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Original Airdate: July 22, 2003

Writer: Ryan Murphy

Director: Ryan Murphy

Following the success that The Shield, a display emphasized because that being too hot for network TV, FX determined to shot to repeat your success and also develop a reputation of having controversial, yet artistically defendable programming. Nip/Tuck to be the perfect enhancement to solidify this status. With its graphic depiction that plastic surgical procedure procedures, clearly language, sexuality and occasionally violence, Nip/Tuck was fearless indigenous the opening moments that the pilot episode.

It’s good how lot characterization appears in the show’s prologue. Sean is clueless around Spanish, which everyone about him knows since of Miami’s Latino community. That can’t view that Perez has ulterior methods behind wanting surgery. The Spanish compels him to have Christian intervene. As soon as Sean does, Christian is law a target implant. Liz is dislike by it, i beg your pardon helps collection what her character is for the remainder of the series. The implant was placed in wrong, and Sean pointing that out verified that that is an ext talented than his companion is.

Christian knows the Perez is lying around not being able to speak English and also that that isn’t telling everything concerning why he desires the surgery. However, also Christian doesn’t recognize the totality story, however what he hears (that Perez was with the boss’ daughter) appeals come his ladies’ guy personality so much that that doesn’t learn the period of the girl. In addition, the $300,000 to be an easy way to gain him no to asking any more questions.

Now we acquire to the sex. That shocking exactly how raw Christian and also Kimber’s romp is. Juxtapose this versus Sean v Julia. Christian is having the sex just mortals dream of vice versa, Sean and his mam don’t watch at each other throughout sex and also think around shopping or firing the gardener.

Both men address the plastic surgery involves of their lovers. Christian ruins Kimber’s fantasy of gift the perfect 10 by stating flaws many of united state wouldn’t care about or notice, even marking she body heavily with lipstick. Kelly Carlson is an extremely pretty, but through Christian’s charm, she’s made to believe she is ugly. Sean treats his wife’s desire for chest implants differently. While Sean is more courteous the Julia’s body, that treats her like among his patients. Moments choose this more reinforce exactly how out the touch Sean is. Later at breakfast, we check out that he no remember asking about a publication his son Matt was reading and Matt notices that he doesn’t listen.

Since Matt doesn’t feeling recognized, that consults Christian concerning a circumcision. Christian’s relationship with Matt is a close one and also eludes come what us learn around them in the future. He has actually no problem with Matt cutting a couple of classes and even offers him a doctor’s note. Return Christian is much an ext permissive and also open v his connection with Matt, he still sets borders like the need to incorporate Sean and get his consent.

Sean’s disillusionment continues when that can’t help the mommy of a burn victim since she doesn’t have the money for an operation. Then he curses his job, speak he doesn’t want to “poison” his family by conducting vanity surgery on them. Christian no mind this and also reminds Sean the they room close “to setup up for life” v their work. Considering Christian additionally can seduce a big amount the women v his job, we have the right to see why the wouldn’t desire to relinquish it.

One that Nip/Tuck’s trademarks is its exceptionally gritty and also unforgiving surgical scenes. Carving Perez’s challenge to The roll Stones’ “Paint it Black” is gruesome also if parts of it go in fast forward. The blood flows freely and even splatters top top Sean’s mask as he drives the chisel right into his patient’s nose. I"m not certain whether the blood was meant to it is in realistic or sensationalistic, but it is compelling one of two people way. Cram the tools into the sterile bowls or the sterilizing material was a good way to finish the scene since it is so blunt.

Sean isn’t even conscious of the fact that Christian take it Perez’s large offer, which snaps him out of his complacent existence. Christian is no phased together it is $300,000. Later he’ll discover that Perez is a pedophile, which bring up many bad memories of Christian’s childhood. We’ll learn much more about it together this season progresses, yet it’s great that castle hinted in ~ Christian’s demons early in the season.

The biggest thing Sean is unaware the is Matt’s burgeoning sexual partnership with Vanessa. He is been taking care of peer press in school regarding how his penis looks and also how she’ll react to it. However, because he think his dad doesn’t listen, he doesn’t talk around it v him till the consultation. Sean and also Matt’s i can not qualify to comment on issues cd driver Matt’s character and his action in future episodes.

Kimber’s come at Troy/McNamara is the deciding element for Sean to leave. Sean to be ignorant that Christian’s techniques of picking up clients and as a result, he was being make foolish. His mid-life crisis has been put into action. Boredom has actually made Sean numb come his life and now the realizes his life isn’t what he wanted it to be. That is jealousy of and frustrated around Christian’s lifestyle. Christian does everything he desires in search of pleasure and also often no think around the aftermath or the lives he damages like Kimber’s. However, we will view several expenses for Christian’s playboy life transparent the show’s run and one by the end of this episode.

Christian, Sean and also Julia have actually played a huge part in each others’ lives because they saw college. Christian is especially close, nearly like a second husband or dad come the McNamara family. Julia still has feelings because that him together we check out her throughout her chest exam. The gets incredibly sensual as soon as the diagnosis comes under to a whisper. Nevertheless, looking ago on the video of what castle were prefer 16 years prior to shows that they aren’t as happy now. Julia hasn’t pursued her goal of becoming a doctor and also that, included onto the extreme fight v Sean around his mid-life crisis, reasons her to kill her daughter’s gerbil.

Nip/Tuck’s title becomes vivid when Christian meets through Sean in his “office”. Nip/Tuck describes a ethereal change, conversely, Sean is going for “a full lift” by re hauling whatever in his life. Christian makes him aware by informing him that Sean isn’t fitted to take care of such a dramatic adjust and the he might lose every little thing when Christian takes care of the legal effects of dissolving their company, which way draining their funds, something the is adamant around doing in spite of their friendship. This is clearly in the wishes of convincing Sean come reconsider.

Christian encounters what that did as soon as he’s challenged by the victim’s father, drug lord Escobar Gallardo. Robert LaSardo go a great job make Escobar a charismatic villain. Thankfully, they made decision to have him recurring, if just to reinforce the after-effects of Troy/McNamara associating v drug dealers. Christian’s ordeal having actually botox injected anywhere his face was poor enough, however the one in his penis definitely made most men cringe. Nip/Tuck no satisfied sufficient with submerging Christian in water.

Perez’s final procedure is practically as intense. Seeing Alejandro turn on his brothers after learning about his girlfriend’s pregnant was a chilling moment. Then having his lipo tube come loosened and spray everyone v the fat to be disgusting. Ns can’t speak lot for mob morality, however apparently killing someone girlfriend hid for a while makes up for the hiding. However, it’s most likely Escobar killed him after they left the room. We’ll discover out that Escobar isn’t finished with them yet, yet for the objective of the pilot, castle treat it as a self contained event which to be wise.

To end up the episode they buy ham indigenous the store and also use the to tempt alligators come Perez’s body. This component of clean up feel a tiny sloppy, as Christian had actually cuts and also bruises top top his face and also they were buying 12 hams and also only 12 hams. Nitpicking the isn’t as important as the truth that Sean was listening come Matt when he said that earlier. In shows, anytime useless information like this is dispensed, the will end up being useful in a crucial part later.

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After this, lock learned the they have actually to display screen their patients so to prevent having one more incident prefer this one. Sean’s need for pro bono work also helps to lug him ago to the practice and also begin mending after the occasions of this episode. Ryan Murphy has explained this present as a “love story between two heterosexual men…in the finish they will always choose each other.” This episode was a an excellent example to display how far that would go. Liz easily ditched them when confronted with the job of getting rid of of Perez’s body, however they stuck around each other and also agreed to deal with their practice.

Few shows gain to make as an excellent a first impression as Nip/Tuck does. It is fearless in its explicate of sex, violence, language and also surgery. However, the display is raised with great characterization, daring writing, good acting and stylish direction. Luckily, the display to day has delivered on the promise make in this episode.