Being top top a watercraft can seem favor being in one more world. Every the different words, left no left top top the water the is port, and also right is currently starboard. There is a lot come learn and remember once you’re a boater. Next from learning the lingo, you need to understand all the various symbols the end on the water. Countless of these navigation buoys do not display words, just colors and also shapes, so you must study up and also learn them. Right here are a couple of common navigating buoys and what they mean to you.

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(US army corps that engineers)

Diamond Shape

This form alerts boaters come upcoming hazards. Some will have actually words in lock indicating the hazard ahead such together rocks.


A circle will certainly indicate minimal operations in a details stretch the water. This have the right to include restricted speeds or no wake zones.

Diamond v a Cross

Be careful with this one. It method the area is prohibited for boats. This have the right to be a swimming area or simply a location boaters that room not allowed.


Squares carry out helpful information. They can indicate a dock or gas station, watercraft ramps, directions, distances, and locations.

Mooring Buoys

These room not navigating aids, however they room worth discovering about. They room usually sphere or cylinder shame in white v a blue horizontal band. This buoys room for mooring, despite they usually room privately owned so friend will need permission to usage them.

Large Yellow Buoys

These special aids indicate special locations or features. These incorporate fishnet areas, cables, pipelines, jetties, military areas, and also anchoring. Castle come in a range of shapes and may have actually a black color letter ~ above them.

Green Buoys

These are very common come see. Lock will suggest the left next of the channel once returning indigenous the open up sea.

Red BuoysSimilar come the environment-friendly buoys (you will check out them together), they indicate the ideal side that the channel once returning native the open up sea. Simply remember “red, right,return”.

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Red and also White vertical StripesA buoy with red and white vertical stripes clues danger. It method you should not pass between the shore and that buoy. This is important to protect those swimming close to shore and also prevent you from running aground in shallow waters.