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In 1992, soon after graduating native high school, gibbs Omar Epps landing a starring role opposite the so late hip-hop superstar Tupac Shakur in the film Juice. A year later, Epps was actors as a star running back in the university football movie The Program. Native that, Epps play baseball star Willie Mays Hays in Major organization II (1994).

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Then supplied that chance to portray a collegiate track star in the well-received film about college and also race, Higher Learning (1995).

Epps fanbase prospered when he arrived on the long-running medical professional show, House.

Epps ongoing to portray the young, ambitious Dr. Eric Foreman ~ above the collection until it concerned an finish in may 2012, complying with six seasons. Epps’s power on the series earned him both the 2007 and 2008 NAACP photo Award because that best-supporting gibbs in a drama series.

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But behind all the movies, TV shows and also awards girlfriend will view his true love: his mam Keisha the 15+ years.

Omar married singer Keisha Spivey (formerly that the all-female R&B trio Total) in 2006. The pair met and briefly date in 1992. However their relationship didn’t last, and also Epps says that for years he assumed of Spivey together “the one who obtained away.”

Epps dated a couple of other ladies after they broke up, favor his Love & Basketball co-star Sanaa Lathan, yet each time, his mind and also heart retained going earlier to Keisha.

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After speak “I do” in the human being of both Hollywood and the music industry, relationships can be hard. So when the 2 made it past 10 years, countless started asking, what’s their secret to continuing to be together.

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“For us, we just took break up turn off the table,” confesses Epps. “That changed the whole dynamic of just how we argue, resolve problems, everything. It changes everything during the hard times.”

“But i honestly still choose my girl,” Epps continues. “You deserve to love someone yet not choose them. Ns still like her. I still have that cute and also innocent type of love because that her.”

He and also Spivey have two children, daughter, K’mari Mae (born in 2004) and also son Amir (born in 2007). Epps additionally has…

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