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renal system, in humans, organ mechanism that contains the kidneys, whereby urine is produced, and also the ureters, bladder, and urethra for the passage, storage, and also voiding that urine.

In many respects the person excretory, or urinary, device resembles those of various other mammalian species, however it has actually its own distinct structural and also functional characteristics. The state excretory and also urinary emphasize the elimination duty of the system. The kidneys, however, both secrete and actively retain within the body specific substances that space as critical to survival as those that room eliminated.

The system has two kidneys, which regulate the electrolyte ingredient of the blood and eliminate dissolved waste products and excess quantities of other substances indigenous the blood; the last substances space excreted in the urine, which overcome from the kidneys to the bladder by way of two thin muscular tubes dubbed the ureters. The bladder is a sac that holds the urine until it is eliminated through the urethra.

Human excretory organs

The kidneys

General description and also location

The kidneys are bean-shaped, reddish brown paired organs, concave top top one long side and convex ~ above the opposite. They are typically located high in the ab cavity and versus its earlier wall, lie on either next of the vertebral column between the levels of the 12th thoracic and 3rd lumbar vertebrae, and also outside the peritoneum, the membrane that lines the abdomen.


female kidney in situ; human being renal system
Female kidneys in situ.
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The lengthy axes of the kidneys room aligned through that that the body, yet the upper end of every kidney (pole) is tilted slightly inward toward the backbone (vertebral column). Located in the middle of the medial concave border is a deep vertical cleft, the hilus, which leader to a cavity within the kidney known as the renal (kidney) sinus. The hilus is the allude of entry and exit the the renal arteries and also veins, lymphatic vessels, nerves, and also the enlarged upper extension of the ureters.