Year: 1875Type: Legal tender / United states NoteDenomination: Twenty Dollar Bill
Value:  The worth of twenty dollar bills from 1875 is based upon their condition and also serial number
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Description: 1875 $20 legal tender notes have actually a portrait of Alexander Hamilton top top one next of the bill. The other side reflects a mrs in a dress holding a shield and a sword. This is much more or less the specific same style you will discover on twenty dollar notes from 1869, 1878, and 1880. As such frequently repetitive design, this notes space not an extremely popular. The note themselves space actually reasonably rare, yet the price don’t always reflect their scarcity.

If your series of 1875 $20 bill looks completely different then you have actually a $20 national financial institution note.

Variations: Every twenty dollar invoice from 1875 to be signed by Allison and also New. There space no various other varieties.

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Inscriptions: plot of March 3rd 1863 – Engraved & published at the office Engraving & print – Patented July 24th 1866 – G.W. Casilear’s Patent Nov. 24 1868 – it is registered Of The Treasury – Treasurer that The United says – legal Tender because that Twenty Dollars – collection of 1875 – The United claims Will pay The Bearer Twenty Dollars Washington D.C. – joined States Note – Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur – Columbian financial institution Note agency Washington D.C. – United claims of America – This note is a Legal tender at its confront value for all debts public and also private, other than duties top top imports and also interest on the public debt. Counterfeiting or transforming this keep in mind or passing any type of counterfeit or alteration of it, or having in possession any false or counterfeit plate or impression of it, or any paper made in imitation that the paper on which the is printed is felony, and also is punishable by $5,000 fine, or Fifteen (15) year imprisonment at difficult labor or both.