The structure of alchemy is based on the legislation of identical exchange; girlfriend cannot create something native nothing. Together such, alchemy is bound by one taboo - human transmutation. 4 years earlier two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, broke this taboo when they tried to resurrect your dead mother. During the procedure Al"s human body disintegrated and also Ed shed his leg. In a desperate effort to avoid his brother from disappearing completely, Ed sacrificed among his arms so he could affix Al"s heart to a fit of armor. When his absent limbs are changed by auto mail parts, Ed bears the surname of the Fullmetal Alchemist - the youngest ever State Alchemist and dog that the military. Now, alongside his brother, Ed uses his standing within the armed forces to attempt to discover any method that he deserve to return your bodies ago to their initial state.

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This is a great series that has actually remained at thetop that the chartsdue to their remarkable story that has controlled to perfect balance action, comedy,a coherent plot with great character development. The is also one of the very few animes the actually has actually an ending, and also one of the finest endings of any kind of story!

If you space wondering if you must watchFMAorFMAB,or both, well, the truth is that in stimulate to get the complete manga story you"ll must watch both for the ideal experience, specifically if this is your an initial time watching.


TheDubisexcellent because that both series.



1. Watch TheFull Manga Story

FMAis better with the start of the story, whichFMABcondensestoo lot (inless than8 episodes), so you don"t obtain the very same emotional immersion. For example, if girlfriend would like to understand why Shou Tuckerhas continued to be the peak hated character due to the fact that 2003, you"ll have to watch theFMA2003 variation first, together FMAB simply recaps the occasion in one episode. And this is just one of the major events that form the stays of the main protagonists, however it will certainly pass friend by if you just watch the FMAB version, and it will spoil the story if you decide to watchFMAlater.FMABhas a much better ending, as it"s the manga ending developed by the original author.

Therefore, this is mine favorite means of city hall the series as it"s the complete manga story encompassing the best parts the both shows. Note that the town hall this way won"t spoil anything if you decide to watcheachseries in full later. However, note that youmight notification some slightdifferences in part character"s personalities. In this case, the order will be:

OptionalFullmetal Alchemist(2003)Filler episode 4Thisis an extra mission, not crucial to the key story. It"s a story of "real love" vs. Obsession with physical attraction. I think is an excellent & memorable, yet it have the right to be watched at a later on time.WatchFullmetal Alchemist(2003) illustration 5-9OptionalFullmetal Alchemist(2003)Filler episode 10Thisis just comedic relief, non-essential come the main plot. Ns think is a funny episode, yet you deserve to skip with no problems if friend don"t choose it, or if you just want to speed up the key plot.OptionalFullmetal Alchemist(2003)Episodes 11-12These episodes space ok, they help to increase the human being & ideology, yet they room not vital to the main plot. Soit"s a next story or extra mission that have the right to be watched at any type of time.These characters have a cameo figure after illustration 26 of FMA, soyou may want to watch these episodes first if you are watching the Filler Story.WatchFullmetal Alchemist(2003) episodes 13-25These illustration contain part filler but they are necessary for the extension of the story.Ignore the line "we wantyou come make united state human", this is just relevant to the Filler Story, together this works in different way in the manga.SkipFullmetal Alchemist(2003) episodes 26-51SkipBrotherhoodEpisodes 1-10These episodes condense what you experienced in FMA, some events are slightly different, but it"s condensed too lot like a recap, so girlfriend don"t get the same emotional engagement together in FMA, reason why ns still introduce you watch the first.WatchBrotherhoodEpisodes 11-26Note that episode 11 proceeds at the exact suggest you left the storyfrom FMA at episode 25 (when they arrived at their destination after acquisition the train).The occasion with theAlchemist"s Watch will be repeated in a different form, however other 보다 that you won"t see any other far-reaching discrepancies in the story.WatchBrotherhoodEpisode 2Watch betweenBrotherhood illustration 26 & 27 (Between P2-E13 & P3-E01 top top Netflix) You can watch this earlier if girlfriend prefer, butthis is an excellentpoint come insert thisepisode withinthe continuous of the story.This is a recall that expands on the story of just how the Elric brother learned alchemy, shows their mom"s death and also what happenedwhileperforming human being transmutation, then goes right into howEdward made decision to becomea state alchemist. It"s ratheressential to note the distinctions in how therules the the worlddiffer in between FMA & FMAB.OptionalBrotherhoodEpisode 1This is a next story, an extra mission tohunt under the "Freezing Alchemist", which was not featured in FMA. It have the right to be watched at any time as it"s not important to the main story.OptionalBrotherhoodEpisodes 3-10You only want come watch these episodes if you are curious about the differences in between FMA & FMAB.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood SpecialsDVD unique (4 eps)Bones2009 - 2010

While on your travels, Edward and Alphonse Elric listen rumors of one alchemist named Judau who has succeeded in human transmutation. Reasoning that that may help them restore their former bodies the pair access time him, but can this blind alchemist really assist them in your quest? Also, one day, before the illustration of the homunculus, Ed and Al return residence to Resembool to get Ed’s automail repaired. Fearing Winry’s retribution for breaking her handiwork however again, the brothers discover a novel method to stop themselves from gift attacked...

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood-specials">Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Specials

Watch in ~ the end of Brotherhood.

These are great side stories, some expand on events that were not shown in the series, consisting of backstories of "The Teacher" Izumi, Mustang"s & Hughes" past.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The spiritual Star that MilosMovie (1 ep x 111 min)Bones2011

After following an escaped convict named Ashley Crichton to Table City, a city on the border the the neighbouring country Cleta, Ed and also Al soon find that this is a lot more facility case than a basic criminal on the run. As soon as their train is struck upon arrival by a rebel faction recognized as the black Bats, the 2 Elric brothers discover themselves in ~ the bottom the a deep valley the is now house to the human being of Milos, who lands to be taken indigenous them during bloody fight with both Cleta and also Amestris. Top by the black Bats, the civilization of Milos are intent on ending their miserable work as servants to the military and also reclaiming their sacred land. In stimulate to execute this, castle must uncover a way to control the legendary alchemy, which calls for a Philosopher’s rock known as the Star that Milos; however, castle aren’t alone in your hunt for the gem…

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/fullmetal-alchemist-the-sacred-star-of-milos">Fullmetal Alchemist: The spiritual Star of Milos

Optional side story, not in the main timeline, however it"s one ok watch.

It"s best to leave at the finish of the Brotherhood series and consider that independent the the key story, since it take away what us knew about the means philosopher"s stones worked, and also rewrites it, rather than adding to it. Is thus some people don"t favor the movie in ~ all.

The dub is good.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The sacred Star that Milos SpecialsDVD one-of-a-kind (4 eps x 3 min)Bones2011
" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/fullmetal-alchemist-the-sacred-star-of-milos-specials">Fullmetal Alchemist: The sacred Star the Milos Specials
Fullmetal AlchemistTV (51 eps)Bones2003 - 2004

Once upon a time, two brothers happen the happy work of your childhood by examining alchemy, which is administrate by the equal deliver principle: an eye for an eye -- girlfriend can"t get more than friend give. Yet these brothers tried come defy the law, and also a horrific accident resulted. Now, the older brother, Edward, is dubbed the complete Metal Alchemist because of his metal limbs, and also the younger, Alphonse, is a spirit without a body, trapped in ~ the boundaries of one automaton. Together they find for the strength to regain themselves, to find the stays they lost so lengthy ago...

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyMysteryShounenConspiracyDeath the a love OneMilitarySiblingsAnimal AbuseMature ThemesViolenceBased top top a MangaDomestic Abuse

2. WatchThe Filler Story

The filler story is no bad, it"s simply not as great as the manga story. They use the very same characters and also they have actually the same individualities with some slight differences, but the events, the antagonist, and also the main emphasis differ native the originalmanga story, theway alchemy worksis also different, and also some character"s roles.

FMAstory is around redemption, make the efforts to deal with their mistake whileFMABis about learning to stand by yourself and also don"t count on magic or miracles to fix your problems.

FMAis much better at first part, whichFMAB, condenses as well much, inless than 10 episodes, so girlfriend don"t obtain the exact same emotional immersion. FMA finishing is ok, FMAB finishing it"s outstanding, but in my opinion, both stories are worth watching.FMAB closely follows the manga.

Both stories have actually themes ofwar, crime, scientific progress, the actual value the life, and also taking obligation for her actions. These collection are a must-watch and also I think everyone will enjoy them.

WatchFullmetal Alchemist(2003)Episodes 1-25 space faithful come the manga.You may want to evaluation the Optional note on the Manga Story Guide above to decide what to clock from this episodes.The Filler Story starts in episode 26.

If you want to view a more in-depth comparison in between the manga and also both anime adaptations you deserve to watch this video, simply know the it includes spoilers.

Differences through Brotherhood(Contains Spoilers)


Regarding as Why to watch FMA, this is one extract indigenous sothis review:

"Full steel Alchemist is, in a word, brilliant. It"s difficult to explain exactly why it was so good, for this reason you"d most likely just need to see it for yourself. There is a perfect mix of comedy, action, intrigue and excitement all in one. Filler episodes room wonderful and also fly by faster than a cartridge train. I never at any suggest in the series was bored, also for a second. In the beginning, there are a great deal the mini-arcs that attend to events in a specific town or location, yet all are still somewhat connected with the key plot. As soon as the finish of the collection rolls around, you realize that all of these watch unconnected events or places really space connected, or come ago into play somehow. This comes down to FMA"s epos nature in ~ heart, and also maybe that"s why it to be so good, who knows.

FMA is really dark series, v plenty of very messed increase scenes and ideas. "Wow" pertained to mind many a time once something gruesome happened yet again, and this proceeds throughout the whole series. There are plenty that twists and turns follow me the means (with one really significant one near the end), most of which will surprise you and catch you turn off guard. There is likewise a plethora the character development and characters in general, all of whom have a well-off background and history. The empathy we feel as soon as a personality is killed, for instance (or hurt in any way) is current throughout the entire series because of exactly how well the personality interactions to be presented in tandem through the plot. Truly, over there aren"t enough great things I deserve to say around the story... That reels girlfriend in in the first couple of episodes and also holds on tight till the final act (which is a an extremely beautiful yet open ending, setup itself increase nicely for the movie). There space barely any series I check out that make me want to watch the following episode therefore badly, and also this is one of them, because that 51 episodes in a row. A 10? Can"t give it anything less.

I can"t say enough great things about this series, yet I feel like watching it for yourself would certainly make you know why I provided it a perfect score. Everything about the series is flawless, from the epic and involved story to the pacing and mood, to the music and animation and also depth the characters. It really is rarely for a series like this to come follow me that not only succeeds at keeping your attention for 26 episodes, however for 51. What space you waiting for? examine this the end as shortly as you can."-sothis

Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: conqueror of ShamballaMovie (1 ep x 105 min)Bones2005

Edward Elric disobeyed the legislations of conservation by committing a taboo in alchemy, and also for that his body and also soul room no longer a component of his world. The parallel human being where Ed now exists is a location where science replaces alchemy. After two years the studying, Ed plans to find a way to use science and also once again defy destiny come reunite v his brothers Alphonse. Meanwhile, Al is left without storage of his journey with Ed, however is established to as soon as again master alchemy and retrieve his brother from The Gate. But are these goals also obtainable without leaving a path of destruction and also chaos in their wake?

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/fullmetal-alchemist-the-movie-conqueror-of-shamballa">Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: conqueror of Shamballa
" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/fullmetal-alchemist-reflections">Fullmetal Alchemist: Reflections

Amestris’ entire army of State Alchemists is heading to a remote ar to sign up with Ed and also Al in an all-out battle against the homunculi. Through a new and slightly nervous rookie top top board carry out the armed forces stand a chance? Then, once the activity is all over, it’s time for anyone to kick back, relax and party it is in they girlfriend or foe, yet with anyone under one roof and also plenty of alcohol flowing, surely a revolt can’t be far behind...

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" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/fullmetal-alchemist-premium-collection">Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection

Skip, this are simply boring explanations that some concepts of their world and also short story that are mostly comedic relief or slice-of-life.

The cast of Fullmetal Alchemist aren’t constantly as major as they appear to be; also they need to have fun from time to time. Whether Hawkeye manages to find a novel method for defeating the “Invincible Elric Brothers”, or Bradley decides to more humiliate his beat foes, everyone has their very own quirky methods of winding down. However, no all things readjust as no issue where he is, Hughes will always fawn end his lovely family and foist photos ~ above anyone adjacent – also if it means holding increase the show!

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