Which among the adhering to sentence correctly supplies a comparative adjectives?

1 Answer. “George has actually a enlarge appetite 보다 Harry,” is a correct instance of utilizing a to compare adjective. If you use words worse, you should be comparing 2 things. Once comparing three things, together in the 3rd sentence, you would use words “best.” “Gooder” is not a word and shouldn’t be used in any context.

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Which among the following sentences correctly uses a compare adjective Weegy?

Weegy: George has a bigger appetite 보다 Harry. This sentence correctly supplies a to compare adjective.

What is a comparative adjective?

A to compare Adjective is a word that describes a noun through comparing that to another noun. Comparative adjectives commonly end in ‘er’ and also are complied with by words ‘than’. A more comparison Adjective is a indigenous that describes a noun through comparing the to 2 or an ext nouns come the highest possible or shortest degree.

How walk a comparative adjective work-related in a sentence?

Using Comparative adjective in a Sentence choose the noun the has more of something 보다 the other noun (oak tree). Select the verb that creates the comparison (is). Then, ar the compare adjective (taller), followed by words than. Finally, use the second noun (maple tree).

What does comparative average in grammar?

1 : of, relating to, or constituting the degree of to compare in a language the denotes rise in the quality, quantity, or relationship expressed by an adjective or adverb The comparative kind of happy is happier. The comparative kind of clearly is much more clearly.

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What is the to compare of famous?


Comparison: Basic, Comparative, more comparison AdjectivesBasic AdjectiveComparative AdjectiveSuperlative Adjective
famousmore famousthe many famous
deliciousmore deliciousthe many delicious
interestingmore interestingthe many interesting

What is the comparative and superlative that wise?

EnchantedLearning.com Grammar

CaseAdjectiveComparative Form
1-syllable adjectives finishing in “e”strangestranger
1-syllable adjectives ending in a consonant through a single vowel preceding itbigbigger

What is the positive and also comparative that eldest?

Eldest is a superlative, if elder is a comparative. When you have two elder brothers, there can only be one eldest brother. If friend say, mine elder brother lives in Los Angeles, while my eldest brother resides in Chicago.

What is the compare of kind?

kind. Adjective. /kaɪnd/ /kaɪnd/ (comparative kinder, superlative kindest)

What is the comparative of modern?

modern (comparative moderner or more modern, superlative modernest or most modern)

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