I freshly switched native T Mobile reasoning I would pay a little an ext for better, faster, more reliable service. Boy was i wrong.

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The latest difficulty is often receiving an every circuits space busy message when trying to do calls. Others have had problems calling me together well. Anyone have a fix for this? The technology reps all seem to it is in time wasting pinheads.


"All circuits space busy" literally means that Verizon doesn't have the capacity to affix any much more calls appropriate then. There's no way to fix it besides Verizon including additional backhaul and also lines/trunks to your network in her area.

This is tough to think in Los Angeles. Their reputation would go down easily if this were the genuine cause.

I never had this problem and also I've been with Verizon for going on 2 year now likewise switching end from T-Mobile.

Just this day though Verizon gave me much more gigs the data for an even lower price. Gotta love competition.

Contract or prepaid? ns wonder if the contract customers receive preferential treatment. Ns am prepaid.

I deserve to count the non VoLTE calls the didn't connect or to be dropped ~ above VZ end the previous 10 years on one hand. That's not good. Report the on Rootmetrics, obtain VZ top top Twitter on Facebook, and also open increase a ticket v them. Remind them, with being starved for volume that badly, you can not be able to get a hold of 911 if you essential it. Remind them the that.....

VoLTE phone call on the other hand... Prefer god damn. Very first attempt no ring, second attempt busy signal, third attempt the speak to goes through.

How long has it been due to the fact that you've ported your number in from T-Mobile? It's feasible the port isn't perfect yet. I doubt every the circuits are busy in Los Angeles. Not one time have I actually had that problem. If her port is completed your device probably isn't fully active. Have a technology rep dummy the machine out and also re-activate the on the account. Ns bet it will job-related after that.

I am having all circuits are busy issues again today. Customer business won't help me since I contact them on mine phone. It's the only phone that I have actually by the way. Verizon is a joke.

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