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This page contains Digimon people DS cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which consists of 1 cheats code, 2 passwords, 1 unlockable, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope info that you"ll find at this page assist you in playing Digimon human being DS top top Nintendo DS platform. If you didn"t discover needed cheats put request or asking question around this in ~ special ar of the game. Likewise you can subscribe top top all new cheats the we"ll find for friend in the future!

Code:Effect:AntylamonDefeat KimeramonChronomon HMReturn to Chronomon"s lair after completing the game and defeat Chronomon HMBeelzemonDefeat BelphemonCalumonDefeat BelphemonGallantmon CMBreed 2 Digimon in ~ level 99OmnimonBreed Wargreymon level60+ through Metalgarurumon level 60+MarineAngemonbeat MarineAngemon at Undersea Drive and also get 100% scan dataAngewomonif you already have MarineAngemon, degenerate it to AngewomonAngemondegenerate MarineAngemonGatomonget a Salamon and also digivolve itSalamondegenerate a GatomonPuttimonget digieggs and also one of lock may have a Puttimon (if I"m wrong, i don"t know exactly how I did it)

Enter one of the passwords in ~ the purple portal inside Digimon central to energetic the provided cheat function:

Password:Effect:42016002Ultima Sword, Ultima Helm, and Ultima Ring20000630100% Scan of DotAgumon10407002100% Scan of DotFalcomon

if your digi mon loses a life you lose items and also if her digimon loses every its stays you loste a relocate so save traning it there is no feeding itor taking it to the toilet then acquire it to complete discipline and and minimum happiness and it will certainly die

Where the old man is,there will certainly be a square platform.Go in it.

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Password:Effect:10407002Unlocks DotFalconmon.20406002Unlocks Dotfalconmon in japan ver.

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ok once ur in that location keep going best until youcant walk then put dot falconmon at front ones u did the ull bein midair if you conserve then youll be inn a weuird location ur video game wiill be realy messsed up if youndont save and u revolve it turn off it no say contineu it will simply say brand-new game ns think the only means to eliminate this cheat is to not obtain dot falgon man

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