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Click below to watch ALL troubles on Quadratic EquationsQuestion 174852: what is the factors of m^2-14m+48? uncovered 2 services by Alan3354, jim_thompson5910:Answer by Alan3354(67809) (Show Source): You deserve to put this systems on your website! what is the components of m^2-14m+48?--------------You should number it out, it"s educational. Price by jim_thompson5910(35256) (Show Source): You can put this solution on your website! Looking at the expression , we can see the the very first coefficient is , the second coefficient is , and also the last term is .Now main point the an initial coefficient through the last term to get .Now the inquiry is: what two entirety numbers multiply to (the ahead product) and include to the 2nd coefficient ?To find these two numbers, we should list all the the determinants of (the ahead product).Factors that :1,2,3,4,6,8,12,16,24,48-1,-2,-3,-4,-6,-8,-12,-16,-24,-48Note: list the an unfavorable of each factor. This will permit us to uncover all possible combinations.These determinants pair up and multiply to .1*482*243*164*126*8(-1)*(-48)(-2)*(-24)(-3)*(-16)(-4)*(-12)(-6)*(-8)Now let"s add up every pair of components to watch if one pair adds come the middle coefficient :First NumberSecond NumberSum1481+48=492242+24=263163+16=194124+12=16686+8=14-1-48-1+(-48)=-49-2-24-2+(-24)=-26-3-16-3+(-16)=-19-4-12-4+(-12)=-16-6-8-6+(-8)=-14From the table, we deserve to see the the 2 numbers and include to (the center coefficient).So the two numbers and both multiply to and include to currently replace the center term with . Remember, and add to . Therefore this reflects us the . Change the 2nd term with . Team the terms right into two pairs. Aspect out the GCF native the an initial group. Element out from the 2nd group. The score of this action is to do the terms in the 2nd parenthesis equal to the state in the very first parenthesis. Incorporate like terms.

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Or element out the typical term ---------------------------------------------Answer:So factors to .Note: girlfriend can examine the answer by FOILing to obtain or by graphing the original expression and also the price (the two graphs should be identical).