory: At the moment of the initial releases in the late 70s/early 80s the ide was the either all Jedis, or rather all an effective Force individuals that come to realize the peace advocated by the Jedi teachings, would have their psychological will kept within the Force and also would end up being Force ghosts, period. By realizing this peace, you come to be one through the Force, there to be no distinct knowledge, teaching, or unique disappearing-upon-death required, and also thus with your will certainly preserved, could apparition come anyone perceptible to the Force.

I think the pressure users that disappeared already had obtained this zen and were conscious of their imminent deaths (Obi-Wan allowed Vader to reduced him down, Yoda was aware due to the heightened sense provided by the Force) and also manipulated the force into enabling their bodies to disintegrate right into the force to either stop the pain of death, or thought it a more "holy" way to happen (for lack of a better word). Anakin"s love for his kid made him establish this peace, enabling himself to it is in turned right into a force ghost after that died, however hadn"t known it long sufficient to allow his human body to dissipate. Again, let me state, I believed this to be the case for the initial publication only.

Because then Episodes i - III to be released, adhered to by another set of re-releases that IV - through with extr tweaks and changes indigenous the 1997 re-releases. The concepts and also ideas presented in i - III irked numerous fans, and also the extr changes in IV - VI additional stabbed pan in the love because, like many people, castle can"t handle readjust and felt your childhood"s to be being raped. It remained in these new episodes and new round of transforms that introduced and listed more complicated information and also understandings of how the force worked, and people didn"t like it.

There"s a concept that Lucas talked around that offered me a little an ext peace as soon as it pertained to the changes and tweaks that have actually constantly to be made v every re-release of the collection (Like Anakin"s younger form as the force ghost being a one of countless for instances), i beg your pardon is Lucas to trust his true vision of exactly how the films being portrayed couldn"t completely be perfect in the beginning, and every adjust is a reflection of the finish story he originally wanted come depict. That, like many books and also plays, the initial execution were unstable drafts or "rough cuts" the the ultimate last version of this films, and also each adjust is closer come the actual, true present of his story of the tragedy that Anakin Skywalker. That renders a lot of sense to me. When the standard releases will always be the nostalgic pieces of my childhood the they are, I accept that the boy and major tweaks and also changes aren"t perversions of what I held as true, but more like evolved principles of the unusual or vague concepts that ns had constantly wondered about, or had a personal idea of that I can admit i was wrong about considering the explanations George Lucas provides.

(And because someone stated Jar Jar together a blasphemy, i would favor to say that he may have actually been an stroked nerves character probably created solely because that children, but him being an idiot and becoming a senator significantly reflects top top our modern-day day politicians, especially when you taken into consideration he"s directly responsible because that the legislation that all however ended the Jedi Order. It provides him the second greatest tragic character in the series, if friend ask me, and an ext than justifies his existence).

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I know I type of obtained off top top a tangent there but my allude is that the changes in between why Jedis ghost, how they died, who disappeared and who didn"t, have definitely readjusted based on exactly how we psychic them from the early stage releases and that isn"t a negative thing.