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Harvest Moon: miracle Melody AR Cheats arent working
Ok im making use of Dolphin SVN 3661 and im trying to imput AR codes into Harvest Moon: wonder Melody. The cheats not encrypted at all yet to my knowledge isnt there an imbuilt one?Well the cheats just arent working. These space the cheats ns using.

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If these codes simply arent compatible through the version of action Replay have the right to anyone that has any AR codes the DO work-related please share them with me.Thanx in advance. Five yer the cheats from ign gamefaqs cheats section. lock are:======CHEATS======These password work and also will no in any means harm your Game,the only Glitch I found is that, when you furniture the top Floorof your Level 4 or 5 house, you will certainly see mostly black.But otherwise there room no problems.MASTER CODEGCC2-9HG5-CJJNAKWDQ-J6D7-0KZKVThese you should put into the action Replay List.INFINITE CASHV4JX-TRMN-E9A0X63UT-K5GF-DU3D7This code will provide you 999.999 GActive this Cheat AFTER obtaining the poor Note, otherwiseyou won"t acquire it.INFINITE STAMINAZK9R-B8GG-65D7FA84J-0CYK-NT9MUWill ensure that you will certainly not lose any type of Stamina, no matter what friend do.Once you get Power Berries, your Bar will certainly not to fill up,but still remain at the exact same Level all the Time.STOP TIME0JXV-9AGC-T6YKTBC4N-0C96-64KTJ4FZJ-VQWU-6CJT2Press B + D-Pad DownWARNING!If you acquire a note while Time is stopped,it will be detailed in your Notelist,BUT the game will not count it.ALSO!If you walk to bed when time is stopped,you will certainly wake up at 6 am of the very same day,but you will certainly not have actually the Money of the ingredient you shipped.AND!If you destruction up some money in the ground if time is stopped,it will certainly not counting to her "Money found In Ground" Amount,but that will add to her Money.RESTART TIMEXY08-9NY2-06FKR1UJF-BQME-YQBPODCAC-6JDW-7BHZAPress B + D-Pad UpRestarts Time again in ~ the same Time once you quit it.VILLAGERS have 10 HEARTSV6FJ-WRUY-C8GBE16MM-9Z5X-B861BHHFK-ZT9Y-HNRDTWill gain every person in the village to acquire 10 Hearts for you.This will certainly make it less complicated for girlfriend to get 20 Notesfrom the Spouses, but it will be more tough to obtain the Lonely wolf Note,since you will not get an "unvisited" Morning because that a while.If you space a Boy, it will be Nina who will come by Default inthe Festival Mornings.If you are a Girl, it will certainly be Blue that will come by Default inthe Festival MorningsWILD pets HAVE 10 HEARTSC6E4-G1AH-G0PMY2Y11-VA35-52KJP7XTG-CZDB-DZKC4All the Wild pets will have 10 Hearts for you.You will gain the Wild note right away, but every one of themwill visit girlfriend in a heat in One Morning.