Every New Year’s Eve local time in ~ midnight, I song in to mine favourite radio station in Austria to hear the live ringing of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral bells in Vienna. Afterwards, they always play Strauss’s “The Blue Danube” waltz, and then typically a pop tune of note. This year that tune was Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t prevent the Feeling”. I’d never heard that before, but it to be catchy enough to remember. When I looked that up, listened come it properly, watched the video, and also read the lyrics, I can not protect against dancing to it, and also realised the it is the perfect tune to begin this year with.

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Last year … must be best forgotten, at least most that it, particularly the an initial half (ugh!). Personally every I have the right to think the is: ns survived. Fortunately an ext intact 보다 I believed possible. And also here ns am, all set for 2017! All confident energy and also smiles, or as Timberlake sings, with “that sunshine in mine pocket”.

A entirety sun of sunlight in my heart’s pocket, in fact.

New year’s resolutions? Ah, girlfriend know, the usual: create a couple of books, success the lottery, travel the world.

In every honesty, i hardly have any kind of plans. It’s the year I revolve 40. I will publish two books. All huge stuff, yet it feels choose my life should be: i am obtaining older. I write. Ns publish. I am embracing it every with great joy. What is different around this year is my involvement through PEN southern Africa. I have actually been co-opted as a plank member and will be promoting activities celebrating our motivating literary legacy and modern writing.

For a while now, i have additionally been dreaming of founding an independent publishing house, a house to exquisite writing. This year can see the birth.




There will be literary salons, publication festivals, trips – local and also overseas – and lots that tennis to watch (Rafa is back!). I am looking forward to the publishing of Koleka Putuma’s Collective Amnesia, Antjie Krog’s Lady Anne: A Chronicle in Verse, SSDA’s next anthology of quick stories Migrations: brand-new Short Fiction indigenous Africa (edited by Efemia Chela, Bongani Kona and also Helen Moffett), Katherine Stansfield’s Falling Creatures, Melissa Volker’s A fractured Land, and also Sarah Lotz’s next novel in i beg your pardon a polishing character attributes … ns was called she gets to have actually some good mountaineering adventures … Or was it sex? Both, i hope. As lengthy as she get the summit.

I have no doubt this will certainly be a brilliant year for books; many much more exciting titles await.

I wish you all several health, and also if not a sun, then at the very least a beam of sunshine in her pocket.

Let us dance.

Let’s not stop The Feeling.

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