The mommy of a girl who claimed she was sexually struck by laboratory musician Carlos Coy testified Wednesday she daughter left a sleepover since of the alleged abuse.

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The mother, who was the very first witness to take it the stand in Coy"s trial, said her then-9-year-old daughter had actually gone come the rapper"s residence in south east Houston on Sept. 1 to invest the night v his daughter.

The following day, the daughter claimed Coy had actually touched her inappropriately, the mommy testified.

Because the girl to be younger 보다 14, Coy to be charged through aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony that might send him to prison for life.

His attorney, Chip Lewis, said the jury in an opening statement Wednesday that the prosecution"s story has "vast inconsistencies."

"We space going to pick out each one," that said.

Coy, 31, recognized professionally as south Park Mexican, is also charged v seven various other counts of sexual attack of children, 4 of lock aggravated sexual assault. Those seven cases, entailing six others, room not being tried at this time.

Coy is a co-founder of Houston-based Dope house Records, a family-run subsidiary of Coy Entertainment.

Arrested Sept. 25 in the instance involving the 9-year-old, he was released ~ above $30,000 bond. He has been held without bail because March 6, once he surrendered after being charged with having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

The incident involving the 9-year-old allegedly emerged on a Saturday night of job Day weekend.

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The girl, she mother and two brothers had consumed dinner in ~ a restaurant through Coy"s wife, Gina Acosta, and her two children, prosecutor Denise Oncken stated in her opening statement. Acosta and also the 9-year-old"s mother had been near friends because that years, Oncken said.

After dinner, the 6-year-old daughter of Coy and Acosta inquiry if she 9-year-old friend could spend the night, Oncken said. The friend"s mommy was no enthusiastic around the idea yet agreed, Oncken said.

After the girls had actually gone to bed and his daughter had actually fallen asleep, Oncken said, Coy satellite on the bed and also touched the 9-year-old inappropriately.

After that, she said Acosta she didn"t feel well and wanted to walk home, Oncken said. Coy drove she home, Oncken said.

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Testimony continues today before state district Judge mark Kent Ellis in task Court No. 2 in ~ the Criminal justice Center, 1201 Franklin. The psychological is intended to critical a month.