One the the most usual issues owners of the Dodge ram truck often tend to suffer is the etc light flashing out of nowhere. As soon as this happens, it way the electronic throttle control is damaged or malfunctioning – so it is time come repair.

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But learning how to settle the digital throttle control 5.7L Hemi engine is not straightforward job.

There are assorted reasons the and so on may be failing. And there deserve to be tons of different ways the trouble manifests, for this reason you’ll need to proceed accordingly.

You don’t need to worry, though. We know specifically how to tackle this issue and also solve the (even by yourself).

Below, us talk around this detailed so you deserve to tackle the trouble correctly. So take it a look!


2 symptoms of a negative Electronic Throttle control on 5.7L Hemi3 exactly how to resolve the digital Throttle regulate of a 5.7L hemi (DIY Method)4 how to change the throttle System5 typically Asked questions (FAQs)

What is an electronic Throttle Control?

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You shouldn’t walk right right into the how-to measures if friend don’t understand what an and so on is and also what that does.

Here, you require to understand that the throttle body is one essential part of most engines nowadays.

If her truck has a 5.7L Hemi, it becomes even more critical as this engine needs maximum control.

The ETC’s whole job is to collect info from the accelerator (sensor in the pedal) and change the throttle accordingly.

When you push the pedal ~ above the truck, the electronic throttle obtain a signal native the sensor. The etc uses this signal together a means to understand how far to open up the throttle.

For example, if you fully press the pedal because that maximum acceleration, then etc will open up the accelerator wide, so more air goes right into the filter and then the engine.

When the waiting reaches the engine, it produces an ext pressure, accelerating, or walking faster.

To make it simpler: an etc job is to know how far you push the pedal so it can let sufficient air inside the engine accordingly.

Symptoms of a poor Electronic Throttle regulate on 5.7L Hemi

By now, you already have a basic idea that what an etc does. Yet how have the right to you understand if that is the digital throttle control of the problem?

Well, there room actually a couple of ways to recognize that. Here are several of them:

Lighted and so on Danger

Your evade RAM has actually an etc light that flashes once it is not functioning well. This is the most precise method to recognize that her truck requirements some checking.

But this flashing may not take place 100% the the time. Or that may at some point occur too late (as the is usual).

So it’s constantly important to understand the other means to inspect this, as we define below.

Less Power

One that the key ways to recognize whether the etc is malfunctioning is to examine whether you’re getting the same amount of power from pushing the pedal.

If you feeling a slight power reduction every time you push the pedal, yes sir a high opportunity the and so on is malfunctioning.

This happens because the and so on does no calculate the quantity of air come let into the engine well enough.

And in part cases, the occurs due to the fact that the throttle body instantly reduces the lot of air that goes right into the engine when it starts to wear off.

Slow Acceleration

Similarly to a lose in engine power, girlfriend may likewise experience a problem when speeding up the truck. In part cases, you might not even have the ability to get the end of an idle state.

This happens once the throttle system instantly limits the rate of air that goes right into the engine.

To prevent any further damage, it keeps the engine functioning as slow as possible. And also that way idle-level acceleration.

When this happens, you may still be able to get the van going and also receive part acceleration if you action on the pedal tough enough.

But the is additionally risky because it is a authorize the throttle body is not functioning well and soon to simply stop.

Less Mileage

Apart from regulating how much air goes right into the engine, the ETC additionally says how much gas goes in.

So as soon as it starts come fail, you will certainly not only experience a loss in acceleration and overall power but likewise in MPG efficiency.

When you sense the vehicle running end the gas tank faster than usual, that’s a sign the and so on is letting too much fuel right into the engine. And also that can be pretty costly if not fixed quickly.

Another factor this may take place is that and so on is not letting girlfriend accelerate too fast.

Sure enough, the engine will still consume a many gas – yet at the same price as if you to be faster. So it will certainly feel as if the van is spend too lot gas.

Poor Idling

Another typical symptom of a faulty and so on is when the idling doesn’t execute as usual. This is easy to perceive also as shortly as you turn the engine on.

While the car may not have actually a problem starting, leaving it in idle either avoid working the end of i do not have anything or starts come feel virtually like transforming off by itself.

This symptom is a straightforward way to understand that the etc is shortly to prevent working, together it means the damage is high sufficient to impact the auto performance without even accelerating.

Pedal or Engine Stoppage

When the ETC damage is almost irreversible (most the the time), what you will endure will be clearer and also near best danger.

In this case, you will not only experience acceleration, idling, and also overall power problems – however the pedal may stop working altogether.

And that have the right to be extremely dangerous in many situations.

At the same time, the engine may turn off the end of nowhere. And in part cases, the starts come deaccelerate immediately even if you’re advertise the pedal.

In this case, girlfriend should always fix the electric throttle system prior to it is too late.

What causes a negative Electronic throttle System?

Fixing the etc without having actually an idea of why that is malfunctioning i will not ~ be easy. That’s why friend must always check for any of these usual problems:

The throttle body is filled with rustAir filter or vacuum are leakingA sensor or electrical link is looseThere’s severe physical damages on the throttle system

Some the these difficulties can it is in fixed. Yet others can not (so you’ll need to replace the ETC and also possibly other parts as well). One of two people way, listed below you’ll find how to fix accordingly.

How to settle the electronic Throttle manage of a 5.7L hem (DIY Method)

It’s time come truly discover how come fix electronic throttle control, dodge Ram. After ~ learning about the symptoms and also causes, going over the services will be a lot of easier.

But don’t issue if you have actually a different van or engine. You may still discover these advice worth trying. Just remember to follow our advice.

Without much further ado, right here are the various methods you can fix one ETC:

01. Clean the throttle Body

As we stated before, rust is among the most common causes of accelerator bodies malfunctioning. The solution? Clean the rust thoroughly.

When the rust consists the throttle body, the valve won’t relocate properly, for this reason the waiting won’t enter the engine as it should. This will obviously cause problems.

It is generally recommended to usage a throttle-body cleaner or a rust remover spray.

02. Reconnect Everything

There’s no physical damages or rust come worry about in some situations – but a cable or sensor it is loose. Sure enough, the solution is come reconnect and check whether the system works.

You have the right to usually uncover the sensor(s) close come the throttle body. Checking whether everything is attached correctly and connected is necessary.

One means to execute the totality job much better is to disconnect the sensor and throttle body, clean them up, and reconnect. Be sure nothing is loose. This may fix the issue.

03. Change the Hose

If you confirm the accelerator body and sensors, but everything seems fine, girlfriend may additionally be looking at a water tap pipe problem.

This pipe connects the engine computer to the accelerator system. As soon as it malfunctions, the throttling suffers.

First, checking whether it is appropriately attached deserve to be enough (you may uncover it loosened). Yet in many cases, the water tap is broken and leaking. So you’ll need to replace it.

This deserve to be a little complicated if you a beginner. Yet it usually doesn’t take more than 10 to 20 minutes as soon as you currently have a instead of hose.

04. Reset the throttle System

Finally, it may not also be a physics problem yet an error in the computer system system.

When this happens, the and so on may begin to break down even when it appears like every little thing is connected correctly and also in a pristine state.

What’s the solution in the case? Simple, resetting the whole throttle system and also computer may fix the problem.

Why does the work? because the problem may be related to code concerns on the digital system.

In short, the and so on incorrectly senses there’s an issue, and also it starts come malfunction.

Here’s how to settle that:

The gentle way is to rotate the ignition crucial without starting the engine. ~ a couple of seconds, start pushing the pedal and also keep your feet top top it because that 5 seconds. Then release and start pressing again because that 20 an ext seconds. This must reset the etc system.If the previous way doesn’t work, an additional thing you have the right to do is to acquire the ETC and also sensors out of the truck. Then disconnect the battery for a few minutes (at least 10 minutes). Then start the engine and see exactly how it performs.

If no one of these methods seems to deal with the problem, then you will more than likely need to change the throttle device by hand.

How to change the accelerator System

When the troubles seem come not get fixed even when did you do it tried everything, nothing will be an ext effective 보다 replacing the whole throttle assembly.

The instead of of this part is no something a beginning of the person will discover easy.

But that is no too tough either. Therefore anyone v decent mechanic experience can acquire the job done in much less than an hour.

Here are some actions to follow:

01. Uncover the throttle Control

If you just starting out solving truck stuff, friend will have no idea whereby the accelerator body is located.

Don’t worry, it looks favor a pump and also connects directly to the throttle sensors and also air filter. Girlfriend can discover it on height of the engine or close to it.

In many trucks, it is covered in plastic or metal. Therefore while the cables and also pipes will come out of it, the piece looks like a small box.

02. Take it the accelerator Cover Out

To proceed with the replacement, you should use a screwdriver to unscrew it all. In some cases, friend will require a wrench.

Either way, ease the cover softly and also take it off. This will find the accelerator body.

03. Unplug Everything

Then proceed to disconnect every little thing from it. This has the water tap pipe wherein the air filter connects and also the wires indigenous the sensors ~ above the other side.

Then continue to disconnect the remainder of the human body by getting the bolts out. You may need a wrench because that this. Complete by remove the throttle body.

04. Download the new Body

With the space complimentary for the brand-new throttle human body to get in, you shouldn’t have actually much problem setup it up.

If you obtained the best throttle body, this should take between 5 come 10 minute to set up. Just follow the same process of removal but backward.

Then screw the bolts in, reconnect the water tap pipe, wires, and also put the cover back. Then you’ll be done.

If girlfriend need aid to set up the throttle body, us recommend watching this wonderful video:

05. Complete & Check

The rest of the throttle system is even simpler to uninstall. Just unplug a couple of small screws, detach the cables, and also replace them.

Once you’re done with that, girlfriend can examine the engine. Revolve the vehicle on (it must start appropriate away). Then check the idle and the acceleration.

If you experience no problem, climate you’ve effectively replaced the accelerator system.

Here is a video clip you can watch if you need an ext help:

Frequently Asked concerns (FAQs)

Even despite we currently explained how to fix and replace the throttle body comprehensively, you might still desire to know a couple of extra things.

Here room some questions you may have actually with their particular answers:

How lot to fix digital throttle control?

The throttle manage body itself may not cost more than $200. A cheap model have the right to be as small as $100 or even less.

If you fix the and so on yourself, climate you won’t should spend any kind of money.

Taking it to a repair shop may price you almost everywhere from $50 to $300 or much more depending on the damage.

Should i take mine Dodge ram to a fix shop?

Did you shot the various methods we verified before? If not, try them first. None worked? Then try replacing the and so on by hand.

If you’re do not want to perform that, then taking the automobile to a repair shop is the way to go.

Be aware that most mechanics will cost you a lot more than doing the fix yourself. So take into consideration that prior to making this decision.


So, go you learn how to deal with the electronic throttle manage 5.7L Hemi? We expect so. If not, climate re-reading the article may help you out.

Either way, remember that addressing this problem doesn’t need a level in mechanics. Also an inexperienced driver can gain the task done in a few hours.

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Try your skills and luck come see just how it goes. The worst thing that can happen is break up an currently damaged ETC. For this reason there’s not much to regret.