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Statement 1 and 2: correct

OS permits the computer system to control its own resource such as memory, keyboard and also printer

Statement 3: correct

OS gives the user an easy to job-related user interface, for this reason the user doesn’t have to learn a different UI every time.

Statement 4: correct

OS offers a communication on top of which applications programs can run.

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Q2. The operating mechanism is a collection of system programs that gives a variety of facilities to a user to allow the use of a computer. I beg your pardon of the below-listed framework are listed by the operation system?i) regimen to manage input/output devicesii) routine to manage user filesiii) Allocation the a source of a computeriv)Program to select appropriate translators requested
Q5. The action of a computer to fill an operating system right into the computer's main memory or random-access memory (RAM) is called __________
Q6. ________ is a specialised software which controls and also monitors how all various other programs in ~ the system are executed.
Q7. The user see of the computer varies by the user interface being used. A computer likewise needs a resource Allocator, and also a regulate Program to regulate execution that user programs. Which part of the computer performs this function?
Q9. It hides the details the the computer hardware and is responsible because that allocating sources to users and also processes in a computer. It is typically resident in main memory the a computer. What is this component of the computer called?


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