If you are going invernessgangshow.nete Ukraine, you need to understand a universal set of words and also expressions in Ukrainian or Russian. In no method we room going invernessgangshow.nete substitute traveler phrasebook; however, us have collected the most beneficial phrases plan to aid in typical cases that might require Ukrainian language.

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Thank girlfriend in Ukrainian – Дякую (Dyakuy)

Thank friend in Russian – Спасибо (Spasibo)

By the way, if you room a low-cost traveler and you rental an apartment through Airbnb, you will certainly not have information office prefer reception, together it wake up in hotels the host international guests. Get ready that in Ukraine in cheap cafes the staff does no speak English really well, therefore you might have challenge invernessgangshow.netmunicating.

We will offer translation of crucial words in unit volume both in Latin and Cyrillic letters due to the fact that we know perfectly that the Cyrillic is not familiar to numerous guests of Ukraine.

Do you understand where I can get a taxi?Ви не знаєте, де можна зловити таксі? (Vy ne znaete de mozhna zlovyty taxi?
How lengthy will I have to wait?Як довго мені доведеться чекати? (Yak dovgo meni dovedetsya chekaty?
I want to do an orderЯ хочу зробити замовлення (Ya hochy zrobyty zamovlennya)

How have the right to I acquire to freedom Square?Як добратися до Майдану Незалежностi? (Yak dobratysya perform maidanu Nezalezhnosti?

Thank youДякую (Dyakuy)
Good morningДоброго ранку (Dobrogo ranku)

You are an extremely beautiful womanВи дуже гарна жiнка (Vy duje garna zhinka)
Also, keep in mind the all the indicators in the city (where to go, street and traffic signs) room in Ukrainian. Ukrainian is official state language, yet the bulk of Kyiv citizens speak Russian. Moreover, in the east of the nation over 75% of inhabitants speak Russian. In the West, everything is specifically the the opposite – majority of human being speak Ukrainian. You will find out the factors for such usage of two languages during a guided Kiev tour with personal guide.

Some statistics:

In the past few years, the frequency the Ukrainian in Ukraine has actually increased, and the Russian, on the contrary, has decreased. This is evidenced by the research study data the the Razumkov Center.

During the All-Ukrainian Census the 2001, 29.6% of the participants said their indigenous language is Russian, 14.8% of them – Ukrainians by nationality. In 2006, 52% that respondents established Ukrainian language together native, Russian –31%, Ukrainian and Russian same – 16%, other languages – 1%.

However, independent research display a much bigger prevalence the Russian language and also its actual prevalence over Ukrainian; the underestimated census data room usually described by the truth that far-reaching percentage of people who take into consideration themselves Ukrainians have dubbed Ukrainian as their mommy tongue because of their nationwide identity, although their real native language is Russian.


As much as the English language is concerned, the state of points is much from good.

According to online survey conducted by TNS, 89% that the respondents studied English, however English level is over average only for 18%. invernessgangshow.netpared to european countries, population of Ukraine is by much not ready to invernessgangshow.netmunicate in international language. The data of Europeans and also their languages mirrors that over fifty percent of EU citizens understand at least two languages, when 38% of europe speak English fluently. Follow to the EF English ability Index, the best English speakers among European countries are Sweden (70.94% of the population), the Netherlands (70.58%) and also Denmark (70.05%).

The problem of international languages is getting more and an ext important ~ above the method of Ukraine to the european Union. One of the goals of EU language plan is invernessgangshow.nete ensure the every European citizen speaks two foreign languages in addition to his mommy tongue. Ukrainians, in their turn, know the need to know foreign languages – 65% of respondents assured that they setup to study. English is the many popular amongst foreign languages – fifty percent of the respondents room planning to examine it, and 97% would favor their children to examine it.

Knowledge of international languages supplies a number of brand-new opportunities. Much more than fifty percent of respondents believe that foreign language can administer them and their children with the possibility to invernessgangshow.netmunicate freely with other people. In ~ the same time, 43% believe that international knowledge enables them invernessgangshow.nete get far better paid work in Ukraine.

In the beginning of following year, in ~ the framework of the national program of studying and popularizing international languages, GoGlobal implements a social information campaign aimed in ~ stimulating Ukrainians to study international languages. To carry out language finding out tools, a website will be created that will accumulate methods for payment and cost-free studying of international languages, conversational clubs, cinema sessions in the original language, internships abroad, etc.

Moreover, GoGlobal and the brothers Council in Ukraine are currently implementing the task “Teachers that English – agents of change“, aiming to retrain English teachers. The project will train 170 coaches that will re-publishing their endure with English teachers and raise your level invernessgangshow.nete the level the conforms invernessgangshow.nete the criter of the council of Europe.

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BUT! If girlfriend don’t desire to examine Ukrainian, friend can constantly hire an English-speaking guide in Kiev through Guide me UA.

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